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ICSO Dispatch Log: July 9-22


law enforcement log

law enforcement log

Idaho County Sheriff’s Office call disposition legend:

ARR=Arrest, CIV=Civil Matter, NRR=No report required, RT=Report Taken, TRA=Transferred to another agency, UNF=Unfounded, UTL=Unable to Locate.

July 9

Grangeville – Residential Alarm G’ville Salmon Rd; Non-injury Accident Main St; Reckless Driver Halford Rd;

Kooskia -Dogs chasing deer Winter; Vicious Dog Clearwater; Deer in rd Hwy 12; Fire Big Cedar;

Riggins – Fraud Well St; Missing Person Burgdorf/Located;

Elk City – Death Salmon River; Disabled Veh Hwy 14;

GPD – Loose Dog Madison; Disabled Veh Main St; Alarm South A St; Non-injury Accident North St;

July 10

Grangeville – Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Vehicle Fire Hwy 95 MP 227/NRR;

Kooskia – Suspicious noise Hwy 12 MP 69; Prowler Pine Rd; Suspicious Veh Main St; Injury Accident Hwy 12 MP 84.5; Trespassing Hwy 12; Theft Crane Hill Rd/UNF; Welfare Check Hwy 12; Pedestrian in rd Hwy 12/TRA Tribal; Assault Main St/TRA Tribal;

GPD – VIN South B; Theft of Services Main St; Alarm South A St; Suspicious;


July 11

Grangeville – VIN Railroad Ave; VIN Hidden Springs Circle;

Kooskia - Welfare Check Hwy 12; Welfare Check Hwy 12; Injured Eagle Hwy 13; Horse Neglect Rabbit Crk; Theft/TRA CWCO; Vandalism Hwy 12; VIN Battleridge; Parking Problem Hwy 12;

Riggins – Medical Main St; Civil Standby Pinehurst; Medical Main St;

GPD – Welfare Check N College;

CPD – Ambulance Transfer

July 12

Grangeville - Extra Patrol for Speeders Mt. Idaho; Loose Dogs Holmes Crossing; Disabled Veh Hwy 95; Disabled Veh Hwy 95; Non-injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 237/NRR;

Kooskia - Parking Problem Spruce Rd; Medical East St Stites; Intoxication Spruce Rd; Deer vs Veh Hwy 12 MP 71; Barking Dogs Main St Stites; Suspicious Person Clearwater;

Riggins – VIN Race Crk Rd; Dog Theft Main St;

GPD – Suspicious South D St; Medical N Idaho;

CPD – Ambulance Transfer; Suspicious Persons Main St; Juvenile Problem City Park;

July 13

Grangeville – Abandoned Veh White Bird; Deer vs Veh Hwy 95 Ferdinand; Non-injury Accident Monastery Rd/RT; Shooting from roadway G’ville Salmon Rd; Found Firearm Hazard Lake; Abandoned Veh Fish Hatchery Rd;

Kooskia – Suspicious Person Hwy 12; Injured Deer Hwy 12 MP 133; Trespassing Hwy 12; Boat Check Station Bypass; Assist P & P; Suicide Threat Pine Hollow; Reckless Driver Hwy 12; VIN Red Fir Rd; Dogs Chasing Deer Kidder Ridge; Medical Battle Ridge; Suicide Threat Main St Stites;

Riggins – Stray Horse Lucile; Trespassing Georgianna Dr;

GPD -Suspicious Person W Main St; Medical E Main St; Non-injury Accident E Main St;

CPD – Ambulance Transfer

July 14

Grangeville – Disabled Veh Hwy 95;

Kooskia – Medical Riverside Ave; Citizen Dispute Valley Dr; Speeding Complaint Main St Stites; Reckless Driver Pole Yard; Boat Check Station Bypass; Medical Prindle Ln; Suspicious Veh Rock Rd; Road Damage Lukes Gulch; Vicious Dog Loop Dr; Missing Person Elk Summit Trailhead 22/Located; Assist Tribal Police Skyline Dr;

Riggins – Medical Main St; Assist Adams Co;

GPD – Loose Dog Scott St; Alarm South A St;

CPD – Medical North St; Ambulance Transfer;

July 15

Grangeville - Abandoned Veh Fish Hatchery Rd/Towed; Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Suspicious Veh Powerline Rd;

Kooskia – Assist KMO; Pony & Mule in Rd Hwy 13 MP 19; Bear Problem Elk Summit Guard Station; Welfare Check Saddle Camp; Suspicious Person Hwy 12; Possible DUI Winona; Disorderly Hwy 12;

Riggins – Citizen Dispute Main St; Welfare Check North St;

Elk City – Medical; Gas Theft Sweeny Hill;

GPD - Burglary E Main St; Vandalism W Main St; Abandoned Veh Madison St; Business Alarm E Main St; Suspicious Veh S Florence;

CPD – Medical Lewiston St.

