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Idaho County Fair Results 2015

Distinguished 4-H Leaders

Joel and Nancy Costa of the Kooskia area were honored with the Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award 2015. This award recognizes an outstanding 4-H adult volunteer leader who has demonstrated leadership, initiative, dedication and commitment to the Idaho County 4-H Program. The Costas are leaders in the Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club. They are pictured here with 2015 Idaho County Fair Queen Brooke Eades.

Photo by Lorie Palmer
Distinguished 4-H Leaders Joel and Nancy Costa of the Kooskia area were honored with the Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award 2015. This award recognizes an outstanding 4-H adult volunteer leader who has demonstrated leadership, initiative, dedication and commitment to the Idaho County 4-H Program. The Costas are leaders in the Tahoe Hillbillies 4-H Club. They are pictured here with 2015 Idaho County Fair Queen Brooke Eades.


Katrina Frei of Grangeville was crowned the 2016 queen. Rachel Kelley of Grangeville is the first princess and Davi Murphy of Kamiah is the second princess. Miss Congeniality was also awarded to Frei and the Distinguished Candidate/Self Esteem Award went to Kelley.

Pigtail Contest

A total of 28 Children and four adults participated in the annual Pigtail Contest at the Idaho County Fair this year.

Event winners are as follows:

Age Group 0-3: Longest: 1st, Ava Klapprich, 3; 2nd, Shyann Meyers, 2; 3rd, Blakely Forsman, 1. Shortest: 1st, Berkley Mundt, infant; 2nd, Ruby Klapprich, infant; 3rd, Giana Priggee, 1. Widest: Tie for 1st, Brylie Forsman, 1, and Lilyenna Lockett, 2; 2nd, Ella Enneking, 2; 3rd, McKenna Slichter, 1.

Age Group 4-5: Longest: 1st, Sophia Wright, 4; 2nd, Bella Mundt, 4; 3rd, Kenly Forsman, 5. Shortest: 1st, Regan Brennon, 5; 2nd, Tinley Hibbard, 4; 3rd, Avery Schacher, 5. Widest: 1st, Allie Rambo, 5.

Age Group 6-8: Longest: 1st, Monica Geockner, 8; 2nd, Kalie Lockett, 8; 3rd, Andee Cegner, 6. Shortest: Tie for 1st, Phoenix Lemus, 7, and Haylee Schiess, 6; 2nd, Evelyn Gehring, 6. Widest: 1st, Harlee Brannon, 8; 2nd, Alaina Lustig, 7.

Age Group 9-18: Longest: 1st, Gloria Williams, 11. Shortest: 1st, Piper L. Parsells, 10. Widest: 1st, Miranda Klapprich, 9.

Adult: Longest: 1st, Desiree Gehring; 2nd, Rebecca O’Neil. Shortest: 1st, Megan Rambo. Widest: 1st, Emily Prigg.

Most Unusual: 1st, Piper L. Parsells; Tie for 2nd, Andee Cegner and Harlee Brannon; tie for 3rd, Ava Klapprich and Alaina Lustig.

Two-Minute Talent Show

Ages 5-12: 1st Place - Trinity Martinez; 2nd Place – Gloria Williams; 3rd Place – Reenah Williams, Peyton Andrews, Whitney Andrews.

Ages 13-18: 1st Place – Molly VanSteenwyk; 2nd Place – Julia Williams; 3rd Place – Hailey Williams and Elise Andrews.

Ages 19+: 1st Place – Shantal Schwartz; 2nd Place – Darla Davis and Dick Everitt; 3rd Place – Natalie Williams.


Royalty: 1st, Riggins Royalty; 2nd, Lewis County Royalty; 3rd, Idaho County Royalty; Equestrian: 1st, Cottonwood Riding Club; 2nd, Cottonwood Saddliers; Non-Profit or Organizations: 1st, Clearwater Valley Go Getters; 2nd, Honor Guard; 3rd, Back Country Horsemen; Commercial: 1st, Cottonwood Credit Union; 2nd, Arnzen Drug; 3rd, Nuxoll Shell.

Kiss the Pig contest

Winner of the 2015 Pig Kiss Contest was orthodontist Dr. Bret Christensen of Lewiston. Contest proceeds benefit the Citizen Washington Focus 4-H Project through the Idaho County 4-H program. Dr. Christensen Orthodontics purchased the grand champion pig.

Open Class Awards

Junior Division - Sew Ciety Quilters Awards: 1st Place, Marisa Lustig; 2nd Place, Molly Schwartz; 3rd Place Ellea Poxleitner. Best of Show - Marisa Lustig – Quilt; Award of Merit - Rose Sherrer - Crocheted Afghan. Ball Canning Award: Abigail Stowell - Canned Peaches; Veronica Hattrup - Canned Soft Spread; Abe Wilkinson - Canned Pickles; Rylee Wimer - Canned Vegetable - Green Beans.

