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WWI Tribute: Reproduction of the Idaho County draft list

Bidding boys goodbye leaving Grangeville for WWI 1918.

Bidding boys goodbye leaving Grangeville for WWI 1918.


Bicentennial Museum Photo

Bidding boys goodbye leaving Grangeville for WWI 1918.

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the United States’ entry into WWI, we wanted to share this invaluable piece of Idaho County history that Michael Peterson, Grangeville historian, worked diligently to reproduce.

We hope you find this work as

remarkable as we did.

Sarah Klement, Publisher

David Rauzi, Editor

On June 14th 1917, a published list of all male persons of the age of 21 and 31 inclusive had to be registered for the draft. Any males who did not register were liable to summary arrest by any officer of the law. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the total of 1,710 males between the ages of 21 to 31 resided in Idaho County. Over half of those registered claimed exemptions. 466 claimed dependent relatives, 40 were aliens, 11 were alien enemies, one was black, one Malaysian and 82 others were candidates for exemption not otherwise classified.

(Note: The original published list on Aug. 16, 1917, was listed by draft number drawn in order. For convenience for the current public, this list has been alphabetized with last name first, first and middle names and the place where they worked or lived. All those people listed have ties to Idaho County.)

—Michael Peterson, Special to the Idaho County Free Press

August 16th 1917

Herewith is published the official list of draft names and numbers of Idaho County, furnished this office be Chairman Yates and Auditor Eimers of the Idaho county draft board. As this county has provided its quota, thanks to the patriotism of the boys who volunteered, there will be no men called this time but the next draft, which will probably be earlier than generally expected.


Abell, Ben H., Kamiah; Adair, Ernest James, Boles; Adair, Everett, Winona; Adams, Jesse, Grangeville;

Adamson, Otto, Kooskia; Adcock, James Lott, Kooskia, RFD 1; Adkinson, Rupert, Ferdinand; Akers, Roy Owen, Winona; Alberding, Jay John, Grangeville; Alderman, Claud Sheldon, Harpster; Alderman, Hozy Clay, Harpster; Alkire, Josh H., Lucille; Allen, Edward Roy, Stites; Allen, Wallie Emerson, Joseph; Allison, William, Elk City; Altman, Walter G., Riggins; Anderson, Arthur E., Woodand; Anderson, Casper, Kamiah; Anderson, Charles F., Woodland; Anderson, Dwight James, Mt. Idaho;

Anderson, Harold Jay, Warren; Anderton, Louis Ernest, Moscow, Idaho; Arbuckle, Benjamine H., Riggins; Arnzen, Frank H., Greencreek; Arnzen, George Jacob, Greencreek; Arnzen, Joseph W., Greencreek; Arp, Arthur John, Winona; Arslanian, Dick, Grangeville; Arslanian, George, Grangeville;

Arslanian, Mike, Grangeville; Arslanian, Reuben, Grangeville; Aschenbrenner, Reuben Hagan, Ferdinand; Ashline, Frank, Riggins; Aune, Arthur, Glenwood; Austin, Louis H., Stites; Ayers, John E., Pollock;


Bacon, Norris, Ferdinand; Baker, Bert Lee, Kooskia; Baker, Bert Lee, Kooskia; Baker, Bert, Grangeville; Baker, Carl Earnest, Grangeville; Baker, Charles E., Lucille; Baker, Henry C., Grangeville;

Baker, John Earnest, Kooskia, River Route; Baker, John Earnest, River Route, Kooskia; Baldwin, Bert, Stites; Baldwin, Jesse, Stites; Ball, Clarence E., Grangeville; Barnes, Walter Elias, Kooskia; Barnett, Eugene, Cottonwood; Barnett, Floyd Clinton, Grangeville; Basim, Jud Willard, Winona; Bates, J. H., Burgdorf; Baune, Bernard, Keuterville; Baune, John, Cottonwood; Bean, George Claud, Kooskia; Bennett, Alonzo Leander, Kamiah; Bensching, Alvin Henry, Keuterville; Berlinghoff, Franklin Maryland, Whitebird; Berlinghoff, Jacob Henry, Whitebird; Bertholf, Marion James, Stites; Bibb, Kier Milton, Ferdinand; Bieren, Adolf Nick, Cottonwood; Bieren, Peter, Cottonwood; Bies, William, Cottonwood; Birkeland, George Hjalmer, Ferdinand; Blakesley, Oscar Albright, Stites; Blayden, Jay A., Grangeville; Bock, Chas., Lowell; Bock, Louis, Lowell; Bolander, Harry, Woodland; Boles, Herbert Saxby, Boles; Bollander, Edwin John, Kamiah; Bonstrom, Clarence Edward, Grangeville; Boodry, Edward E., Riggins; Boodry, George, Lucile; Booth, Harvey Arthur, Elk City; Booth, Will Walter, Elk City; Borgesson, Einer Viktor, Grangeville; Borich, Joe, Ferdinand; Bowles, Ed James, Kamiah; Bowman, France Lawrence, Fenn; Bowman, Lewis Hull, Fenn; Box, Wilbur Anson, Boles; Boyce, McKeen, Cottonwood; Boyd, Eli Sherman, Wauseka, Wis.; Bozocan, Ardash Harry, Grangeville; Bradley, Jay James, Grangeville; Brand, Christopher Columbus, Stites; Brand, Henry, Stites; Brewer, John, Warren; Brockman, Ralph Edward, Grangeville; Brodock, Sholto Douglass, Whitebird; Brotherton, Lloyd Donald, Grangeville; Brotnov, Albert Bernard, Clearwater; Brotnov, Carl Welham, Clearwater; Brown, Charles Clinton, Elk City; Brown, Chester Arthur, Grangeville; Brown, Edgar, Cottonwood; Brown, Harry R., Mt. Idaho; Brown, John Horace, Grangeville; Brown, Marsh William, Whitebird; Brown, Nelson Robert, Kamiah; Brown, Newell, Kooskia; Brown, Ray, Kamiah; Browning, Edgar Alex, Ferdinand; Browning, Emmett William, Kamiah; Bruegemann, Anton, Cottonwood; Bruneau, David, Grantsburg, Wisconsin; Brust, Leo Louis, Pollock; Bryant, Clifford Jesse, Kamiah; Bryant, Earl E., Grangeville; Bryant, George William, Winona; Bryant, Harry Wayne, Harpster; Bryant, James Thomas, Winona; Bryant, Lester Francis, Elk City; Bubalo, Joe, Ferdinand; Bubalo, Mojo, Ferdinand; Buffham, Frank James, Whitebird; Buffham, Henry Robert, Grangeville, RFD 3; Bullock, Clarence, Kooskia; Bullock, Summer Rackliff, Kooskia; Bunnel, Jesse Philip, Winona; Burke, Leslie Harland, Kamiah; Burkinbine, Arthur Edward, Stites; Burks, Roy Clyde, Golden; Burpee, George Darius, Elk City; Burris, Steve Henry, Harpster; Butler, Parke Forrest, Fenn; Byrne, Arthur, Grangeville; Byrne, Frank Ritchard, Grangeville, RFD 3; Byrne, Peter Henry, Grangeville; Cain, Roy Hardy, Newsome;


