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Demand sanity of our public officials

Letter: Jake Wren Cottonwood

If one listens very carefully, the sound of nails softly being driven can be heard! In this case, nails driven in the coffin of our state and our beloved U.S. of A!

The most recent such nail can be found in big black letters on the front page of the May 14 Lewiston Tribune! Judge nixes Idaho’s gay marriage ban!

It is not for me to judge people who uphold gay relationships, or any other behavior for that matter that offends the beliefs of Bible readers or the roughly 90 percent of our population that claim to be Christian of one denomination or another.

But a single woman judge who can so easily flout the wishes of a large majority of Idaho citizens, and of a law passed by our democratically elected legislature, and signed by our freely elected governor leaves me baffled! I thought we had a democratic “rule by the people” in this state and in this country! Hey! Even our Idaho constitution bans “same sex marriages!” Can this woman’s name not be Candy Dale, but King George III?

But wait! Maybe the reason quoted in the paper given by Judge Dale would satisfy me and other critics! “Plaintiffs suffer these injuries not because they are unqualified to marry, start a family, or grow old together, but because of who they are and whom they love.”

“Start a family?” Pray tell me how two same-sex couples are going to pull that off! And would this reason not be ample to justify “marriage” between a man and his dog, one which he loved? Their capacity to “start a family” would certainly equal that of two men or two women!

The bottom line is, we who value the Christian makeup of our beloved country need to step up to the plate and start demanding sanity of our officials! Period!

Jake Wren



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