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Omnibus bill unstable; take hard look at self

Letter to the Editor

When did elected leaders become so free with our money (taxes) for “do-gooder” charities? Is it because we who elected them want handouts because we are too lazy to face insecurity and risk?

Colonists, settlers and ranchers spent time defending and protecting crops, animals and land from wild animals, ruffians …. By necessity they protected their property, the fruit of their labor. Because it was impossible to always stay home to protect their life’s efforts, they would often elect a sheriff. The moment that the people granted or partnered their protective right is the moment that “government” was formed. It formed by the people who had the inherent right to defend their lives, liberty, and property.

Have “We the People” drifted from our intent of elected sheriffs at local, state and national levels? “We the People in order to form a more perfect union….” created a national sheriff or president to assist in protecting life, liberty and property from foreign ruffians. He and Congress only had the limited, proxy power granted to him and them by “We the People”, to protect life, liberty and property from foreign despots.

Is our money still used as a partnership to assist protecting our life, liberty and property, or is our money, especially nationally being used for “do-gooder” charities, which benefit only select citizens: welfare, immigration/refugees, certain farm and school programs, and businesses (including Planned Parenthood and those “in the name of defense”). These expenditures are so removed from the original intent and have grown so large that people don’t recognize it any more (or don’t want to recognize it because they receive handouts).

“We the People” should take a hard look at ourselves, our self-justification and laziness. We should never allow elected officials to shuttle our money to “welfares” or “charities”, which is outside the original purpose. If so, favoritism enters, corruption multiplies causing citizens, by law, to donate to charities that benefit only a few.

Social issues are solved though individual responsibility, prevention and self-discipline. We’d be freer, young or old, male or female, light or dark skinned, if we’d cast off laziness and provided for ourselves and our families (married or not). But how many of us don’t want to give up our “government charity programs”?

Scott Perrin



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