Cain, Sherman, Cottonwood; Caine, L. Burl, Grangeville RFD 3; Calkins, George Leroy, Grangeville; Callan, Thomas Leonard, Mt. Idaho; Calvin, Aaron Roy, Whitebird; Campbell, Myron Erba, Woodland;

Canaan, Floyd Avice, Spring Camp; Canaan, Marshel Allen, Grangeville; Cariaga, Simon, Pollock; Carlborg, Kenneth Victor, Woodland; Carnes, William Edward, Cottonwood; Carothers, John Willard, Lowell; Carpenter, William Fred, Grangeville; Carrey, Brad, Warren; Carrey, T. J., Warren; Carter, George, B., Grangeville; Case, Chauncey Corie, Grangeville; Case, Rufus, Sylvester, Grangeville; Cash, Walter Charles, Grangeville; Castle, Alvin Henry, Grangeville; Castle, Bennie, Grangeville; Cattron, Delbert Maurice, Spring Camp; Cavanaugh, James Hubert, Grangeville; Cavanvich, Dan, Ferdinand; Cecil, Edwin Francis, Eugene, Oregon; Chamberlin, Francis Marion, Grangeville; Chamberlin, Raymond Von, Whitebird; Chase, Charlie Irvin, Stites; Chase, Clifford Dee, Grangeville; Chase, John Douglas, Greencreek; Chase, Oscar Roy, Grangeville; Chase, Samuel Edgar, Grangeville; Christiansen, Kenneth Wendell, Joseph; Church, Ben Floyd, Grangeville; Church, Ray, Grangeville, RFD 3; Clark, Alfred, New Meadows; Clark, Carl, Kooskia; Clark, Harry Francis, Grangeville; Clarke, Edward H., Lucille; Clarke, John Thompson, Clearwater; Clarke, LeRoy, Clearwater; Clements, Homer J., Clearwater; Clements, Milton Robert, Clearwater; Cleveland, Earl Ellbridge, Kooskia; Cochran, Alfard Clark, Winona; Cole, Coy Carlisle, Grangeville; Collier, Alfred Homer, Ferdinand; Collier, Ray Edwin, Ferdinand; Collier, Roy Francis, Ferdinand; Collins, Orville Edwin, Grangeville; Colvin, Gaylord Rosalvo, Whitebird; Combs, George, Pollock; Cone, Robert Henry, Grangeville; Cook, Joseph William, Stites; Cooper, Answell Guy, Kooskia; Coram, Edward John, Grangeville; Cowan, Hugh, Grangeville;

Cowling, Daniel Ray, Clearwater; Cox, John William, Spring Camp; Crader, Leslie, Kooskia; Craig, Robert H., Woodland; Cram, Harold Zenos, Stites; Cram, Roy, Stites; Cratty, Arthur E., Lucille; Crawford, Charles Case, Boles; Crea, Raymond Francis, Fenn; Criddlebaugh, Willian Bryan, Grangeville; Cross, Fred, Grangeville; Culley, Shuyler Perce, Whitebird; Cummings, Dave Nathaniel, Mt. Idaho; Cummings, George Franklin, Mt. Idaho; Cummings, Henry William, Mt. Idaho; Curtis, Ed, Greencreek; Curtis, Fred Osker, Grangeville; Curtis, John Bunyan, Grangeville; Curtis, Riley Francis, Grangeville; Cyr, Clifford Daniel, Whitebird;


