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Awards and Scholarships

(L-R) Emily Sherwood and Delanie Adams were all smiles at Grangeville High School graduation, June 7.

Photo by Lorie Palmer
(L-R) Emily Sherwood and Delanie Adams were all smiles at Grangeville High School graduation, June 7.

Clearwater Valley High School (Kooskia)


Gabe Angus hands out a flower during Prairie High School graduation in Cottonwood, May 30.


At CVHS graduation last Friday, just prior to commencement are (L-R) Katie McKinney and Kirsten Buchanan.


The Clearwater Valley High School class of 2014 graduated in a ceremony at Kooskia last Friday, June 6. Intense and ready for graduation are (L-R) Hahots Shebala, Bradley Bowen, Garrett Fell and Katie McKinney.

VFW Voice of Democracy: Ana Pauley, Adrianne Nuxoll; VFW Student of the Year: Jacob Farmer; Idaho County Sheriff’s Department Cadet Award: Adrianne Nuxoll; Distinguished Student Award: Adrianne Nuxoll; Karl Olson Memorial Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Masonic Lodge Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; GD Shearer Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Primeland Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Kooskia Lions Club: Adrianne Nuxoll; Army Reserve Scholar/Athlete: Adrianne Nuxoll, Dillon Fisher; The Lewis-Clark Antique Power Club Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Preston Vorhauer Memorial “Stay on Track” Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Presidential Academic: Adrianne Nuxoll; Presidential Achievement: Kyle Shira, Dillon Fisher; Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll, Ana Pauley; Kooskia Rebekahs: Adrianne Nuxoll; Kiwanis Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; I Love Idaho Scholarship: Ana Pauley; Clearwater Valley Roundup Association: Ana Pauley; Bud Springer Award and VEST Foundation Scholarship: Adrianne Nuxoll; Ray Bowles and VEST Foundation Scholarship: Hahots Shebala and Savannah McHone.

Adrianne Nuxoll: Lewis Clark State College — Presidential Scholarship. The University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Level S, Stephan and Katherine Belko Award, College of Education Foundation — GD Shearer Scholarship. 4-H Scholarship, Idaho County Farm Bureau.

Ana Pauley: Carroll College — Trustee Scholarship, 4 year renewable. The University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Level S, Go Idaho Scholarship. Lewis Clark State College – Presidential Scholarship. Idaho High School Rodeo Association.

George Weaver: Pacific University – Pacific Grant. University of LaVerne – Enhanced Grant Award, La Verne Award, LaVerne Grant, Pell Grant.

Jacob Farmer: Lewis Clark State College – Warrior Discovery Day Grant.

Grangeville High School

GHS Scholastic Students (25) (3.2 GPA and above=CORDS): Jacey Arnzen, Chantel Key, Faith Bieler, Carly Killmar, Taylor Bushaw, Lila Musegades, Abigail Chmelik, Alex Nuttman, Spencer Connolley, Carissa Olson, Lee Courtright, Alexanderia Rockwell, Brittany Croston, Jasper Sabatino, Joshua Dame, Joshua Seloske, Kryslyn Fogleman, Emily Sherwood, Jennifer Forsmann, Jessica Slichter, Charity Galloway, Alexandria Summers, Taylor Hazelbaker, Phillip Walters, Joseph Higgins.

Academic Letter Awards (Presidential Certs.) (16), (3.5 GPA and above): Jacey Arnzen, Charity Galloway, Faith Bieler, Joseph Higgins, Abigail Chmelik, Chantel Key, Spencer Connolley, Alex Nuttman, Lee Courtright, Alexanderia Rockwell, Joshua Dame, Emily Sherwood, Kryslyn Fogleman, Jessica Slichter, Jennifer Forsmann, Phillip Walters.

Salutatorians: Alexanderia Rockwell and Phillip Walters.

Valedictorian: Alex Nuttman.

Music Awards: National School Choral Award, Carissa Olson; Louis Armstrong Award, Emily Sherwood; John Phillip Sousa, Danny Paluh.

National Honor Society (NHS): Charity Galloway, Joseph Higgins, Alex Nuttman, Jacey Arnzen, Kryslynn Fogleman, Alex Summers, Josh Seloske, Emily Sherwood, Lila Musegades.

