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Your party owns the rhetoric, division

Letter to the Editor

In response to Rep. Erpelding’s opinion [Feb. 8 issue] I have a few points for the people to ponder.

When it comes to education why don’t the Democrats and Rep. Erpelding support school choice and the right of parents to choose? We are currently 24th in literacy rates and 23rd in science and math. If the Democrats are going to be the party of choice when it comes to bathrooms and abortion, why not education?

With respect to the economy, tax policies should encourage small business entrepreneurs. Every day these citizens bring new ideas to the marketplace and change how we live as Americans and, in some instances, change the world. They create jobs and get people off unemployment, welfare and food stamps. Current Democrat policies do not encourage personal responsibility; they only lead people down a dead-end road of generational poverty.

Why can’t the Democrats figure out that employed people also pay taxes; and if more people were paying taxes, couldn’t we lower everyone’s taxes? Stop pitting the wealthy against the not-so-wealthy. You might wish to consult Frederick Hyaks’s book, Road to Serfdom, or maybe Milton Friedman’s, Free to Choose, to get an understanding of how the dynamics of an economy works and how people respond to tax policy.

Finally, Rep. Erpelding, you talk about quality of life, then how about working to improve the quality of our air and our water? You and your party support every regulation that comes down the pike, yet every year you are content to watch the very beauty of our state burn to the ground and call it nature. News flash: Man’s ability to care for our environment and utilize our natural resources to feed and shelter our families is also part of nature.

Your party owns the rhetoric and the division it has created in this country. It is time for the Democrats to reach across the aisle and begin to act like adults. Try leading for once instead of inciting riots.

Jim Chmelik



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