Dailey, Benjamin Harrison, Westlake; Darling, Roy, Grangeville; Dasenbrock, Edward F., Greencreek; Daubenspeck, Wade, Whitebird; Davenport, Leo Wendall, Stites; Davis, Archie G., Riggins; Davis, Floyd William, Winona; Davis, James Augustus, Winona; Davis, Loraine O., Lucille; Davis, William Jacob, Echo, Oregon; Dawson, John Lee, Winona; Day, John Delmont, Grangeville; DeArmond, Will Hamilton, Grangeville; Deay, Albert Lee, Harpster; Decker, John S., Kooskia; Dempewolf, Henry, Dresden, Kansas; Dempsey, Patrick, Pollock; Denison, George Albert, Whitebird; Denison, Lewis H., Riggins; Denison, Oliver Edward, Whitebird; Depupat, John, Kooskia; Dial, Lewis Melvin, Keuterville; Dobbins, George Celvin, Joseph; Dobbins, Robert B., Joseph; Dodel, Arnold W., Cottonwood; Doll, Bernard, Ferdinand; Doumecq, Charles Victor, Whitebird; Doumecq, William, Whitebird; Downer, Clarence LeRoy, Cottonwood; Downer, Henry John, Cottonwood; Downey, Roy Edwin, Grangeville; Drube, Andrew, Cottonwood; Duclos, Dominic, Cottonwood; Duclos, John Joseph, Keuterville; Dufer, Ralph Roy, Fenn; Dunlap, Perc Clement, Kooskia; Dutro, Glen Dale, Ferdinand; Duus, John Otto, Joseph; Dyar, James Whitney, Whitebird; Dye, Perley Horace, Cottonwood; Dygert, George Earl, Ferdinand;


Eagan, Fitz W., Kooskia; Earp, Bluferd Calvin, Grangeville; Earp, Lynza Jeff, Grangeville; Eastman, Jay, Westlake; Eberhardt, Erick Hugo, Spring Camp; Eberhardt, Herbert Bernhardt, Spring Camp; Eckel, Frank Otto, Harpster; Eckel, George Henry, Elk City; Ecker, Anthony Michael, Grangeville; Eckermann, Gustav B., Cottonwood; Eckert, Goff Chester, Cottonwood; Ecks, Otto A., Meadows; Edkins, James William, Grangeville; Eimers, George Walter, Grangeville; Eimers, Gilbert William, Grangeville; Elder, Guy George, Grangeville; Elder, James A., Fenn; Eller, William Jasper, Boles; Elliott, Joseph Benjamin, Clover, Idaho; Emery, Leroy, Woodland; Emery, Stephn Ernest, Greer; Engle, Marshall, Lorena; English, Earl, Kooskia; Erickson, Bernard Jonas, Clearwater; Erickson, Walter L., Burgdorf; Evans, J. W., Nampa; Evans, Marion Franklin, Whitebird; Evans, Orval Harry, Whitebird; Evans, Walter Edward, Whitebird; Evenson, Almer Eddgar, Kooskia, RFD 1; Evenson, Gerhard Alfred, Kooskia; Ewing, Omer Kem, Stites;


Fagan, John Monroe, Snohomish, Washington; Fagan, Maurice J., New Meadows; Fann, John William, Westlake; Farris, Allen Grover, Clearwater; Farris, John Gilbert, Grangeville; Farthing, Carl Howell, Cottonwood; Fenn, Keith Oscar, Grangeville; Ferguson, William Arthur, Boles; Finnell, Robert M., Lowell; Flaherty, Arthur, Joseph; Fogg, Jay S., Canfield; Forsland, Robert, Cottonwood; Forsmann, Frank, Cottonwood; Fortin, William Henry, Fenn; Foss, John O., Spokane, Washington; Frederick, Frank, Ferdinand; Fredriksen, Harold, Fenn; Frei, August, Keuterville; Frei, Eusebias Julius, Cottonwood; Frei, Wilhelm, Cottonwood; Frost, Archie, Westlake; Fry, John Henry, Ferdinand; Fuller, Carl, Grangeville; Fuller, Wilbur, Grangeville; Fulton, Edwin Dale, Grangeville; Funke, Edward, Cottonwood; Funke, Herman, Cottonwood; Funkhouser, George W., Harrisburg;


Gager, Chester Clad, Grangeville; Gager, Perry Clayton, Grangeville; Galloway, Joseph B., New Meadows; Gamet, James Austin, Ferdinand; Gardener, Cyril, Whitebird; Garets, Herbert William, Grangeville; Gasper, James M., Riggins; Gasper, William V., Riggins; Gass, Anthony, Cottonwood; Gassner, Paul, Cottonwood; Gaul, Joseph A., Cottonwood; Gehring, Bernard Henry, Keuterville; Gehring, Theodore Herman, Keuterville; Genrty, Avery A., Cottonwood; Gentry, Frank Hordin, Cottonwood; Gentry, Thomas, Keuterville; Gentry, W. A., Cottonwood; Gibler, Clinton Edgar, Elk City; Gibson, Fernley D., Stites; Gibson, Fred, Spring Camp; Gill, John Franklin, Grangeville; Gillespie, Dollie Blain, Fenn; Gillespie, Mineyard G., Boles; Gillett, Frank Crites, Grangeville; Gillett, Ralph Earle, Clearwater; Gilmore, Lee Oliver, Kamiah; Gilroy, Edward Thomas, Kooskia; Goan, James Arthur, Mt. Idaho; Goan, Ralph Everett, Mt. Idaho; Goan, Robert Virgil, Mt. Idaho; Goodall, James Roy, Ferdinand; Goodman, Otto, Cottonwood; Gould, Owen, Stites; Grabski, Emil Adolph, Grangeville, RFD 1; Graham, Cyrus Louis, Grangeville; Graham, James Edward, Winona; Grant, Anthon, Kamiah; Grant, Henry W., Lucile; Greear, Preston Earl, Pollock; Green, George Cold, Clearwater; Gregg, Francis Marion, Grangeville; Gribble, James Edward, Harpster; Griffith, Willard Ivan, Kooskia; Griner, Andrew, Greencreek; Griner, Marion, Winona; Grunloh, Bernard, Cottonwood;


