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Obama’s ‘saving ’ auto industry untrue

Mr. Shultze, do you actually believe that we, as taxpayers, will receive the profit for Obama’s salvation of the auto industry [Oct. 9 issue]? Wrong! I have been to Flint, Mich., where GM used to make their trucks. Ghost town. Factory windows broken by the score and grass growing in huge parking lots. I have been to the remnants of Buick City where American industry literally put coal and iron in one end and rolled off a sparkling Buick on the other. It is gone. I have traveled to all but seven states multiple times and many Canadian Provinces from British Columbia to New Brunswick. Consider Detroit. Ghost town. High crime. Do you actually know what happened to our auto industry? As a part of the “bailout” deal China had to back the bet. China’s demands? We had to move all of our “advanced” production equipment to China! GM is no longer “made in the USA;” it is now “assembled in the USA.”

Canada, Britain, Australia? We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it were not for the industrial might of America during WWII. Whose boats did the Canadians and Australians use to land on Normandy? When Hitler threatened to invade the Brits (Operation Sea Lion) he was thwarted by the knowledge that we Americans had sent hundreds of thousands of every conceivable rifle to arm the British citizens because they had no domestic firearms with which to fight. Winston Churchill wasn’t spouting rhetoric when he said they would fight with hoes and pitchforks – that’s all they had. I might add, recent gun control mandates in Britain destroyed these symbols of freedom. Canada and my Canadian friends have readily admitted that their military is an empty exercise –their real plan is to hide behind us. Australia? Oh yeah, we saved their waltzing matildas, billabongs, and bloody behinds in WWII as well! AR15? It single-handedly stopped the L.A. Riots in the hands of Oriental LEGAL immigrants that have known what it is like to be at the mercy of tyrants and ruthless mobs! AK’s? If they’re good enough for 50 million Arabs then why not?

Phillip Kelley



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