Surviving the holidays session set for Nov. 10 in Grangeville

— Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

“I wanted to go to sleep the day before Thanksgiving and wake up on Jan. 2,” sighed Lois.

“Every time I turned around, I saw families together,” said Bill. “It’s just like somebody’s punching your heart.”

For many reasons, people may not feel like “celebrating” the holidays, but instead just hope to survive them. It could be the loss of a loved one, divorce or separation, economic hardship, family dynamics, a loved one deployed overseas, or other situations.

“Surviving the Holidays” is a free two-hour video-supported session that provides help and encouragement for people facing the holidays after the loss of a loved one or other difficult situations. The session will be held Sunday, Nov. 10, 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Trinity Lutheran Church, 210 N. Mill Street in Grangeville. Refreshments will be provided and child care is available (call in advance to make arrangements).

The session features practical suggestions and reassurance through video interviews with counselors, experts in grief and divorce-related care, and other people who have experienced the holidays after loss and hardship. Topics to be discussed include “Why the Holidays Are Tough,” “What to Expect,” “How to Plan and Prepare,” “How to Manage Relationships, Uncomfortable Situations and Holiday Socials” and “Using the Holidays to Help You Heal.”

Those who attend will receive a free Holiday Survival Guide with more than 30 daily readings providing additional insights and ideas on holiday survival.

“There is a way to respect and take care of your emotions without letting them flood or paralyze you,” said counselor Susan Lutz.

The session is free, but advance registration is requested so there are enough Survival Guides for everyone. To register call Lorraine Roach at 660-1818 or Charlie Sims (seminar leader) at 983-1108, or email deaconess@grangevilletrinitylutheran.org.


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