Megan Snyder: The Fashionable Farmer

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Megan Snyder is a firm believer that one can always be fashionable.


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Megan Snyder of NezPerce is spicing up country living.


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Megan Snyder and her hubby, Bryce Ingram, farm in Nezperce. Snyder not only works as a farm wife and mother, but runs the Facebook page, “Fashionable Farmer.”

NEZPERCE — Megan Snyder of NezPerce is spicing up country living with her Facebook page and vlogs, “The Fashionable Farmer.”

Born at Syringa Hospital and raised her entire life on the family farm in Nezperce, Synder graduated from Nezperce High School in 2005. She and her husband, Bryce Ingram, have two children, Mason, 10, and Harper, 2.

“I've always been a country girl,” she smiled. “My husband actually farmed with my dad for a short time before his passing, and he also worked at various agriculture jobs, but I always tease him that he was once a ‘valley boy,’ hailing from the big city of Lewiston.”

“I will say he has a pretty good grasp on the equipment -- but the animals he is still learning and getting used to,” she laughed.

Snyder started the Fashionable Farmer Facebook and Instagram accounts last fall.

“I have always been interested in social media blogging and thought I would try my hand at it,” she said. “Not that I had a bunch of extra time per se -- but wanted to do it mostly as an outlet for myself to express my beliefs concerning agriculture and family. Then I have added fashion and cooking into it a bit as well. All are passions of mine.”

Snyder has since teamed up with a couple of different retail boutiques that have requested her as a representative for them and who advertise on her pages, “because they liked/appreciated my style and the audience I was reaching. I would say my style is country-meets-southwest-meets-hippie,” she grinned.

The Fashionable Farmer was originally going to be geared toward younger females in the agriculture world, she said.

“It actually has ended up that 60 percent of my audience is 50 or older, and it's about split between male and female,” she stated. “People just like something they can relate to, and I do post and write about various things that interest different people at different times, I suppose!”

Snyder said, in this day and age, with farming, everyone can agree that times are tougher than they have been in many years.

“Whether it's the market, weather, government or whatever, I try and touch on those issues but add a bit of humor in too,” she said. “It makes the sometimes super-serious stuff run off the keyboard a bit smoother and everyone could use a laugh every now and then.”

Her "Wednesdayrant" videos have proven popular as her followers “always remind me of when I am late [with posting them],” she smiled.

Since her audience has grown and changed, she decided to add a bit of "fashion" to her Instagram account.

“Older farmers don't particularly care about that stuff – but I definitely appreciate them and their input on Facebook,” she added.

A typical day on Synder’s farm consists of rolling with the seasons of planting, harvest and calving, but she is a mother first, she emphasized.

“So of course, I get the older one off to school while the younger is still in bed, drink coffee while checking the latest weather and commodity market, do chores in the barn with the husband,” she said. They raise registered quarter horses and angus cattle as well as dry land wheat farming.

“Then I may head to town to do banking and post office errands, normally before school gets out. I do like to sit down and check the Facebook page and decide on the next day’s material or topic,” she said. “When the bus pulls up the driveway we are then on to 4-H or basketball or whatever else is going on.”

Then it’s time for chores with the animals again and “an 8 p.m. bedtime,” Snyder laughed.

“Early to bed and rise,” she smiled. “I'm an old soul that way. It's always a joke around family and friends how days don't change much.

Snyder said her dad always inspired her as he was “One of the best farmers and animal caretakers I have ever known,” she said. “The animals always came before him.”

In addition, she enjoys Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond.

“She really made an empire for herself. Oh, and also [designer] Iris Apfel,” she said. “I absolutely love her style. In the end, I just adore how they are both self-made women who started from the ground up.”

Snyder dreams she can “grow old on the family farm, living comfortably and able to see my kids learn and eventually take over when I can just sit back and enjoy grandkids,” she smiled. “I know it seems like a small or simple dream but it's a privilege that not everyone is blessed with.”

She also wants to continue to be a responsible steward of the land, keep learning, “technology related to agriculture is growing like crazy and expanding at lightning speed,” she said. “So many new advances are being made. In the end, I want to always stay with a positive mind set. It can really make the difference.”

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