Hadorn, John Milton, Whitebird; Hadorn, Norman Archie, Whitebird; Haener, Albert, Ferdinand; Haider, Aldoph, Grangeville, RFD 1; Haider, Joe, Grangeville; Haight, James Melvin, Kooskia; Haight, John Jacob, Kooskia; Halford, William, Grangeville; Hamill, John, Greencreek; Hamilton, David Samuel, Joseph; Hamilton, Oscar Miles, Kamiah; Hammer, Grover C., Stites; Hanger, Neal, Kamiah; Hanger, William Edgar, Kamiah; Hanna, Carl H., Lucille; Hanses, Leo August, Cottonwood; Hanson, Anton, Ferdinand; Hardin, Fred William, New Meadows; Hardin, Walter Thomas, Spring Camp; Harlan, Raymond Ashley, Grangeville; Harman, Edward, Cottonwood; Harmon, Boyd Frank, Grangeville; Harrah, Loyd Wilber, Whitebird; Harrah, Marvin James, Whitebird; Harriman, Deacy Levi, Boles; Harrington, Orval, Kooskia; Harris, Basil Verne, Grangeville; Harris, Claude M., Lucille; Harris, Harold Harrison, Grangeville; Harris, John L., Glenwood; Harris, Leander Marion Jr., Grangeville; Harrison, Clarence Rean, Whitebird; Harsche, Adair, Kamiah; Harsche, Ned William, Kamiah; Hart, Jesse D., Stites; Hart, William F., Riggins; Hartman, Clyde Burdell, Whitebird; Harvey, Clinton B., Harrisburg; Haskins, Dick R., Blitzen, Oregon; Hassler, William, Ferdinand; Hatch, Milton, Grangeville; Hatke, Frank G., Keuterville; Hattrup, Bernard Hubert, Keuterville; Hattrup, Henry Hubert, Keuterville; Havens, Oro Eben, Ferdinand; Hawkins, Madison Francis, Elk City; Hayes, Guy Jay, Mt. Idaho; Hazelbaker, Christopher Earl, Grangeville; Hazelbaker, Elmer B., Stites; Hazelbaker, James Henry, Stites; Hazelbaker, Thomas Clarence, Grangeville; Hazen, Seymour Anthony, Keuterville; Hazen, Thos. B., Keuterville; Heacker, William Charles Joseph, Grangeville; Heaker, Franklin Louis, Grangeville; Healey, Floyd Everett, Grangeville; Heartburg, Oscar A., Fenn; Heath, Curtis Franklin, Grangeville; Heath, John L., Grangeville; Hemphill, Alexander Franklin, Kooskia; Hendrix, Ralph, Whitebird; Henley, Ralph Strickler, Whitebird; Herboth, Albert J., Cottonwood; Hermas, Charles A., Grangeville; Hermes, Peter, Grangeville; Hern, Robert Clay, Whitebird; Hernosen, Holger, Kooskia; Hesterman, Henry John, Grangeville; Hibbs, Glenn Robert, Riggins; Higgins, John Leslie, Winona; Hilbourne, Harris Rutledge, Grangeville; Hill, Reuben Harris, Ferdinand; Hinckley, Victor O., Riggins; Hinkle, Alexander Carlton, Grangeville; Hinman, Floyd Emery, Stites; Hockett, George Washington, Joseph; Hodson, Harley F., Woodland; Holben, Meredith Chas., Ferdinand; Holben, Walter Robert, Ferdinand; Holbrook, Melbourne C., Lucille; Hollenbeak, Loyola, Pollock; Hollingsworth, Alfred Samuel, Boles; Hollingsworth, Ernest R., Harrisburg; Hollingsworth, Oscar Franklin, Boles; Hollingsworth, Timothy, Ferdinand; Holthaus, Julius H., Cottonwood; Hopwood, Charles Frederick, Elk City; Hosig, Nick, Kooskia, RFD 1; Hovey, Ralph Winfield, Kooskia; Howard, Jack Orvle, Riggins; Howard, Lawrence, Stites; Howard, Perry Samuel, Grangeville; Howell, Charles Clinton, Grangeville; Huff, William Mullins, Stites; Huffman, Leslie S., Greencreek; Huffmann, Willian Burl, Winona; Hughes, Albert James, Elk City; Hull, Carl Eugene, Clearwater; Hunt, Robert William, Grangeville; Hunt, Thomas Carey, Winona; Hurd, Leland, J., New Meadows; Hussman, Bernard J., Ferdinand; Hussman, Clemens, Cottonwood; Hyde, Lawrence E., Cottonwood; Imvrie, Frederick F. J., Denver, Colorado; Ingram, Eli, Grangeville; Irwin, Claud Snider, Grangeville, RFD 3; Irwin, Roy Hazel, Grangeville;


Iverson, Albert, Grangeville;


Jackson, Arthur, Boles; Jackson, Charles Burnham, Spring Camp; Jackson, Claude, Winona; Jackson, Clyde Carl, Boles; Jackson, Theron Singleton, Grangeville; Jacobs, L. N., Cottonwood; Jacobson, Harry Lee, Grangeville; Jameson, Benjamin Harrison, Kamiah; Jelovitch, Joe, Ferdinand; Jentges, John, Cottonwood; Jess, Henry, Greencreek; Jett, James Wesley, Winona; Jewell, Charles, Grangeville; Jewett, Preston Henry, Whitebird; Jewett, William James, Whitebird; Johann, John Mathew, Cottonwood; Johnson, Albert Peter, Spring Camp; Johnson, Albert, Kamiah; Johnson, Goodwin Marvey, Ferdinand; Johnson, Grover Cleveland, Grangeville; Johnson, Gustave Leopold, Elk City; Johnson, John W., Kooskia; Johnson, Uorman G., Kamiah; Johnston, Melvin, Westlake; Johnston, Will Evert, Grangeville; Jones, Emmett Aaron, Whitebird; Jones, Lewis Rooke, Boles; Jones, Oliver, Cottonwood; Jordan, Thomas Lawson, Jordan Valley, Oregon; Juhl, Nels, Fenn; Jungert, George Paul, Cottonwood; Juvet, Sivert, Grangeville;


