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Dispatch Log: ICSO, GPD, CPD


Idaho County Sheriff’s Office call disposition legend:

ARR=Arrest, CIV=Civil Matter, NRR=No report required, RT=Report Taken, TRA=Transferred to another agency, UNF=Unfounded, UTL=Unable to Locate.

July 31

Grangeville- VIN Hwy 13; Agency Assist Graham Co TX; Speeding Complaint Fairview; Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Children in rd Day Rd;

Elk City- Non-injury Accident Hwy 14 MP 27/RT; Burglary Cooked River Rd/RT;

Kooskia- Deer in rd Hwy 12 MP 70; Abandoned Veh Hwy 12 MP 70/Tagged for tow; Vehicle Vandalism Woodland Rd; VIN Jericho Rd; Parking Problem Main St; Agency Assist H&W Big Cedar Rd; Non-injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 86.5/RT; Horse Neglect Simler Rd; Trespassing Woodland Rd; Injured Dog Hwy 13; Noise Complaint Main St business;

Riggins- VIN Rapid River; Threatening White Water Wilderness/NRR;

GPD- Loose Dog N State St; Suspicious Main St; Parking Problem N Junction; Citizen Dispute N State; Disorderly North B St; Domestic Battery Arrest of 33 yoa G’ville woman;

CPD- Business Alarm Main St; Ambulance Transfer; VIN Clark St;

Aug. 1

Grangeville- Fire Old WB Grade Rd; Cows in rd Hwy 95 MP 238; DWP cite of 42-yoa G’ville man/CTR; VIN Hwy 13; Fire Florence area-Hanover Fire; Broken Stop Sign Denver Cemetery Rd;

Elk City- Dredging Dispute North Fork Clearwater; Medical Devil’s Toe;

Kooskia- Welfare Check Hwy 13; VIN Too Kush Rd; VIN Red Fir Rd; VIN Battleridge Rd; Medical Hwy 12; Parking Problem Hwy 162; Horse & Dog Neglect Woodland Rd; Medical Main St Stites; Agency Assist H & W Big Cedar; Possible DUI Hwy 12; Property Damage Main St Stites; Reckless Semi Hwy 12;

Riggins- Medical N Cherry Ln x 2; Agency Assist Adams Co;

GPD- Juvenile Problem Main St; Rental Problem North C St; Suspicious South St;

Aug. 2

Grangeville- Deer in rd Trk Rte; Reckless Semi Fenn; VIN Hwy 95; Neighbor Dispute Summer Breeze; Citizen Assist Hwy 95; Possible DUI Black Tail View Rd;

Kooskia- Fire Shenandoah; Deliver Msg Hwy 12; Parking Problem Main St; DWP Cite of 45-yoa Kamiah woman/CTR; Tree in rd Big Cedar; Power Outage Hwy 12; Domestic Dispute Crane Hill Rd; Citizen Dispute Hwy 12/RT;

Riggins- Medical Main St; Medical Barn Rd; Juvenile Problem S Main St;

GPD- Medical Scott St; Suspicious Myrtle St; Found Bicycle WS 1st; Intoxication WN 3rd St;

Aug. 3

Grangeville- VIN Frontage Rd; Reckless Semi Hwy 95; Suspicious Margo Ln; Theft of household items Deer Crk Rd/RT; Fire Hwy 95/Whitetail Dr; Barking Dog Sleepy Hollow; Vehicle Vandalism View Dr/NRR; Medical Harpster; Custodial Interference Jefferson Dr; VIN; Threatening Clearwater St/NRR;

Kooskia- Threatening Woodland/RT; DWP Cite of 37-yoa Kooskia man/CTR;

Riggins- Fire Hwy 95 MP 217; Fraud Main St; Medical Lodge St; Non-injury Accident Main St;

GPD- Parking Problem Scott St; Medical EN 2nd St; Citizen Dispute N Idaho;

CPD- Agency Assist Lewiston St x 2; Found Wallet Cenex;

Aug. 4

Grangeville- Welfare Check Stubbers Rd; Abandoned Veh Square Mtn; Fire River Mtn Rd;

Elk City- Natural Death Main St/RT; Juvenile Problem Sing Lee Campground;

Kooskia- VIN Hwy 12; Medical Hwy 12; Medication Theft Pine Rd; Welfare heck Esther Spur; Threatening/NRR; Welfare Check Larch Rd; Medical Kamiah;

