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Statewide school report cards released; region’s district scores available

Kamiah students

Kamiah students

Local schools fell within average ranges in standardized testing for the 2016-17 school year.

The State Department of Education, through its “report card,” released the results of the 2017 Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) 2017 for districts and schools K-12

The release makes available to the public data on student performance from the Spring 2017 ISAT in English language arts (ELA), math and science. The information includes student results for schools, districts and the state. The reports include aggregated scores for all students and results detailed by 19 groups reflecting ethnicity, gender, special program status such as English learners and more. Individual student results were made available to parents and guardians last spring. In addition. IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) scores are also available.

Idaho as a whole saw increases in the numbers of students tested with about 5,000 more students testing in 2017 than in 2016 in ELA and math. The overall participation rate was slightly more than 98 percent for both tests statewide.

Locally, all school districts (Cottonwood 242, Salmon River 243, Mountain View 244 and Kamiah 304) had a percentage of students with “below basic” marks in math while in the area of science, very few students tested below basic.

The IRI is scored with 3s, 2s and 1s. A “3” score indicates the state benchmark has been met or is above average while scores of 2s and 1s allow those students to receive additional help with the goal of meeting the benchmark.

Prairie Elementary had 64.2 percent of its students (grades kindergarten through third) score 3s on the IRI while Riggins Elementary had 60.6 percent of its students meet this milestone. Grangeville Elementary had 58.5 percent while Kamiah had 54.7 percent.

With the increase in test takers, scores for 2017 varied slightly when compared to results from the 2016.

“We are expecting a much higher level of skill and knowledge of our students to ensure they are college and career ready,” said Sherri Ybarra, Superintendent of Public Instruction. “My team is digging deeper into the data so we can align our state and federal resources to support student and school success as we transition into a new accountability system that helps targets resources where they are most needed.”

This month, a statewide task force will begin a discussion about Idaho’s Comprehensive Assessment System working with Assessment Solutions Group.

Superintendent Ybarra said she is looking forward to the conversation about the assessment program. Plans are for the task force to meet about five times during the school year. The effort also will include focus groups and a statewide survey of Idahoans. A report detailing the task force’s work will be released in June 2018.

State and local overall results for all grades include the following local results:

  • Statewide (grades 3-12): ELA/Literacy: advanced-19 percent; proficient-33; basic-24.6; below basic-23.4; Math: a-18.2; p-23.7; b-29.5; bb-28.7; Science: a-30.8; p-30.3; b-21.7; bb-17.3; IRI: 3s-58.7; 2s-22.9; 1s-18.4.
  • Cottonwood Joint School District 242:
  • -Prairie Junior Senior High School (grades 7-12): ELA: a-11; p-43; b-35; bb-11; Math: a-17; p-41; b-26; bb-16.3; Science: a-53.8; p-26.2.
  • -Prairie Elementary School (grades 3-6): ELA: a-27.1; p-27.1; b-28; bb-17.8; Math: a-24.3; p-35.5; b-26.2; bb-14
  • Salmon River Joint School District 243:
  • -Salmon River Junior Senior High School (grades 6-7-8): ELA: p-47.5; b-30; Math: a-12.5; p-30; b-30; bb-27.5; (grades 9-12 scores are masked).
  • -Riggins Elementary School (grades 3-6): ELA: p-60.6; b-15.2; bb-24.2.
  • Mountain View School District 244:
  • -Clearwater Valley Junior Senior High School (grades 6-12): ELA: a-31.4; p-25.7; b-18.6; bb-24.3; Math: a-9; p-20.3; b-41.4; bb-29.3; Science: a-32.7; p-28.8.
  • -Clearwater Valley Elementary School (grades 3-6): ELA: a-11.3; p-38.3; b-27.8; bb-22.6; Math: a-9; p-20.3; b-41.4; bb-29.3; Science: a-31.4; p-25.7; b-18.6; bb-24.3.
  • -Elk City School: All information redacted.
  • -Grangeville High School (grades 9-12): ELA: a-15; p-40; b-28.8; bb-16.3; Math: b-25; bb-62.5; Science: a-45.7; p-34.8.
  • -Grangeville Elementary Middle School (grades 3-8): ELA: a-17.3; p-31.4; b-28; bb-23.3; Math: a-19.3; p-22.8; b-33.1; bb-24.8; Science: a-28.9; p-30.6; b-29.8; bb-10.7.
  • Kamiah Joint School District 304:
  • -Kamiah High School (grades 9-12): ELA: a-32.3; p-45.2; Math: a-19.4; p-16.1; b-29; bb-35.5; Science: All information masked.
  • -Kamiah Middle School (grades 5-8): ELA: a-15.1; p-28.9; b-28.3; bb-27.7; Math: a-8.9; p-20.4; b-34.4; bb-36.3; Science: a-19.8; p-28.6; b-34.1; bb-17.6.
  • -Kamiah Elementary School (grades 3-6): ELA: b-37.9; bb-37.9; Math: p-31; bb-31.

Note: For any information not listed, the state website explains this as “some categories masked per state law or statistical irrelevance.” Those categories with too few students taking the test do not have results listed to protect the privacy of those students.

The entire report card in detailed grade-by-grade is available on the department website:


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