Kahila, Erick, Kooskia; Kaschmitter, Herman Sebastian, Cottonwood; Kaschmitter, Richard Joseph, Fenn; Kaufman, Henry, Cottonwood; Kaufmann, Frank, Cottonwood; Kaufmann, Robert J., Newsome; Kedzierski, Mike, Cottonwood; Keeler, Frank Frederick, Grangeville; Keith, Laurence Albert, Joseph; Keller, Carl, Winona; Kellum, Charles, Woodland; Kellum, William, Woodland; Kelsch, Anthony, Greencreek; Kennedy, Allen J., Clearwater; Kennedy, Angus Danworth, Whitebird; Kennedy, Elmer V., Grangeville; Kennedy, Ralph George, Grangeville; Kent, Robert Austin, Dillard, Oregon; Kerlee, Elisha Dee, Grangeville; Keys, R. E., Mountain City, Tenn.; Kidder, Ray Rex, Joseph; Kiele, Herman, Kamiah; Killmar, Karl Henry, Winona ; Kimberling, John W., Spring Camp; Kinzer, Edward John, Ferdinand; Kirkendall, Roy, Cottonwood; Kitchen, William, Kamiah; Klapprich, Joseph William, Cottonwood; Klapprich, Louie, Cottonwood; Kleeman, Werner Herber, Cottonwood; Klopher, Robert Herman, Clearwater; Knighton, Lloyd, Grangeville; Knop, John Francis, Cottonwood; Koelker, Ben, Greencreek; Kornish, Pete, Grangeville; Kovacsvich, Jovan, Ferdinand; Kube, Harry Ernest, Grangeville; Kurkgian, Alex, Grangeville; Kuther, Henry Joseph, Ferdinand; Kuther, Joseph Anton, Ferdinand;


Lage, Hellmuth Peter, Winona; Lamb, Arthur, Stites; Lamb, Charles J., Stites; Lamb, Jean Washington, Boles; Lamb, Robin Henry, Stites; Lanningham, Clarence Henry, Grangeville; Lansing, D.V., Woodland; Lansing, O. C., Woodland; Large, Benjamin, Whitebird; Large, James, Whitebird; Large, John, Whitebird; Large, Thomas, Whitebird; Ledford, Fred, Cottonwood; Lee, Leslie Harvey, Grangeville, RFD 3; Legill, Michael, Cottonwood; Lemons, Ernest David, Spring Camp; Lemons, Walter Harrison, Spring Camp; Leonard, Clyde, Cottonwood; Leonard, Henry Pasco, Winona; Leonard, Louis P., Harpster; Lervik, Hilmar John, Clearwater; Lester, Urban Samuel, Grangeville; Lindsey, Peter, Cascade, B. C.; Litchfield, Idaho Charles, Elk City; Litchfield, John Arden, Elk City; Litherland, Nye Alexander, Kooskia; Loing, Fong, Boise; Lomax, John Henry, Woodland; Long, Edward A., Riggins; Loper, Roy, Whitebird; Luchtefeld, Henry G., Cottonwood; Luchtefeld, John Bernard, Cottonwood; Lustig, Lawrence John, Cottonwood; Lyon, Calvin Cecil, Harrisburg; Lyon, Paul Vestive, Harrisburg; Lytle, Ernest Jefferson, Clearwater;


MacGregor, C. A., Kooskia; Mader, Daniel William, Keuterville; Mader, Joseph Charles, Keuterville; Mager, John Fred, Keuterville; Manes, Allen D., Clearwater; Manes, Jesse Lee, Clearwater; Manning, James Floyd, Grangeville; Manogian, Bob, Grangeville; Manring, Ahira Glenn, Grangeville; Manring, Jordan Clifford, Grangeville; Markham, Allan Robert, Grangeville; Marsh, Edgar Ansley, Kamiah; Marshall, Claud A., Kamiah; Martin, Carl M., Cottonwood; Martin, Donald Lee, Grangeville; Martin, Jack S., Cottonwood; Martin, Loy Car, Mt. Idaho; Martin, Ross H., Harrisburg; Martin, Roy Bar, Mt. Idaho; Martin, Walter V., Warren; Matheny, Lowell D., Lucille; Matheson, John, Chewelah, Washington; Mathewson, Barney Henry, Canfield; Mathewson, Edward Lugeen, Joseph; Mattox, Elisha Wallis, Grangeville; Mattox, Ewin Earl, Grangeville ; Maugg, Aloysius John, Grangeville; McCarthy, Clarence, Mt. Idaho; McCarthy, Emmett, Mt. Idaho; McCarthy, Justin, Mt. Idaho; McCarthy, Roger E., Grangeville; McClellan, William Welmouth, Winona; McClintic, Leonard C., Woodland; McComas, William Harrison, Grangeville; McConnell, Bernice, Grangeville; McConnell, Oliver Wendel Holmes, Grangeville; McDaniels, David, Canfield; McDonald, Henry Clay, Grangeville; McDowell, Estell Monroe, Kamiah; McGuire, Albert Marion, Winona; McHarg, Grangeville; Charles King Jr.; McHone, Frank M., Clearwater; McHugh, James L., Grangeville; McHugh, James Wilmer, Whitebird; McKinley, Harry Hugh, New Meadows; McKinley, Jesse Gerald, Cottonwood; McKinzie, Vernon Lee Roy, Grangeville; McLean, Crate, Fairfield, Montana; McMillan, Archie E., Stites; McPherson, James Miner, Clearwater; McPherson, Stephen Shelton, Clearwater; McPherson, William Silas, Kooskia; McRoberts, William, Kamiah; McSpadden, Arthur, Canfield; Meade, William George, Riggins; Medved, George, Grangeville; Meisner, Albert J. D., Kamiah; Meisner, Gustaf A., Kamiah; Melkus, Chester George, Grangeville; Meyer, Carl August, Fenn; Meyer, France Henry, Fenn; Mikkelson, Henry Clay, Ferdinand; Miller, Albert William, Grangeville; Miller, John, Spring Camp; Miller, Lester Elwin, Warren; Miller, Melvin Clinton, Boles; Million, James Franklin, Winona; Mills, Fred, Greencreek; Mires, George William, Grangeville; Mires, John Edward, Grangeville; Mitchell, Alvin Rosco, Winona; Mitchell, Arthur Owen, Winona; Moffett, Homer LeeRoy, Riggins; Montgomery, Francis Boyce, Winona; Moon, Clyde B., Harrisburg; Moore, Carroll Townsend, Pardee; Moore, Wesley John, Kamiah; Morris, Fred Elmer, Grangeville; Morris, Philip, Stites; Morrison, George E., New Meadows; Morse, A.H., Kooskia; Morton, Glen Arthur, Kooskia, RFD 1; Mulhall, Earl Ambrose, Fenn; Mulhall, Emmet Leo, Grangeville; Mulhall, Ligouri Aloysius, Fenn; Mundt, Herman Henry, Grangeville; Mundt, John, Fenn; Mundt, William, Winona; Munro, Henry Hudson Jr., Grangeville; Murphy, Milton Miles, Grangeville; Murray, Henry Ignatious, Grangeville; Musiel, Norman, Stites; Myers, John Edward, Grangeville; Myers, Madison Lafayette, Grangeville;