Riggins- Non-injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 187/RT; Suspicious person Main St; Deer vs Veh Hwy 95 MP 210/NRR; Citizen Assist Main St;

GPD- Business Alarm N College St; Medical EN 2nd St; Citizen Dispute College; Juvenile Problem Middle St;

Aug. 5

Grangeville- Valley Co Warrant Arrest of 24-yoa Riggins man/ARR; Fire Service Flats; Suspicious N Idaho; Deer vs veh Hwy 95 MP 216/RT; Barking Dogs G’ville Salmon Rd; Non-injury Accident River Mtn Rd/NRR; Neighbor burning Mill Rd; VIN Canyon Rd; Barking Dogs G’ville Salmon Rd; Battery Arrest of 40-yoa G’ville man/ARR; Deer vs vehicle Hwy 95 MP 255/NRR; Citizen Dispute Hwy 95;

Kooskia- Possession of paraphernalia cite of 60-yoa Stites woman/CTR; Deer vs vehicle Hwy 12 MP 85.5/NRR: Barking Dog Red Fir St; Abandoned Veh Hwy 12/Tagged for tow; Abandoned Veh Hwy 12/Tagged for tow; DUI Arrest of 54-yoa Kooskia woman/ARR; Neighbor Shooting Bridge St; Possession of paraphernalia cite of 62-yoa Stites woman/CTR; DWP Cite of 35 yoa Kamiah woman/CTR; Non-injury Accident Hwy 162/NRR;

Riggins- Disorderly Main St;

GPD- Medical ES 10th St; Parking Problem; Medical S Hall St; Intoxication Main St; Non-injury Accident N Idaho; Citizen Assist E North St;

CPD- Injured Dog Bash St;

Aug. 6

Grangeville- Disabled Veh Hwy 95; Found Keys Sand Crk; Found Drugs Hwy 13; Non-injury Accident Dewey Saddle Rd/RT; Non-Injury Accident Monastery Rd/RT; Non-injury Accident Mt Id Grade Rd/UTL; Barking Dogs G’ville Salmon Rd; Veh vs cow Tolo Lake Rd/NRR;

Kooskia- Horses in rd Hwy 13 MP 19l; Medical Hwy 12; Loose horse Hill St;

Riggins- Welfare Check Warren; Medical Georgianna Dr; Reckless Driver Big Salmon Rd; Injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 192.5;

GPD- Suspicious Person W Main St; Injury Accident Main St; Loose Dogs S Hall St; Medical WN 7th.

Aug. 7

Grangeville- Alarm Hwy 95/TRA LCSO; Suspicious Ironwood Dr; Missing firearm/RT; CWCO Warrant arrest of 41-yoa G’ville man/ARR; Deer in rd Hwy 95 MP 221; Vagrancy Lukes Gulch Rd;

Kooskia- Abandoned Veh Hwy 12; Suspicious vehicles Kooskia Airport; Domestic Dispute Dike St; Cows in rd Hwy 162 MP 16;

Riggins- Missing Person Josephine Lake/TRA Valley Co; Non-injury accident Rapid River/NRR;

GPD- Suspicious vehicle WN 2nd St; Threatening Main St; Welfare Check E South St;

CPD- Vandalism City Park; Deliver Msg East Rd;

Aug. 8

Grangeville- Hazardous Vehicle Hwy 95; Disabled Veh Hwy 95; VIN Sherwin St; Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Cow Problem White Tail Dr; Medical Water St; Suspicious vehicle Red Rock Rd;

Elk City- Burglary Orogrande/RT

Kooskia- Barking Dog Hwy 12; Cows in yard Hwy 162; Agency Assist H & W Big Cedar; Injured Dog Fir Rd; Fire Hwy 162 MP 18; Cows in rd Hwy 162 MP 15; Fire Lukes Gulch Rd;

Riggins- Medical Rapid River;

GPD- Vicious Dog South C St; Juvenile Problem North C St; Barking Dog North C St; Suspicious Nezperce St; Disorderly South E St; Non-injury Accident South C St;

CPD- Ambulance Transfer;

Aug. 9

Grangeville- Reckless Driver Lukes Gulch; Disabled Veh Mt Id Grade; Fire Greencreek Rd; Speeding Complaint Twin House Rd; Suspicious vehicle Fish Crk;

