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‘Grateful Jar’ good way to remain thankful in 2015

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RIGGINS — Happy New Year! Just a week into 2015 and what a beautiful way to begin again! There are so many wonderful ways to fill each day... let me share just two with you.

A friend of mine said starting the New Year is like writing a new book about your own life; fill each page with you and make that book as interesting as you can.

A “Grateful Jar” is a great way to remember good things that happen to you each day throughout 2015. Starting today just write good happenings on a small pieces of paper and put them in your “Grateful Jar” then open your jar Dec. 31, and read all the amazing things that happened to you in 2015… things like accomplished goals, beauty of nature, memories worth saving, surprise gifts, daily blessings, etc. You will be amazed at all the wonderful things that are happening to you every day.

Salmon River basketball season is in full swing... get a schedule from the SRHS office and help cheer on out boys’ and girls’ teams to victory!

As we were sitting in our park’s outside hot tub in Arizona, we watched a jet soar up towards the nearly full moon and across the front making a shadow of the jet on the moon leaving jet trails behind… it was such a rare sight to see and so beautiful.

Challis had a 4.9 earthquake Saturday, Jan. 3, that was felt in Riggins! Yes, the 5.1 mile deep earthquake was felt in Riggins, Slate Creek, White Bird, Grangeville, McCall, Council, and even Butte, Mont. to name a few areas.

I collected some comments from Salmon River folks: Trish matter-of-factly said, “We just had an earthquake. I thought the dog was bumping the couch. Ryan thought we were moving the refrigerator.” Rexann reported about her Riggins Tackle Shop and Liquor Store, “Liquor bottles started tinkling and tackle moving. Felt it in my feet first. Weird when cement floors start to move like a wave.” Wendy of White Bird said, “OK, not sure what happened or if I’m crazy, but I was sitting on the couch and the entire thing started moving and I thought my dog was going to have a heart attack. It lasted about 4-5 seconds. Did anyone else feel something weird?” Shari said, “It was 10:45 a.m. — first time ever. We felt an earthquake or a massive rock slide,” before she found out it was indeed an earthquake.

Stefanie said, “My dogs and cats all wanted outside at 10:42 - I know because I got a phone call just as I slid open the patio door. In minutes I heard what I thought was them knocking over something big and heavy on the porch because the house kind of rumbled. I opened up the door and they all four came rushing back in like a herd of elephants. Our folding patio chairs were lying flat on the deck, so I (lightly) scolded the puppy and Monica’s cat. Mom just asked me if I felt the earthquake. I guess I did.”

Michelle asked, “Did anyone just feel the earth move? Not kidding here. I’m at the shop and felt like the entire building was swaying in the wind for a few seconds. I thought everything on the shelves was gonna break. I didn’t even have time to look around to see if things were actually moving. I do believe that is a first for me.” Rachel reported from Rapid River area, “My chair started shaking! Emily came running out saying her bed was moving.

Larry reported, “felt it south of Donnelly.” Terri said, “They felt it in McCall, Kelly just said her cabin was shaking! Here in Slate Creek, I watched as Jigs, my horse, ran out into the middle of the field, was wondering what spooked him.” Dusty reported, “Knocked my TV off its stand in Council.”

Erin sighed, “Our washer and dryer were going and the dog ran through the house so didn’t realize what it was! Lol! Dang, my first earthshake and didn’t know it!”

Booster Club to meet Jan. 7

RIGGINS — The Salmon River Booster Club hopes that everyone had a great holiday vacation and is ready to have a great start to the New Year! They will have their first Booster meeting of the new year this evening, Wednesday, Jan. 7, at 6 p.m. in the Salmon River High School library. Everyone is invited to attend. The Salmon River Booster Club is very proud of the activities, educational materials, and sports needs it helps fund throughout the year… kudos to the present members… the club is always looking for new members who want to help support our Salmon River kids!

Jessi, who was visiting family in Challis said, “Yeah. Crazy! We are in Challis with my husband’s family and stuff was falling off the shelves in the store I was in. I got out of there. It wasn’t that scary. Kids were outside.”

Challis’ earthquake swarm and Saturday’s 4.9 jolter are not necessarily indicative that a larger seismic event is on its way. With earthquakes, anything is possible, Liberty explained. Sometimes foreshocks lead up to a main event, other times the main event is followed by aftershocks. “With the Borah Peak earthquake, for example, there was very little to no foreshocks and then afterwards we had aftershocks for a year or two,” he said. “Sometimes we just have this slow rumbling that we are seeing right now,” with the earthquake swarm, he said. The recent swarm may be the reappearance of Challis-area activity that took place April through June, producing hundreds of small earthquakes. Swarms tend to be localized, Liberty explained. “We are seeing repositioning or shifting of local rock on both sides of the fault,” he said. Scientists have been studying the most recent earthquake swarm near Challis, hoping to better understand faults near Yellowstone National Park. Read more here:

Idaho’s largest recorded earthquake recorded in the area was the 6.9-magnitude quake that hit in 1983 near 12,667-foot Borah Peak, Idaho’s tallest peak. Along with being the largest, it is almost the most damaging earthquake as well. Two children were killed by falling masonry while walking to school in Challis. Twelve-and-a-half million dollars in damage took place in the Challis-Mackay region. Maximum Mercalli scale intensity IX damage was decided upon, as a result of extreme surface faulting, while vibrational damage was at a Mercalli intensity of VI to VII. [3].


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