Nail, Jay Elijah, Moscow; Natuk, Alex, Grangeville; Nau, Albert Gregory, Ferdinand; Neal, William H., Riggins; Neff, Earnest T., Kamiah; Neill, William Green, Riggins; Neill, William Mae, Grangeville; Nelson, Alfred Sigward, Fenn; Nelson, Caleb Thedor, Cottonwood; Nelson, Henry Folk, Whitebird; Nelson, Victor Leon, Grangeville; Nethken, Clarence Martin, Boles; Newland, Floyd, Lorena; Newland, Lewellyn Calvin, Kooskia; Newman, Milo Melvin, Whitebird; Nicodemas, Peter, Kooskia; Nissen, Earnest Criss, Winona; Nissen, Edward Martin, Boles; Nissen, Frank August, Winona; Nissen, Otto Henry, Boles; Nitz, George Conrad, Elk City; Nogler, Chester H., Cottonwood; Norris, Glen Emit, Spring Camp; Norris, Weslie Rollin, Boles; Nurss, Allen Alva Allen, Grangeville; Nurss, Harvey Ray, Grangeville; Nuttmann, John, Keuterville; Nuxoll, Frank W., Greencreek; Nuxoll, Henry F., Greencreek; Nyquist, C. H., Kooskia;


Oatman, Enoch, Kamiah; Oatman, James, Kamiah; Oliver, Erastus Patrick, Grangeville; Olson, Otto John, Clearwater; Olson, Victor, Stites; Onthank, William Eliot, Kamiah; Orvis, Elmer, Fenn; Owen, Renius, Seattle, Washington;


Packer, Cecil Valentine, Stites; Padoshek, Joseph, Stites; Pannekoek, Bert, Grangeville; Parsegian, Mike, Grangeville; Parsley, Samuel Parks, Canfield; Parsley, Willie Eugwene, Westlake; Parsons, Jude, Kamiah; Parsons, William Jr., Kooskia; Patterson, Harry, Kooskia, RFD 1; Patterson, Lewis Burl, Kooskia; Paul, Fredic Jay, Stites; Peck, Rupert Leroy, Clearwater; Pederson, Oswald Ravn, Westlake; Peebles, B.A., Kennewick, Washington; Perry, Donald, Burgdorf; Perry, R. P., Clearwater; Peters, Charley Ingersoll, Joseph; Peterson, Jacob Andrew, Grangeville; Petrick, Paul, Kooskia; Peyer, James C., Ferdinand; Pfannebecker, Elmer William, Winona; Pfannebecker, Harry, Winona; Pfiffner, Albert, Cottonwood; Phillips, Homer Otis, Grangeville; Phillips, James Wendell, Ferdinand; Pickler, Edgar George, Portland, Oregon; Pinkham, Alexius, Stites; Pitt, Frank, Kooskia; Poe, Albert Lawrence, Whitebird; Poe, Claude Fielden, Whitebird; Poe, Fred Marion, Whitebird; Pokorny, Joseph, Cottonwood; Pollan, Grover B., Stites; Pollock, Hershell Tomas, Ferdinand; Pomeroy, S.E. Long, Washington; Potter, Silver Bill, Grangeville; Potter, Stanley Clinton, Stites; Potter, Virgil Chalmner, Winona; Powell, Clifford Paul, Spring Camp; Powell, Edward Reed, Seattle, Washington; Powell, Elmer H., Spring Camp; Powell, Joseph E., Pollock; Powell, Willard C., Spring Camp; Powelson, Leslie R., Dixie; Powers, Glenn, Cottonwood; Price, Darrold Vinton, Grangeville; Price, Elmer Clyde, Grangeville; Pugh, Richard J., Grangeville; Purcell, Elmer, Fenn;


Quigley, Harold Miles, Ferdinand; Quigley, Horace Camron, Ferdinand;


