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Stance over Hindu prayer fired up people, raised questions

Letter: Jake Wren Cottonwood

Wow! The stance taken by Sherry Nuxoll and a couple of her Senate partners over the opening prayer led by a Hindu individual certainly fired up several people and raised a bunch of interesting questions!

First, Marty, M.T. from the Tribune demands an apology from Nuxoll with the headline Monday, March 11, “Is she sorry she is an arrogant bigot?” Marty, I would like to ask you a couple of questions! Your “one nation” under God quote and claim that the U.S. is not a Christian nation, smacks of ignorance of history! Sorry, Marty..., but “liberty and justice for all” certainly never fit the 2,000 year history of Hindu’s class system that locked you into a birth class, with no chance ever of moving up, e.g. the lowest “untouchable” class. And there is no denying that the vast majority of colonists were Christians of one sect or other, so clearly there is a wide gap between the religious beliefs of these two regions! And the 2,000-year history of utter poverty that plagued India is a stark contrast to the 200-year unparalleled freedom and wealth in our own country.

Second, I ask you, Marty, and the other critics of Nuxoll’s stance, is there such a thing as truth and falsity? Can two religious beliefs as different as Christianity and Hinduism both be true. One God vs. multiple gods? Freedom vs. class rigidity? Are we afraid to claim that both cannot be true simultaneously, and that if one is not true, it must be false? If 2+2=4, can the claim that 2+2=5 also be true?

And another thing, Marty, would you consider it a bit arrogant on the part of a Christian speaker to suggest a Christian prayer in India in front of a Hindu parliament? I do believe it unwise to even consider it!

Finally, Marty, are we to assume that your opinions are always “true,” and that those who disagree with you are always false, or would you claim that both can be true at the same time? I wonder, and await an explanation!

Jake Wren



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