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What we need today is crime control, not gun control

Letter to the Editor

The latest school shootings in Florida: Neither the GOP nor President Trump are to blame. Don’t blame the NRA either. Taking a certain firearm off the market won’t make a difference either. Instead, go back to the drug culture of the 1960s. Remind yourself what happened when liberal lawyers fought against capital punishment for murderers. (Oh, don’t kill him. He or she can be rehabilitated). That idiocy hasn’t worked yet. Capital punishment works. There are no repeat offenders. Did you know that Barack Obama gave amnesty to 762 convicted murderers and other felons? He turned them loose from prison a year before he left the White House. This fact is public knowledge for you nonbelievers. The news media put it out for all to see. If not for the NRA, which was founded in 1871, America would have lost its freedom many years ago.

What we need today is crime control, not gun control. A crime going unpunished is outrageous, yet it’s been happening for decades in America. This latest school shooting could be a turning point. Seventeen students. Now, what will happen to the shooter? Will he be executed for this crime? Or not? Don’t say that’s cruel or unusual punishment. Will the 17 families see justice served? Or not? Don’t blame the AR-15. It isn’t capable of harming anyone unless human hands load and fire it. Just common sense, folks. Think about it.

And yes, the midterm elections are coming up. We need to add to the Republican majorities in Congress. If they lose any seats in the House or Senate, it could render President Trump’s accomplishments void. You don’t see this on TV news, but he has done much that is good. Look up AMAC on the Web. They show a list of what he’s gotten done. AMAC is the Association of Mature American Citizens. It’s the conservative antidote to AARP. I am a member, and an NRA life member. I’m also a born-again Christian. One day we will all stand before God and give an account of what we said or did on Earth. Better examine your life and motives while you can. We don’t get into Heaven by anything but salvation through Jesus.

One last thing: Barack Obama fought against the Christian faith, in favor of Islam. I had to live with him as president for eight years. You naysayers can put up with Donald Trump for eight years. Glory to God!

Jim Gribble

Red Fir


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