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True morality isn’t legislated; takes inward heart change

Letter: Jim Holsinger Grangeville

There seems to be a continual push for enacting moral laws to protect us from ourselves. Consider those who fight to establish anti-gun laws. This element thinks that if we can just ban all guns and make them illegal then people will not shoot (kill) themselves anymore, either by accident or on purpose. But the reality is, many criminals would still want to keep and hide their guns in order to rob and kill those without guns.

And then there are those who fight to establish anti-abortion laws. This element thinks that if we can just ban all abortions and make them illegal then girls will not abort (kill) their unborn babies anymore. But the reality is, many girls would still want to get abortions, so illegal, underworld abortionists would spring up everywhere, in response to the demand.

Unfortunately, we don’t learn from history. Remember prohibition? The banning of liquor did not stop people from making bathtub gin or imbibing down at the local “speakeasy.” The reality was, many people still wanted to have their liquor, so illegal, underworld suppliers sprang up everywhere in response to the demand.

The failure of the prohibition era is concrete proof that we cannot legislate morality, as so many naïve, gullible people seem to think. True moral change is not outwardly and unwillingly conforming to legislative and judicial decrees, but rather it is a heart and attitude change, such as when a person is transformed in heart and soul by the Lord Jesus Christ, repenting of murderous and addictive desires, and thereafter putting great value on human life – both unborn life and life born into this world.

The whole desire and concern of a true Christian is not to push for new laws that only suppress harmful, human behavior, but rather to push for the gospel (good news) message of the atoning cross, so that others also might have the opportunity to repent from the heart and change their harmful behavior, accepting the living Christ as their personal and eternal Savior. “If righteousness comes through law, then Christ died needlessly” (Galatians 2:21).

Jim Holsinger



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