English: Outstanding English Student, Josh Dame; Science: Outstanding Science Student, Joey Higgins; Math: Outstanding Math Students: Phillip Walters, Alexanderia Rockwell, Joey Higgins; CNA – HOSA: MaryFrancis Kaschmitter; Grangeville FFA Alumni Scholarship: Carly Killmar, Velma Trivett; GHS Teaching Excellence Award: Matt Elven; Mike Schmadeka Memorial Award: Josh Dame; Lelah Layman Memorial Award: Justin DeFord, Carly Killmar; U.S. Marine Corps: Kara Reilly, Alex Nuttman, Jacey Arnzen, Josh Dame, Danny Paluh; Madelyn Sanberg Wagner Music Scholarship: Alex Summers; Terry Vanderwall Community Service Scholarship: Jacey Arnzen; American Legion Citizenship Awards: Abi Chmelik, Joey Higgins; AmeriCorps: Brittany Croston, Kelli Petersen; BV P.E.O.: Abi Chmelik, Brittany Croston, Alex Summers; Grangeville Lions Club Scholarship: Josh Seloske, Jacey Arnzen; GEMS PTA Scholarship: Alex Summers; Idaho County Light & Power: Carly Killmar; ICUA (Idaho Consumer Owned Utilities Assoc.): Carly Killmar; Jake Fredrickson Memorial Track Scholarship: Lee Courtright; Idaho Forest Group: Taylor Bushaw, Joey Higgins; Syringa Hospital Auxiliary: Abi Chmelik, Josh Dame; Tony Haener Memorial Scholarship: Justin DeFord; Kiwanis: Abi Chmelik, Carly Killmar; Gail Foltz Memorial: Hannah Baker; Alva S. Blackerby Memorial: Phillip Walters; All Star Classic Games Scholarship: Jasper Sabatino; Idaho County Title: Taylor Hazelbaker; Class of 2013: Ryan Frost; Greg Hill Memorial: Carly Killmar; Idaho County Orchestra/Gary Forsmann Memorial Music Scholarship: Jessica Slichter; Mt. Idaho Lodge No. 9: Abi Chmelik; St. Mary’s Hospital & Clinics Employees Fund Scholarship: Chantel Key; William Martin Wrestling Memorial Scholarship: Phillip Walters; Gary Cash Memorial: Chantel Key; U.S. Army: Chantel Key, Phillip Walters; James Webb Memorial: Abi Chmelik; Foster B. Morgan & Elizabeth Kantola Scholarship: Abi Chmelik (For the student who has shown active involvement in community service); Thomas Lindsley Family Memorial Music Scholarship: Jessica Slichter; Gwen & Capitola Shearer Memorial: Alex Nuttman.

Jacey Arnzen: University of Idaho - Go Idaho Silver, $1,500 Renewable 4x; Alumni Association, $100 One Time. Idaho County Fair Royalty, $300 One Time. $6,400 Total.


(L-R) Joey Jones and Justin DeFord have a laugh before the Grangeville High School graduation ceremony, June 7.

Hannah Baker: Idaho County Fair Royalty, $400 One Time.

Faith Bieler: University of Idaho - Go Idaho Scholarship, $1,500 Renewable 4x; Opportunity Scholarship, $3,000 One Time. Montana State University - Achievement Award, $3,500 Renewable 4x; Freshman Distinction Award, $1,000 One Time. $24,000 Total.

Quaid Blankenship: Eastern Oregon University - Athletic Scholarship, $1,000 Renewable 4x. Lewis Clark State College - Athletic Scholarship, $2,000 Renewable 4x. $12,000 Total.

Morgan Brannan: Treasure Valley Community College – Rodeo, $1,800 Renewable 2x. Montana State University – Rodeo, $4,500 Renewable 2x. $12,600 Total.

Abigail Chmelik: St. Francis University - Founders Award, $16,000 Renewable 4x. University of Idaho - Academic Scholarship, $4,000 Renewable 4x. Lewis Clark State College - Academic Scholarship, $3,000 Renewable 4x. $92,000 Total.

Lee Courtright: University of Idaho - Go Idaho Silver, $1,400 Renewable 4x; Alumni Scholarship, $100 Renewable 4x; Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, $3,000 Renewable 4x. $18,000 Total.

Brittany Croston: Lewis Clark State College - Lewis Clark State College Star, $500 One Time. Provost, $500 Renewable 4x. AmeriCorps Award, $2,700 One Time. $5,200 Total.

