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Christmas past: A glimpse at former letters to Santa

Christmas art by Angie Nine, 1986.

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Christmas art by Angie Nine, 1986.

Soon the Free Press will present its annual “Letters to Santa” section. Readers look forward to the fun-filled and sometimes lengthy lists as well as the other details second and third graders from throughout the county offer up to Santa Claus.

Compiled below are some of those letters that have appeared in the Free Press in 1986, 1996 and 2006. Look closely at names on the letters and art and you may even notice some current city councilors, Border Days members and teachers, oh, my! Enjoy.


Christmas means to me that it is a time of celebrating and giving. And it means celebrating Jesus’ birthday. It means to share with everybody. And it mean to be with your family. ~ Scott Winkler

Christmas is a happy time because we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Jesus traveled a lot when he was a baby. Jesus is a very special person. Jesus made everything on earth. That is why he is special! Everyone loves him. ~ Jeff Eich

Christmas is a fun time to play, ski and go ice skating. I hope that Santa brings what you want for Christmas. I hope that Santa brings my sister a whole lot of things to play with. I hope he brings my dad a lot of socks. I hope he brings my mom a lot of socks too. I wish he would bring me a pound puppy. ~ Tommiann Whitten

What Christmas means to me. Christmas means giving to me, giving love to one another. That’s what Christmas means to me. I want skis for my family. I think we should give money, clothes, food and shelter to the poor. Christmas is a time for loving and getting together for a Christmas dinner. Things for the poor should be useful. We should send things like food and clothing. Christmas is for giving, loving and sharing. ~ Amy Sue Aiken

For Christmas I want a ghettoblaster so I can turn it up real loud. I can take it downtown and I hope my mom gets snowtires for her car. ~ Casey Sebring


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus,

I have been lerning to write in cursive and singing.I have also got better at not missplaccing my stuff. My Nerf gun has been making noise win I wiggle it.

This year I would like another Nerf gun. I have one question to ask, how did you get that big cedar chest in my house?

I hope your trip around the earth is nice.

Your jolly fiend, ~ Kevin Teats

I have an old great grandmother that I want to give something to. I’am going to send her a card. I want to give her a card because I love her very much. ~ Seth Clark

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Claus,

This past summer I sold shaved ice at the fair. And boy did I load up on money. I just learned cursive writing. I have gotten better in my coloring. I have also got good grades this year. The gifts that you brought me last year are still in good shape. Whatever you bring me I will be satisfied with it.

Your friend, ~ Tiffany Allen

P.S. I have been a good little girl

I would like to give a gift of friendship to Ashley Miller. I will play with her at recess.

~ Angela Crabtree


Dear Santa,

This is what I want for Christmas I want a puppy. I want a CD player. I want a new basketball. I want a volleyball. I want a lot of Bratz. I want a boy polly pocket. I want a new set of red earings. I want a new book called The First day of Christmas. I want a jump rope. I want a blue neckless.

Your friend, ~ Hailey Sullivan

Dear Santa,

How are you doing. Can you send me a picture of you and Mrs. Claus. What I want for Christmas. I want a watch, Xbox, and sledd.

Love, ~ Layton Harris

Dear Mrs. Claus,

I want a Nitendo. I want a chocolate turtles. I want a gold volleyball and a pink football. I want a pink shirts, shoes, and pants that says I love hot pink. I want a pair of socks that is hot pink. I want a red and green dirt bike.

Love, your friend

~ Eric Gortsema

Dear Santa,

Hey how is your reindeer? I want a Xbox 360 game for Christmas. How are your elves and tell them I said hi and thank you for making me presents? I hope we have cookies and milk for you.

Your friend,

~Tanner Coons

Dear Santa,

How are you at the North Pole? I’m sure it’s cold over ther. I want a guitar and a new cd player I hope your having a holly Jolly Christmas. How do your raindeer fly it’s weird. And how do Elf’s make toys so fast.


~Tyler Massey

Dear Santa,

I want black and ornge heely’s and a bright pink volleyball and bright pink football. I also want a welcome mat to.

Your friend

~Madison Brown


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