Raboin, Allen, Stites; Rad, Leo Anton, Cottonwood; Randall, Randolph, Newsome; Rankin, Robert James, Harpster; Rankin, Samuel, Gambol, Harpster; Rechel Z. C., Kooskia; Reed, Jesse, Whitebird; Reeves, Clinton, Riggins; Rehder, Carl Lewis, Cottonwood; Reid, Owen George, Lucile; Reiner, Frank Joseph, Greencreek; Remington, Rufus Virgil, Grangeville; Renehaisen, Loyd E., Harrisburg; Renggli, Emil, Greencreek; Reynolds, Frank, Grangeville; Reynolds, Levi, Ferdinand; Reynolds, Oliver, Ferdinand; Rhoades, Arthur, Cottonwood; Rice, Lester Frank, Cottonwood; Rideout, William, Clearwater; Riebold, George Frederick, Clearwater; Riebold, Orrin L., Clearwater; Ripley, Jesse Virgil, Canfield; Ripley, Stanley Herald, Canfield; Roakey, William, Winona; Roberts, Joe Lamon, Grangeville; Roberts, John Luther, Joseph; Robertson, Walter Raymond, Greencreek; Robinett, Roy, Kamiah; Robinson, Mark Alexander, Grangeville; Rogers, Orin Kenneth, Whitebird; Rogers, Russel S., Stites; Romig, Robert Roy, Boles; Rooke, John Elvin, Spring Camp; Rooke, John Levi, Cottonwood; Rooper, Christ, Ferdinand; Roos, Manderville August, Whitebird; Root, James, Monroe, Kamiah; Rothlisberg, Fred William, Grangeville; Rothlisberg, Otto, Grangeville; Ruark, Corwin Herman, Clearwater; Ruff, Robert, Harpster; Rupe, Loyd Ellis, Harpster; Rupe, Marion J., Harpster; Russell, Alvie Ira, Clearwater; Rustemeyer, George, Cottonwood; Rustemeyer, Peter Andrew, Cottonwood; Rutherford, Clyde A., Kamiah; Ruzicka, Frank, Grangeville; Ruzicka, Louis Alois, Grangeville; Ryan, Cecil Gilbert, Fenn;


Sallee, Pleasant Henry, Westlake; Samsel, John Frank, Kamiah; Samsel, Lawrence Henry, Winona; Sanders, Elihu J., Woodland; Sanders, Ivan A., Woodland; Sanders, Milton, Harrisburg; Sapp, Dock Denis, Winona ; Sarbacher, Anton George, Ferdinand; Saunders, Ernest Lincoln, Harpster; Schaefer, John Nicholas, Greencreek; Schaefer, John, Greencreek; Schallberger, Arnold, Cottonwood; Schallburger, Josep, Keuterville; Schenck, Walter Fremont, Grangeville; Schlicker, Franz, Grangeville; Schlicker, Gustav, Fenn; Schmadeka, Edmund Carlisle, Grangeville; Schmadeka, Roy Cornelius, Grangeville; Schmidt, Bernard Henry, Keuterville; Schmidt, Henry, Cottonwood; Schober, Frank Joseph, Cottonwood; Schroeder, Edward, Keuterville; Schroeder, Rudolph, Keuterville; Schultz, Otto, Winona; Schumacher, Leo, Greencreek; Schurra, Carl, Cottonwood; Schwartz, Carl William, Kamiah; Schwartz, Henry, Kooskia; Schwarzbach, William George, Keuterville; Scott, Walter Ray, Kooskia; See, Ezekiel S., Woodland; Seiffert, Paul Wilhelm Ferdinand August, Stites; Seubert, Anthony George, Cottonwood; Seubert, August, Cottonwood; Seubert, Herman J., Cottonwood; Sewell, Charles Herman Jr., Camp Spring; Sewell, Melvin E., Lucille; Sewell, Ward A., Lucille; Sharp, Grover, Warren; Shaw, Merden Russell, Grangeville; Shearer, Elda Milton, Grangeville, RFD 3; Shearer, Philip, Elk City; Shearer, Richard Clyde, Boles; Sherwin, Clair Crooks, Grangeville; Sherwin, Edwin Ray, Grangeville; Sherwin, Guy Perry, Grangeville; Shiefer, George Leonard, Warren; Shillam, James Arthur, Joseph; Shinkle, Paul Henry, Grangeville; Shinn, Charles Ellswoth Jr., Canfield; Shinn, Horace Boots, Canfield; Shotigian, Sam, Grangeville; Shuck, Jimmie Jay, Elk City; Sillivan, Alva Edwin, Harpster; Sillivan, Ivan Emory, Harpster; Sillivan, Melvin Dale, Grangeville; Simler, R. Roy, Woodland; Simler, Winfield, Woodland; Simon, Leo P., Cottonwood; Sims, Beecher, Winona; Sims, Verner V., Winona; Skelton, Milton Logan, Mt. Idaho; Skinner, John A., Kamiah; Smart, George, Council; Smith, Archie Noble, Grangeville RFD 3; Smith, Everd, Westlake; Smith, Lewis Edward, Whitebird; Smith, Otto, Greencreek; Smith, Richard Thomas, Mt. Idaho; Smith, William Eugene, Clearwater; Snead, Theo. George, Greencreek; Snyder, Frederick, Kooskia; Snyder, Glen R., Kamiah; Soderburg, Edgar Jonnie, Grangeville, RFD 3; Solberg, Nils, Kamiah; Soltman, William John, Grangeville; Sorweide, Fred Henry, Harpster; Sotin, Alfred Milton, Whitebird; South, Vern Eugean, Cottonwood; Spencer, Floyd E., Fenn; Spichtig, Joseph, Cottonwood; Spitler, Harry Harold, Spring Camp; Spivey, William Arthur, Spring Camp; Springer, Carl Clinton, Canfield; Squibb, Marvin John, Grangeville; Squibb, William Clarence, Grangeville; Stanley, James, Warren; Stantial, Seth Thomas, Grangeville; Steen, Elmer Martin, Stites; Steiger, Paul Peter, Ferdinand; Steinbach, Henry Bernard, Grangeville; Steine, Christ, Ferdinand; Steinebach, Frank Adolph, Grangeville; Steiner, David Edward, Grangeville; Stevenson, Leslie, Winona; Stever, Homer, Stites; Stever, Walter, Stites; Stewart, Cyrus Ray, Grangeville; Stone, Lloyd Clifford, Grangeville; Stonebraker, Sumner, Stites; Stover, Roy, McCall; Straugh, John Wesley, Harpster; Streicher, Otto, Greencreek; Strickfaden, Charles Handy, Ferdinand; Strickland, Roy Alvin, Fenn; Strickler, Harry, Ferdinand; Sulzinger, Otto, Grangeville; Summerville, Roy Edmon, Mt. Idaho; Swan, William Jefferson, Grangeville; Swarts, Theodore Sidney, Whitebird; Swartz, Sam, Ferdinand; Swatman, James Everett, Ferdinand; Swidensky, Wesley A., Kamiah; Swineheart, Sidney LeRoy, Stites;