Josh Dame: University of Idaho - Academic Achievement, $6,180 Renewable 4x. University of Portland - President’s Scholarship, $32,370 Renewable 4x. Montana State University – WUE, $14,250 Renewable 4x. Carroll College - Bishop Carroll Scholarship, $19,000 Renewable 4x; Community Living Grant, $3,000 Renewable 4x; Borromed Guild, $3,896 Renewable 4x. University of Montana – WUE, $56,060 One Time. $358,844 Total.

Katherine Hauger: Lewis Clark State College - Provost Scholarship, $1,000 Renewable 4x. Idaho County Farm Bureau, $1,000 One Time. $5,000 Total.

Taylor Hazelbaker: University of Montana - LAS Scholarship, $6,000 Renewable 4x; LAS Scholarship, $5,000 Renewable 4x. $44,000 Total.

Joey Higgins: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Rensselaelr Leadership Award, $19,700 Renewable 4x; Rensselaer Grant, $15,300 Renewable 4x. St. John’s College - College Grant, $8,224 Renewable 4x; Founder’s Grant, $5,500 Renewable 4x; Trustee Scholarship, $24,500 Renewable 4x. Carroll College - Carroll Grant, $22,500 Renewable 4x. University of Portland - Founder’s Grant, $19,000 Renewable 4x. Tuft’s University - Tuft’s Grant, $41,000 Renewable 4x. University of Idaho - Platinum Scholarship & Alumni, $4,000 Renewable 4x. $638,896 Total.

Chantel Key: Lewis Clark State College - Presidential Scholarship, $1,500 Renewable 4x; Counselor Leadership School Scholarship, $250 One Time. $6,250 Total.

Lila Musegades: Concordia University Irvine - Provost Academic, $8,500 Renewable 4x; Music Violin, $1,000 Renewable 4x; Music Choir, $3,000 Renewable 4x. Christ College - $2,000 Renewable 4x; Forensics, $2,000 Renewable 4x. 66,000 Total.

Alex Nuttman: University of Idaho - Belko, Stephan & Katherine, $2,000 Renewable 4x; Cunningham Laura Moore Foundation, $3,000 Renewable 4x; Neale, Rosamond Aram, $616 One Time; Pell Grant, $5,730 Renewable 4x. $43,536 Total.

Kelli Petersen: AmeriCorps Award, $2,775 One Time.

Alexanderia Rockwell: University of Idaho: Academic Achievement Level P, $3,050 Renewable 4x; Virtual Possbilities Network, $950 Renewable 4x. $16,000 Total.

Jasper Sabatino: Blue Mountain Community College - Baseball Scholarship, $600 Renewable 4x. $2,400 Total.

Josh Seloske: Lewis Clark State College - LCSC Gvlle. Outreach Dual Credit Scholarship, $195 One Time. $195 Total.

Emily Sherwood: Francis Key - Young Innovators, $5,000 Renewable 4x. Cornell - Saranno Famosi, $100 One Time. Stanford - People’s Choice, $5,000 Renewable 4x. $40,100 Total.

Jessica Slichter: University of Idaho - Go Vandal Silver Scholarship, $1,500 Renewable 4x. $6,000 Total.

Marcus Towerton: Lewis Clark State College - Provost Scholarship, $1,500 Renewable 4x. $6,000 Total.

Phillip Walters: University of Idaho - Academic Achievement Level P, $3,384 One Time; Belko, Stephan and Katherine, $2,000 One Time; Neale, Rosamond Aram, $616 One Time. $6,000 Total.

Ashley Wolff: Lewis Clark State College – Provost, $1,000 Renewable 4x. $4,000 Total.

Total Scholarships Offered: $1,416,596.

Highland High School (Craigmont)

Nicholas Gehring: $259,764 (w/ local $262,164). Western Undergraduate Exchange - Montana State University, $11,500/Renewable 4 Years; Western Undergraduate Exchange - Northern Arizona University, $8,750/Renewable 4 Years; Presidential Scholarship-Full Tuition, Idaho State University, $6,566/Renewable 4 Years; Rensselaer Leadership Award, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, $12,600/Renewable 4 Years; Rensselaer Grant, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, $12,400/Renewable 4 Years; Go Idaho Scholarship - Platinum Level, University of Idaho, $4,000/Renewable 4 Years; Non-resident Achievement Award, Montana State University, $7,500/Renewable 4 Years; Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, $3,000; Idaho Gear Up Scholarship, $3,000; Farm Bureau Insurance Scholarship, $500.

