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The river helps to ‘cool our cores’


Nicole L. Lowe 839-2777

WHITE BIRD – Welcome, July! I’m feeling so blessed that I have good air conditioning in my house. I can remember when I was a kid and we lived on the Bentz ranch, there was no such thing as air conditioning and we had hot summers just like this one is turning out to be. I remember sleeping in the bath tub with an inch of cold water in the bottom of it, and having to run water over and over because it would keep getting hot. We do have hot summers here. It’s a fact. But God loves us and he gave us a river to cool our cores. Our beautiful Salmon River works better than any air conditioner ever could. Electricity can cool you off, or heat you up, but it takes natural elements to do it from the core — like wood heat in the winter and the river in the summer. It’s funny how you can sit next to the river when it’s 110 degrees outside and it doesn’t feel miserably hot. Although it feels best if you just dive right in, it’s also great just to sit with your feet in and splash the water on you.

Last Sunday we took a bunch of kids to our favorite swimming hole. I’ve always preached about the importance of leave no trace. We make sure and pick up all our garbage and everyone else’s too. The boys found rocks under water that had tape and fishing line wrapped around them. They had been used for fishing weights. I told them to find more and we’d clean up the river a little bit. They put on their goggles and started treasure hunting. By the time we left, they had a pile of more than 70 rock weights and enough fishing tackle to last them quite a while. We had a small pile of cigarette butts, cans, bottles, bottle caps, plastic and paper. Only one finger was cut on broken glass. I just don’t understand how people can thoughtlessly litter, especially alongside such a beautiful river. I used to blame the tourists, but I’ve learned that the locals are actually worse. Maybe it’s because they’ve lived here all their lives and they don’t realize how pollution damages this planet. Maybe they have never been east of the Mississippi and tried to find a clean tributary to swim in. There isn’t one. Please clean up your garbage and teach your kids how important it is.

The IOOF hall is undergoing some improvements. Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped rip out tiles. Soon she will have a nice new floor.

This weekend is Independence Day! I wish everyone a safe weekend and I encourage you to remember and talk about what this holiday really means. United we stand, divided we fall.

Happy birthday this week to: Kami Sickels, Brody Lowe, Rita Roakey, Missy Palmquist, Cameron Bashaw, Jackson Howard, Chad Lowe, Cheryl Cullin, Joseph Galbreth, Buzz Wright, Bob McKnight, Joyce Wilson, Alexandra Fanning, John Brown, Lara Lowry, Billy Cox, Gen Keas and Alice Johnson.


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