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Understanding promise of America

Guest Opinion

So, the Democrats want to hold the incoming party accountable. They might start by understanding what America is. That America is the opportunity for the individual to achieve their dreams.

The American Dream is the embodiment of what we call American Exceptionalism. Our founders unleashed the ideals that freedom and liberty come from our creator. It brought forth a nation that unbridled the human potential. It created a positive envy among the world’s population, envy for the opportunity to duplicate the American Dream, not spurn it.

We have not been perfect in our struggle – we have made mistakes and have strived to correct them. From slavery to civil rights, equal rights for woman, America has strived to embody those ideals our founders fought for.

Today many believe we stand on the brink of a precipice. However, there is hope and that hope lies in us. The challenges before us are not daunting. They are just that; challenges to be accepted. They are the dare of goals our God Himself has tossed down before us: to be accepted or to be fled from; the choice is ours.

Our greatness lies in fidelity to the truth, in preserving love for our fellowman and moving to change hearts and minds; not by coercion, not by riots, not by looting, not by blocking traffic, not by burning our neighborhoods to the ground, but by engaging in the arena of ideas and the opportunity for the American people to vote to change the course.

Promises were made and promises need to be kept. Does the outgoing party understand they were also just held accountable with their ideas of attacking our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and the constant attacks on our Christian heritage?

Their policies allowed jobs to leave our country. They attacked our flag, took God out of our schools, they emasculated men, and confused women’s rights with radical feminism. They attacked our way of life and our traditions and wished to replace them with a progressive ideology that says men can be women and women can be men. They allowed the murdering of the most innocent human life through abortion and now stand silent as police officers are gunned down execution style. They have made our military a social experiment and made us a laughing stock amongst our enemies. They took a knee or stayed seated during the National Anthem. All of the above and their constant rhetoric, “get on board or get out of the way, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance and your health care premiums will be lower,” were rejected at the ballot box. This is how accountability works in our republic.

Now the incoming party needs to be held accountable to the promises made. This is what Americans voted for. This will be a good start in returning us to what we call American Exceptionalism!

President-elect Trump succeeded because he promised Americans nothing more than the opportunity to succeed based upon our abilities to accept the responsibilities placed before us. For this I am grateful, thank you.


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