Ashley Goffinet: $22,920 (w/ local $23,020). Idaho Gear Up Scholarship, $5,730/Renewable 2 Years; Pell Grant, $5,730/Renewable 2 Years.

Nathan Haight: $20,500 (w/ local $23,400). Lewis-Clark State Provost Scholarship, LCSC, $1,000/Renewable 4 Years +$500/Senior; Johannesen 4-H Leadership, $1,000; Governor’s Cup, $3,000/Renewable 3 Years; Idaho Gear Up Scholarship, $1,000/Renewable 3 Years; Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, $1,000/Renewable 3 Years.

Miranda Hendren: $20,750 (w/ local $21,300). Idaho High School Rodeo Association, $750; Nez Perce Tribal Scholarship, $5,000/Renewable 4 Years.

Local Scholarships Awarded:

Dave Boknecht Memorial Lions Club Scholarship: $1,000, Nicholas Gehring.

Bea Mathison Memorial Scholarship: $400, Nathan Haight.

Greater Craigmont Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: $1,400, Nicholas Gehring.

Craigmont June Picnic Scholarship: Nicholas Gehring, $1,000; Nathan Haight, $500.

H.C. “Buck” Erickson Memorial Scholarship: $1,000, Nathan Haight.

Highland Education Association Scholarship: $100, Ashley Goffinet.

Lewis County 4-H Leaders’ Council Scholarship: $500, Nathan Haight.

Lewis County 4-H Ed Arnzen Memorial Scholarship: $500, Nathan Haight.

Stephanie Hendren Memorial Scholarship: $500, Miranda Hendren.

Winchester Days Scholarship: $50, Miranda Hendren.

Local Scholarships Total: $7,250.

Total Scholarships Received: $331,184.

Kamiah High School

Ashlee Biesecker: LCSC Leadership Scholarship, Marvin DeLuga Scholarship, Lawrence Mills Scholarship, and the Presidential Scholarship

Aubrie Huerta: LCSC Provost Scholarship.

Sabrina Hatch: University of Idaho, Idaho Gold.

Destiny Jennings: LCSC Presidential Scholarship.

Jenna LeCates: University of Idaho, Idaho Gold, LCSC Presidential Scholarship.

Willie Onthank: LCSC Provost Scholarship.

Kassie Simler: LCSC Presidential Scholarship, Central Idaho Quilt Guild.

Nate Straw: The Ready LCSC Scholarship.

Hunter Trulock: University of Idaho, Idaho Gold Scholarship.

Dillon Wilcox: University of Idaho, Idaho Gold Scholarship and the Stephan and Katherine Belko Scholarship.

Kamiah High Senior Awards/Scholarships

Idaho County Cadet Program Recognition: Andrew Carl and Gabe Heun.

VFW Student of the Year: Kassie Simler.

Idaho and Lewis County Cattle Association Scholarship: Kassie Simler.

Simler-Finney Memorial Scholarship: Kassie Simler.

Preston Vorhauer “Stay on Track” Memorial Scholarship: Mathias Helms and Jenna LeCates.

Library Awards: Aubrie Huerta and Alan Vessey.

Clearwater Valley Roundup Association Scholarship: Kassie Simler.

Grandpa Bill Smith Memorial Scholarship: Ashlee Biesecker, Destiny Jennings, Will Onthank.

Top Government Award: Hunter Trulock.

Julie Fulton Memorial Scholarship: Ashlee Biesecker.

Dave Fallwell Scholarship: Jacob Oatman.

Top Female Athlete: Destiny Jennings.

Doug Brown Track Award: Gabe Heun.

Advanced English Awards: Jenna LeCates and Kassie Simler.

English IV Awards: Hannah Papen and Hunter Trulock.

Kamiah High School Faculty Scholarship: Ashlee Biesecker and Kassie Simler.

Academic Letter Awards: Sabrina Hatch, Gabe Heun, Jenna LeCates, Kassie Simler, Hunter Trulock, Dillon Wilcox.

Calculus Award: Hunter Trulock.

Distance Learning Awards: Sabrina Hatch, Jenna LeCates, Hannah Papen, Kassie Simler, Hunter Trulock.

Howard Daugherty Memorial Scholarship: Destiny Jennings.

Carol Ormond Scholarship: Ashlee Biesecker.

St. Mary’s Hospital Employee Fund Scholarship: Jenna LeCates.

Army GI Bill: Dillon Wilcox.

Navy GI Bill: Hannah Papen.