Elk City- Welfare Check

Kooskia- Deer in rd Hwy 12 MP 68; Speeding MC Hwy 12; Medical Hwy 12; Cat Bite; Citizen Assist Cold Storage Saddle/TRA FS; Suicide Attempt Hwy 12; Natural Death Liberty Ln; DWP Cite of 33-yoa Stites woman/CTR; Cows problem Glenwood Rd; Fire Clear Creek Rd; Welfare Check Cedar Hollow;

Riggins- Disorderly Main St; Non-injury Accident Main St/NRR:

GPD- Barking Dog Lincoln; theft North C St; Possible DUI Main St; Medical W South St; Barking Dog South C St; Noise Complaint N Florence; Eluding Main St;

CPD- Medical Pine St;

Aug. 10

Grangeville- Campfire Hwy 13 MP 12; Abandoned Veh Hwy 95/Tagged for tow; Harassment Burnt Crk Rd/NRR; Barking Dog G’ville Salmon Rd; Citizen Dispute Country Court Dr;

Elk City- Non-injury Accident /RT;

Kooskia- Vagrancy Main St; Cow Problem Hwy 162; Suicide Death Eller Lane; Trespassing Shenandoah Dr; Reckless Driver Hwy 12 MP 74; Assault Beaverslide Rd; Abandoned Veh Esther St/Tagged for tow; DWP Arrest of 40-yoa Stites man/ARR: Cows in rd Hwy 162 MP 16; Custodial Interference Main St; Bon Fire Tommy Taha; Non-injury Accident Red Rock Rd/RT;

GPD – Ambulance Transfer; Parking Problem Scott St; Assault Crooks St; VIN Hill St; Suspicious N: Hall;

CPD- Assault Lewiston St;

Aug. 11

Grangeville- Deer in fence Fish Hatchery; Injury Accident G’ville Salmon Rd/RT;

Kooskia- Agency Assist KMO; Domestic Dispute Woodland; Arrest of 26-yoa Kamiah man for Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, Resisting/Obstructing, DWP, Possession of paraphernalia. Fraud Esther St; Fire Woodland; Citizen Assist Caribel; Custodial Interference Battle Ridge; DUI Arrest of 23-yoa Kamiah man/ARR; Suicide Attempt/TRA LCSO; Medical Kamiah/TRA LCSO;

Riggins- Medical Cougar Ct; Medical S Main; Medical Shorts Bar; Diesel Theft Hwy 95/RT;

GPD- Medical WN 4th St; Dog in vehicle Trk Rte; Reckless MC Main St; Fire Trk Rte; Barking Dog South 3rd; Possible DUI Dawn Dr; Welfare Check North C St; Possible Drugs Scott St;

CPD- Suspicious Maple St;

Aug. 12

Grangeville- Debris in rd Hwy 95; Barking Dogs G’ville Salmon Rd; Domestic Dispute Cove Rd;

Elk City- VIN American River Rd; Protection Order Violation Main St/NRR; NPCO warrant x 4 arrest of 44-yoa Elk City man/ARR: Medical American River Rd;

Kooskia- Medical Kidder Ridge; Theft of firearm Battle Ridge/RT; Rental Problem Chief Looking Glass; Medical S Main St; Suspicious Hangman Rd; Non-injury Accident Hwy 13 MP 12; Juvenile Problem Cedar Crk Rd; Medical Esther St;

Riggins- Medical Pines Rd;

GPD- Business Alarm Main St; Assault N Hall; Non-injury Accident Hall St; Possible Drugs South E St;

CPD- Agency Assist Lewiston St;

Aug. 13

Grangeville-Medical Reservation Line Rd; Injured Deer Ole Okie Ln; 21 Arrest of 21-yoa Kamiah man for Rape/ARR; Suspicious Prairie Rd; Barking Dogs Sleepy Hollow;

Elk City- No calls for service

Kooskia- Horses in rd Hwy 13 near Stites; VIN Ridgewood Rd; Injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 108/RT; Welfare Check Apple Ln; Possession of Marijuana, Idaho County FTA DWP arrest of 25-yoa Kooskia woman/ARR; Juvenile Problem Hill St; Domestic Dispute Front St; Suspicious Hwy 13; Disorderly Woodland Ave;

Riggins- Bicycle Theft Aces Place/NRR;

GPD- Suspicious Person; Disorderly WN 3rd; Barking Dog South C St; Welfare Check Nezperce St; Noisy Cows N Meadow; Suspicious Trk Route;

CPD- Ambulance Transfer


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