Tarbet, George Wilber, Ferdinand; Taylor, Benjamin Stillman, Boles; Taylor, Leonard F., Kooskia; Taylor, Robert Ferris, Kooskia; Teat, Lee Roy, Dixie; Terry, Douglas Norman, Pardee; Terwillegar, Leroy M., Greencreek; Thomas, Edward G., Lucille; Thomas, Harlan Earl, Stites; Thomas, John Edward, Riggins; Thomas, Sam N., Lucille; Thompson, Charles Ray, Whitebird; Thompson, Chester W., Cottonwood; Thompson, Ezzry Oscar, Whitebird; Thompson, Francis Marion, Whitebird; Thompson, Harvey Lee, Grangeville; Thompson, John Melvin, Grangeville; Thompson, Joseph, Spring Camp; Thompson, Lloyd S., Riggins; Thompson, Roy Gilbert, Kamiah; Tinney, Edgar Mortemen, Winona; Tinney, Loyd, Winona; Tipton, George Scott, Whitebird; Tipton, Laurence James, Whitebird; Toll, Leland Willis, Kooskia; Toll, Willard Leslie, Kooskia; Tollefson, Clarence Alfred, Grangeville; Tonkovich, Mike, Ferdinand; Toye, Irwin Richard, Grangeville; Tribe, Joseph Loren, Joseph; Triplett, Raimon, Cottonwood; Triplett, Roy Lee, Whitebird; Trons, DeWitt C., Ferdinand; Trout, George Henry, Elk City; Troxel, Samuel Isaac, Keuterville; Trueblood, Orville Booth, Grangeville; Trukositz, Frank, Westlake; Turner, Forest, Kooskia; Turner, Jay, Kooskia; Turner, John Lloyd, Cottonwood; Turner, Raymond, Kooskia; Turner, Wilmot, Kooskia; Tuttle, Ralph Floyd, Burgdorf; Tweedy, Marshall Orace, Whitebird; Twilegar, Frank Leslie, Greencreek; Twilegar, Harry I., Lucille;


Uhlorn, Aloysius Francis, Ferdinand; Ulin, George Washington, Nez Perce; Unsicker, John Thomas, Joseph; Urbahn, Albert Herman, Grangeville; Urbahn, Carl George, Grangeville;


Van Horn, Frank Bernard, Grangeville; Van Horn, John, Lowell; Van Sise, Clyde Fountain, Grangeville; Van Varis, Howard H., Stites; Vetsch, Adolph, Cottonwood; Vilas, Walter, Grangeville; Von Berge, Emil Henry, Fenn; Von Berge, Rudolph Frederick, Fenn; Von Oy, Eberhard, Cottonwood; Von Tersch, Willian, Cottonwood;


Wagner, Fred J., Stites; Wagner, Joseph, Whitebird; Wakefield, Cloyd V., Glenwood; Walker, Charley Clyde, Spring Camp; Walker, Hugh Conway, Grangeville; Walker, William Rufus, Keuterville; Walten, Charles, Dryden, Oregon; Ward, Carroll Downs, Cottonwood; Warden, Warren Arthur, Whitebird; Warner, Lemuel Ezra, Kamiah; Warren, Orva, Riggins; Warren, S. J., Grangeville; Watson, Clarence Oliver, Spring Camp; Watts, William Russell, Ferdinand; Waymire, Arthur Preston, Mt. Idaho; Waymire, Oscar Burr, Mt. Idaho; Webber, Arthur Louis, Grangeville; Weber, Marion, Fenn; Weholt, Joseph Clarence, Harpster; Weholt, Selmer, Harpster; Weick, Henry Philip, Ferdinand; Weider, Fred Harrison, Grangeville; Weigand, Herman, Cottonwood; Weis, Albert John, Ferdinand; Wells, Clair Max, Stites; Wensman, Barnra, Greencreek; Wessels, Hary, Greencreek; West, Harry, Ferdinand; Weusman, Casper, Cottonwood; White, Arthur A., Lucille; White, Ben, Lucile; White, Claud C., Lucile; White, Orpheus, St. Maries; Whitis, William Joseph, Kamiah; Wilkens, Lester Mark, Grangeville; Wilkins, Amos Luke, Grangeville; Wilkins, Oscar Brown, Grangeville; Willey, George E., Warren; Willey, Raymond Asa, Warren; Willey, Wilbur Roy, Joseph; Williams, Carlton, Keuterville; Williams, Clarence William, Cottonwood; Williams, Frank N., Westlake; Williams, James Jonas, Ferdinand; Williams, Roy, Cottonwood; Williams, William Taylor, Grangeville; Wilson, Earl Calhoun, Grangeville; Wilson,


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