National Honor Society: Ashlee Biesecker, Sabrina Hatch, Gabe Heun, Destiny Jennings, Jenna LeCates, Kassie Simler, Hunter Trulock, Dillon Wilcox.

Red Cross Blood Donation Recognition: Ashlee Biesecker, Sabrina Hatch, Jenna LeCates, Austin Jennings, William Jennings, Wesley Vorhauer.

Key Club Stoles: Sabrina Hatch, Jenna LeCates, Kassie Simler, Lindy Warden.

The total amount of scholarships and the two GI Bills awarded to the class of 2014 equals ~$250,000.

Nezperce High School

Aleesha Arnzen: University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship. Trombetta Award, Advanced Speech Award, Senior Project Portfolio Award, English IV Award, Scholarship Award 2013 – 2014.

Casey Beauchamp: Army Scholar-Athlete Award, Physics Award, Trombetta Award, Pre-Calculus Award.

Jordana Bedard: Idaho State University — Bengal Incremental Scholarship, Stephen and Katherine Belko Scholarship. Masonic Scholarship, Nezperce Ambulance Scholarship, Army Scholar Athlete Award, Senior Athlete Award, Trombetta Award, Scholarship Award 2013 – 2014.

Drake Berry: Roy Snyder Memorial Scholarship, Mac Bostic Sportsmanship Award, Senior Athlete Award.

Petru Cazac: Trombetta Award.

Bethany Dreadfulwater: Idaho State University — Bengal Incremental Scholarship. University of Idaho: Alumni Association Scholarship. Nezperce Lions Club, Nezperce Community Old Coots, Coffee and Liars Club Scholarship.

John Hart: University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship, Hendriksen Family Scholarship. Presidential Outstanding Academic Fitness Award, Trombetta Award, Small Engines Award, Senior Music Award.

Morgan Howard: University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Scholarship, Alumni Association Scholarship. Idaho School Boards Association Scholarship, DAR Good Citizens Award (2nd in State of Idaho), Nezperce Garden Club Scholarship, CHS Primeland Scholarship, Idaho County Cattleman’s Assoc. Scholarship, Nezperce Lions Club Scholarship, Roy Snyder Memorial Scholarship, American Legion Scholarship, Presidential Outstanding Academic Fitness Award, Valedictorian Award, Senior Project Research Paper Award, Senior Project Presentation to Judges Award, Overall Top Senior Project Award, Senior Music Award.

Kelsie Seitz: Walla Walla Community College. University of Idaho — Academic Achievement Scholarship, Vandal Pride Award. Walla Walla Community College — Merit Scholarship. Presidential Outstanding Academic Fitness Award, Salutatorian Award, Trombetta Award.

Tanner Wahl: Lewis-Clark State College — Provost Scholarship, Counselor’s Leadership Award.

Anita Zenner: Lewis-Clark State College — Presidential Scholarship. University of Idaho — Alumni Association Scholarship. Nezperce Teacher’s Association Scholarship, Senior Project Learning Fair Award, Senior Project Physical Project Award, Applied Math Award.

Prairie High School (Cottonwood)

Student Body President: Beka Bruner; Student Body V. President: Jessica Kaschmitter; Student Body Secretary/Treasurer: Daun Hoene; Spirit Leaders: Keely Schmidt, Westin Crenshaw; Idaho County Recycle Award: Beka Bruner; Idaho County Cadet Program: Gabe Angus, Appy Enriquez, Kyndahl Ulmer; Band - Director’s Award: Drew Cochran; Rodeo - 4 year member (pin): Sky Wilson; Student Booster of Year: Clark Bruno, Drew Cochran, Appy Enriquez, Dakota Wilson; Precalculus: Beka Bruner; Chemistry: Beka Bruner; Natural Science: Ali Hoene.

Student of the Month: September, Kayla Duclos, Westin Crenshaw; October, Appy Enriquez; November, Brooks Arnzen; December, Gabe Angus; January, Drew Cochran; February, Joe Halligan, Casey Danly; May, Lucas Arnzen.

Student of the Year: Drew Cochran.

President’s Academic Excellence: Clark Bruno, Rebekah Bruner, Andrew Cochran, Casey Danly, Kayla Duclos, Jared Higgins, Kyndahl Ulmer, Nicole Wemhoff, Dakota Wilson.

President’s Education Achievement: Brooks Arnzen, Joe Halligan, Andrew Gehring, Jake Rowland.