Adult Division – Sewing: Best of Show - Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit - Elayne Murphy. Food Preservation: Best of Show - Judy Forsman; Award of Merit - Debbie Wassmuth. Ball Fresh Preserving Award - Fruits: 1st Place - Debbie Wassmuth – Blackberries; 2nd Place - Larry and Patty Remacle – Apricots. Vegetables: 1st Place - Natalie Latimer - Green Beans; 2nd Place - Millie Wimer - Green Beans. Pickles: 1st Place - Judy Forsman; 2nd Place - Millie Wimer. Soft Spreads: 1st Place - Millie Wimer - Apricot Jam; 1st Place - Carol Sue Hauntz - Zuccini/Strawberry Flower; 2nd Place - Kristy Beckstead - Strawberry/Rhubarb/Pineapple; 2nd Place - Millie Wimer - Peach Preserves.

Hobbies: Best of Show - Argil Jeffery; Award of Merit - David Adam. Photography: Best of Show - Roger Inghram; Award of Merit - Mildred Pierson. Art: Best of Show - Shane Chapman; Award of Merit - Joyce Close; Award of Merit - Ellamae Holes. Idaho Landscape - Ellamae Holes – Watercolor.

Knitting: Best of Show - Melissa Portelli; Award of Merit - Kathleen Vopat; Crochet: Best of Show - Phyllis Gilmore; Award of Merit - Sandy Briggs. Quilts: Best of Show - Laura Cole; Award of Merit - Joan Hall.

Horticulture - Fruits and Vegetables; Best of Show - Keith Keyser – Pears; Award of Merit - Dana Keyser - Purple Cabbage. Creature Feature: Award of Merit - Steel Uhlenkott.

Horticulture – Flowers: Best of Show - Horticulture - Charlotte DeArmond; Best of Show - Artistic Design - Lu Crea; Award of Merit - Horticulture - Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit - Artistic Design - Lu Crea.

Needlework: Best of Show - Sharon Espinola; Award of Merit - Sharon Espinola. Baked Goods: Best of Show - Lisa Richards – Cookies; Award of Merit - Carol Sue Hauntz - Bundt Cake; Award of Merit - Laney Forsmann – Pie.

Idaho Wheat Growers Award: 1st Place - Kathy Hedberg – Sourdough; 2nd Place - Lee Forsmann - Yeast Bread.

4-H Family and Consumer Sciences awards

Constructed Clothing Awards

Beginner Clothing Awards: Ready, Set, Sew - Sew Some More - Olivia Klapprich, Top; Miranda Klapprich, Runner Up; Laney Forsmann, Runner Up.

Intermediate Clothing Awards: Seams Sew Easy - Sew What - Mattie Lustig, Top; Halle Klapprich, Runner Up.

Advanced Clothing Awards: Sew Wow - Davi Murphy, Top; Lindsey Goeckner, Runner Up; Kate Lustig, Runner Up.

Making The Most of Me AwardS

Beginning - Making the Most of Me: Isabella Walsh, Top; Miranda Klapprich, Runner Up; Oliva Klapprich; Runner Up. Intermediate: Halle Klapprich, Top; Ciara Chaffee, Runner Up; Anna Kaschmitter, Runner Up. Advanced: Abbie Uhlenkott, Top; Hailey Danly, Runner Up; Davi Murphy, Runner Up.

Top Model Awards

Constructed Clothing: Top Model Rosettes – Beginner, Chloe Rowland; Intermediate, Halle Klapprich; Advanced, Lindsey Goeckner. Making the Most of Me – Beginner, Chloe Rowland; Intermediate, Maizy Wilcox; Advanced, Hailey Danly.

Top Foods Awards

Top Beginning Foods, Kaelyn Blackwell; Top Advanced Foods, Molly DeFord. Top Beginning Cake Decorating, Chloe Rowland; Top Intermediate Cake Decorating, Sofie Branstetter. Top Advanced Cake Decorating, Payton Branstetter.

Friends of 4-H Awards

Creative Sewing: Davi Murphy, Sewing Machine; Making the Most Of Me, Abbie Uhlenkott, Luggage.

Graduating Senior Mugs: Hunter Angeny, 12 years; Mary Bytheway, 2 years; Kate Craig, 8 years; Brooke Eades, 11 years; Madison Fisher, 4 years; Adam Hicks, 6 years; Kirstin Latimer, 6 years; Whitney Sonnen, 11 years; Ben Stowell, 11 years; Holli Uhlorn, 12 years; Sophee Wilson, 3 years.

