Anglers: private property access conditions apply

— New fencing along U.S. Highway 95 near the Little Salmon River south of Riggins is prompting questions and concerns about fishing access. A private property owner is extending fencing on his property between Highway 95 and the Little Salmon River north of the mouth of the Rapid River.

The private landowner is not required to allow public access to the river from Highway 95. However, Fish and Game understands that the owner will continue to allow river access from the highway to anglers complying with conditions identified on signs posted at several traditional access locations.

Fall chinook harvest season ends Sunday

Salmon fishing will end for the year when the fall Chinook harvest season on the Snake River ends Sunday, Nov. 17. The season ended Oct. 31 in the Clearwater and Salmon rivers and in the Snake River, except the reach from Cliff Mountain Rapids to Hells Canyon Dam, which will close Nov. 17.

As of Oct. 27, anglers had caught 269 marked adults and 180 jacks fall chinook and caught and released 1,161 unmarked fish in the lower Clearwater River. They caught and kept 1,260 adults and 855 jacks in the Snake River, for a total of 2,115 fish.

This year, 54,000 adult fall hatchery-origin chinook and about 21,000 jacks crossed Lower Granite Dam, many of them bound for the Snake River above Lewiston.


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