American Citizenship Award (NASSP): Gabe Angus, Westin Crenshaw, Daun Hoene, Jessica Kaschmitter.

U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete: Kyndahl Ulmer, Jared Higgins.

IHSAA 1A Division 1 Female Student Athlete of the Year: Kyndahl Ulmer.

Governor’s Award: Drew Cochran.

King of Sport: Tyler Hankerson.

Queen of Sport: Keely Schmidt.

Athlete of the Year: Leah Holthaus; VB,BB, SB; Lucas Arnzen; FB, BB, T.

The “Prize”: Beka Bruner.

Citizenship Award: Beka Bruner, Westin Crenshaw.

Drug Free Scholarships: Beka Bruner, Jessica Kaschmiter, Drew Cochran.

Dylon Bruegeman: LCSC Provost, $1,000.

Rebekah Bruner: Centre College Faculty Award, $21,500; Centre College Legacy Award, $2,000; IHSAA Interscholastic Star, $1,000; DAR Daughter of American Revolution, $25; School Board Association Scholarship, $500; Cliff Holthaus Memorial Scholarship, $200; Sister Mary Claire Kelly and Sr. Stephanie Wardle Scholarship, $500; St. Mary’s Employee Scholarship, $500; Drug Free Scholarship, $150; Lions Club Citizenship Award, $150.

Clark Bruno: LCSC Presidential, $1,500; LSCS High School Leadership, $500; St. Mary’s Youth Ministries, $250; St. Mary’s Prairie Faith Formation Program, $1,250.

Andrew Cochran: West Point Military Academy, $206,000; Drug Free Scholarship, $150.

Westin Crenshaw: LCSC Counselor Leadership Scholarship, $250; LCSC Provost, $100; Lions Club Citizenship Award, $150.

Casey Danly: U of I Academic Achievement Level G, $3,000; Alumni Association Scholarship; Henry P. Adams Scholarship; Jacob Riener, $300; Burt Lute Memorial Scholarship, $200.

Kayla Duclos: U of I Academic Achievement Level G, $3,000; Idaho Opportunity.

Apolonio Enriquez: LCSC Provost, $1,000.

Andrew Gehring; Logan Lustig Memorial Scholarship, $500; LCSC Logan Lustig Annual Scholarship, $500.

Brandi Gehring: Cliff Holthaus Memorial Scholarship, $200.

Joseph Goldmeer: NNU Wesley Academic Scholarship, $8,000.

Tyler Hankerson: LCSC Provost, $1,000.

Laurel Henry: College of Idaho Dean Scholarship, $10,000; Kathryn Albertson Scholarship, $2,000; Idaho County Light and Power, $750.

Jared Higgins: U of I Academic Achievement Level G, $3,000; Alumni Association Scholarship, L. Dean & Gay Welch Scholarship; All Star Classic Games, $60.

Daun Hoene: LCSC Presidential, $1,500.

Leah Holthaus: Blue Mountain Community College Athletics.

Jessica Kaschmitter: Camas Professional Counseling, $200; Drug Free Scholarship, $150.

Jacey Langston: LCSC Provost, $1,000; Chris Jensen/Ron Wemhoff Memorial, $1,000; Camas Professional Counseling, $200.

Katherine Nida: LCSC Provost, $1,000.

Jacob Rowland: Idaho State Trapshooting Hall of Fame, $500.

Keely Schmidt: LCSC Provost, $1,000.

Kyndahl Ulmer: LCSC Athletic Scholarship, $8,000; LCSC Presidential, $1,500; LSCS Leadership, $500; Grampa Bill Smith Memorial, $50; Kamiah Jeep Club, $250; All Star Classic Games, $60.

Nicole Wemhoff: University of Great Falls Presidential Scholarship, $9,500; Courage Award, $2,000; Voice of Democracy, $200; Travis Uhlenkott, $500; Cliff Holthaus Memorial Scholarship $200; Maurice Shinn Sportsmanship Scholarship, $250; Catholic Parish Scholarship, $1,000; John Kernan Memorial Scholarship, $340; All Star Classic Games, $60.

Dakota Wilson: U of I Academic Achievement Level G, $3,000; School Board Association Scholarship, $750; Cliff Holthaus Memorial Scholarship, $200.

Sky Wilson: Treasure Valley Athletics Scholarship; High School Rodeo Scholarship, $100.