2015 4-H Specialty Project Awards

Top Leathercraft, Marisa Lustig; Top Woodworking, Aaron Goeckner; Top Photography, Savannah Thanstrom; Outstanding Leadership, Lindsey Goeckner; Top Know Your Government Project, Kortney Sims.

Top Project Awards

Citizenship & Civic Education Division: 1., Bailie Gehring, Citizenship Washington Focus; Communications & Expressive Arts Division: 1. Savannah Thanstrom, Photography; 2. Laina Sonnen; Ceramics. Environmental Education & Earth Sciences: 1. James Lusich, Archery; 2. Bridget Lusich, Archery; 3. Hunter Angeny, Adventure Sports. Family & Consumer Sciences: 1. Sophee Wilson, Tole Painting. Science & Technology: 1. Hannah Bandle, Vet Science; 2. Madison Pottenger, Vet Science.

2015 4-H Livestock Awards

Fitting & Showing: Beef -Grand Champion, Thomas Schwartz; Reserve Champion, Hope Schwartz. Sheep - Grand Champion, Brooke Eades; Reserve Champion, Hunter Connolley; Market Swine - Grand Champion, Taryn Godfrey; Reserve Champion, Tessa Godfrey. Horse - Grand Champion, Katrina Wolfrum; Reserve Champion, Rachel Kelley. Rabbit , Grand Champion, Davi Murphy; Reserve Champion, Hunter Connolley. Poultry - Grand Champion, Isaiah Linabary; Reserve Champion, Aidan Acton. Goat - Grand Champion, Lauren Alfrey.

Dog – Showmanship: Grand Champion, Marisa Lustig; Reserve Champion, Nicole Poxleitner. Dog – Obedience: Grand Champion, Isaiah Linaberry; Reserve Champion, Maggie Chmelik.

Round Robin Showmanship: Grand Champion, Brooke Eades; Reserve Champion, Thomas Schwartz.


Beef: Grand Champion, Thomas Schwartz; Reserve Champion, Sydney Rylaarsdam-Schoo. Breeding Beef: Grand Champion, Sydney Rylaarsdam-Schoo; Reserve Champion, Marie Heckman. Market Lamb: Grand Champion, Jack Bransford; Reserve Champion, Naomi Connolley. Market Swine: Grand Champion, Camden Barger; Reserve Champion, Dani Aiken. Rabbit: Grand Champion, Arielle Halligan; Reserve Champion, Hunter Connolley. Market Goat: Grand Champion, Elizabeth Severns; Reserve Champion, Lauren Alfrey. Poultry: Grand Champion, Aidan Acton; Reserve Champion, Naomi Connolley.

Livestock Judging Contest

Top Beef Judge: Theresa Wemhoff; Top Swine Judge: Kyle Frei; Top Sheep Judge: Bladen Farmer. 5th Place, Jessie Sonnen; 4th Place, Cody Kaschmitter; 3rd Place, Hope Schwartz; 2nd Place, Hailey Danly; 1st Place, Tyler Wemhoff.

Rate of Gain Contest

Beef Steer, gaining 4.52 pounds per day, Halle Klapprich; Market Lamb, gaining 1.18 pounds per day, Kelly Stubbers; Market Swine gaining 2.24 pounds per day, Aaron Forsmann.

Top Livestock Record Book Awards: Top Junior, Chloe Rowland; Top Intermediate, Ellea Poxleitner; Top Senior, Abbie Uhlenkott. Top Horse Record Book Award: Paige Lindsley; Top Secretary Book, Hailey Russell (Rough Riders 4-H Club).

4-H Herdsmanship Award: Lively Livestock 4-H Club. Top Community Service Project Poster: Fenn Livestock 4-H Club. Sarah George Memorial Scholarship: Brooke Eades.

Idaho County 4-H Lamb & Ewe Project: The recipient will keep the oldest ewe and all of the lambs produced except one ewe lamb. That ewe lamb and the two youngest ewes will be passed on to the next year’s winner. Abigail Stowell

Outstanding Angus Breeding Project Award: Sydney Rylaarsdam-Schoo.

Outstanding Angus Market Project Award: Sydney Rylaarsdam-Schoo.

Outstanding FFA Project Award: Tessa Godfrey.

Largest Percentage of Beef Projects: Camas Livestock 4-H Club.

Top Feeder Pig Project Award: 2nd, Harmony Edmondson; 1st, Julia Wemhoff.

Top Over-All Swine Project Award: Camden Barger.

Top Over-All Sheep Project Award: Naomi Connolley.

Top Over-All Beef Project Award: Thomas Schwartz.

Top Over-All Agriculture Project: Brooke Eades.

Dave Klapprich Memorial Award: Holli Uhlorn.

Idaho County Volunteer Leaders Distinguished Service Award: Joel and Nancy Costa.


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