Salmon River High School


Medals/Awards: ASB Student Body Officer pins – Nolan Richerson, Leighton Vander Esch, Ty Richerson, and Johnny Shepherd; ASB President gavel – Nolan Richerson; Outstanding SRHS Student of the Year – Nolan Richerson; National Scholar Athlete Award – Leighton Vander Esch and Nolan Richerson; KTVB Distinguished Student Award – Nolan Richerson; 1AD2 Athlete of the Year – Leighton Vander Esch.

SRHS High Honor Roll Recognition (4.0+ all year, weighted or unweighted) – Ryan Simonson, Chevelle Shepherd, Nolan Richerson, Mitchell Evans.

Honor Cord Presentation (3.0 or higher senior) – Nolan Richerson, Leighton Vander Esch, Terrun Zolman, Thomas Mead, Megan Long.

Co-Valedictorian Awards – Leighton Vander Esch and Nolan Richerson.

Salutatorian Award – Terrun Zolman.

Science Awards: JH – Payton Branstetter, Devan Branstetter, Chevelle Shepherd, Emily Diaz, Lillian Evans; Physical Science – Matt Evans; Biology – Diah Saputra, Ryan Simonson; Dual Credit Chemistry – Nolan Richerson, Thomas Mead, Mitchell Evans.

English Awards: JH – Chevelle Shepherd; HS – Nolan Richerson; IDLA – Sarah Laritz (Spanish).

Dual Credit Math: Pre-Cal/Trig – Fred Taylor, Mitchell Evans; Calc – Nolan Richerson, Leighton Vander Esch.

NHS Medals (Seniors): Nolan Richerson, Terrun Zolman, Leighton Vander Esch.

American Legion – Sportsmanship Awards: Leighton Vander Esch, Nolan Richerson.

American Legion – Citizenship Award: Megan Long.

Local Scholarship: Salmon River Rural Fire Department Scholarship ($500) – Leighton Vander Esch; PTO Scholarship ($500) – Megan Long; Canyon Community Coalitions Scholarship ($unknown) – Megan Long; Chamber of Commerce Scholarship ($500) – Leighton Vander Esch; Assembly of God Scholarship ($500) – Megan Long; Salmon River Alumni Scholarship ($300) – Megan Long; After School Kids ($500) – Megan Long; Pine Tree Credit Union Scholarship ($500) – Megan Long; Booster Club Scholarship (Gold – Fred Taylor, Silver – Leighton Vander Esch, Bronze – Terrun Zolman); Salmon River High School Scholarship ($500) – Thomas Mead; Shearer Scholarship ($unknown)– Fred Taylor; Kindschy-Lawrence Ag Ed Scholarship Recognition ($1,300) – Megan Long; Pinehurst Quilters Scholarship (for next year sophomore in college; $unknown) – Hannah Munson.

Summit Academy (Cottonwood)

Michael Waters: Valedictorian, basketball 4 years, drama 3 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, student government 2 years, Academic Achievement Scholarship, University of Idaho, $3,000; Stephen and Katherine C. Belko Scholarship, University of Idaho, $2,000; All Star Classic Basketball Game Scholarship, $60; Artic Education Foundation, $6,000.

Rachael Frei: Salutatorian. basketball 4 years, volleyball 4 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, drama 4 years, student government 1 year; Academic Achievement Scholarship, University of Idaho, $1,500; Alumni Association Scholarship, University of Idaho; Presidential Scholarship, LCSC, $1,500.

Megan Rehder: basketball 4 years, volleyball 3 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, drama 4 years, student government 2 years; Counselor Leadership Scholarship, LCSC, $250; Presidential Scholarship, LCSC, $1,500; Laura Cunningham Foundation Scholarship, LCSC, $3,000; Idaho County Light and Power, $750; Red Cord, American Red Cross.

Sarah Chmelik: Basketball 4 years, volleyball 4 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, drama 4 years, student government 2 years, track 1 year; Academic Achievement Scholarship, University of Idaho, $3,000; Stephen and Katherine C. Belko Scholarship, University of Idaho; Idaho County Farm Bureau, $1,000.

Matthew Schwartz: Basketball 4 years, Academic Bowl 4 years, drama 4 years, student government 3 years; Academic Achievement Scholarship, University of Idaho, $1,500.

The three prestigious Senior Awards chosen by the staff: Congeniality: Rachael Frei; Patriot Award: Sarah Chmelik; Excelsior Award: Megan Rehder.


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