July 16

Grangeville – Citizen Assist; Speeding complaint Mt. Idaho; VIN Country Ct Dr; VIN Meadow Grass Loop; VIN Pa’s Mtn Rd; Medical S Hall St; Citizen Assist Nuxoll Rd; VIN Greencreek Rd;

Kooskia – Fire Woodland/UTL; Non-injury Accident Lukes Gulch Rd/NRR; Suspended Driver Ridgewood Dr; Non-injury Accident Hwy 12/RT; Non-injury Accident ISP Arrest of 20-yoa Lewiston man for DUI/Resist Obstruct/ Battery on Officer/Damage to police vehicle/Leave Scene of Damage Accident; Burglary Clear Crk/RT; Citizen Dispute Clear Crk; Trespassing Hwy 12;

Riggins –Assist H & W; Disabled Veh Hwy 95; Bad Check Main St;

Elk City – Suspicious Dixie Rd;

GPD – Suspicious Vehicle S Florence; Medical Hill St; Juvenile Problem South E St; Vandalism E South St; Uninsured Driver WS 1st St; Barking Dog S Idaho; Fire N Junction;

CPD – Alarm Lewiston St; Theft Main St;

July 17

Grangeville – Fire Hwy 14 Blackerby; Downed Airplane Twin Eagles Ln;

Kooskia – Injured Deer Hwy 12; VIN Beaverslide; Welfare Check Rock Rd; Medical Johnson bar; Theft Lambs Grade/CIV; Non-injury Accident Thenon St; Welfare Check unknown location; Medical Front St;

Riggins – Suspicious Hwy 95;

Elk City - Found Firearm Wild Horse Lake; Assault Main St/NRR;

GPD – Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Domestic Dispute South E St; Domestic Dispute Meadow St;

July 18

Grangeville – Residential Alarm G’ville Salmon Rd; Cows in rd Hwy 95 MP 235; Lost Pistol Pittsburg area; VIN Hwy 95; VIN East Rd; Unlicensed Motorcycle Trk Rte; Vandalism Hwy 95;

Kooskia - Vehicle Theft Skyline Loop/CIV; Juvenile Problem Big Cedar; Vandalism Frasure Grade; Death Franklin Dr; Theft Skyline Loop Rd/CIV;

Riggins - Smoke Report Salmon River Rd;

GPD – Medical Main St; Dog in truck E North St; F&G ES 2nd St; Suspicious Main St; Business Alarm North D St; Disorderly Nezperce St; Loose Dog Scott St; Medical E South St;

July 19

Grangeville – Citizen Assist Hwy 95; Vehicle Fire Hwy 95 MP 226;

Kooskia –Parking Problem Stites; Bear Bait issue Selway Rd; Reckless Driver Hwy 12; Disabled Veh Hwy 13; Suspicious Veh/Person Hwy 12; Person on rd Hwy 12;

Riggins - Death Main St; VIN Cherry Ln; Non-injury Accident/TRA ISP; Suspicious Lucile;

Elk City – Assault Orogrande/NRR;

GPD –VIN S Meadow; Vandalism E South St; Deliver Message WN 5th St; Alarm W North St; Suspicious Park St;

July 20

Grangeville - Death Cooper St; Medical Country Ct Dr; Citizen Dispute Center Rd; Mail Theft Fish Hatchery Rd; Trespassing Lamb Ln; Speeding Complaint Mt Idaho;

Kooskia – ITD Assist Hwy 12 MP 154; Suspicious Pine Ave; VIN Hill St; VIN Stites; Possible DUI Hwy 13/UNF; Assist FS Powell; KMO Assist; Injured Deer Hwy 12; Loose Dog Main St; Fail to Register Sex Offender arrest of 38-yoa man/ARR;

Riggins –Non-injury Accident Hwy 95 MP 193/RT; Abandoned Veh Lucile; Found Drugs; Missing Person Salmon River Rd/Located; Fire Hwy 95 MP 186; Theft Main St/UNF;

Elk City – Power Outage Orogrande;

GPD – VIN Trk Rte; Juvenile Problem Main St; Suspicious Person WN 4th St; Domestic Battery & Possession of Heroin arrest of 34-yoa G’ville woman;

CPD – Fire Foster St;

July 21

Grangeville – Harassment Purdy Rd; Vehicle Fire Hwy 95 MP 221; Medical Salmon River; Lost Wallet Pine Bar; medical Chase Ln; Suspicious person Hwy 95;

Kooskia - Domestic Dispute E Pine St; Suspicious Selway Rd; Disabled Veh Hwy 12; Cows in rd Glenwood Rd; Suspicious View Rd; Missing License Plate Shenandoah 3rd St; Deer vs Veh Hwy 12 MP 71; Juvenile Party Toll Rd/UTL;

Riggins – Disabled Veh Hwy 95;

GPD – Barking Dog North D St; Reckless Driver South C St; Found Wallet Main St; Parking Problem Main St;

CPD – Domestic Dispute Broadway

July 22

Grangeville –Threatening Mt Idaho Grade Rd; Residential Alarm G’ville Salmon Rd;

Kooskia – DUI/Resist Obstruct/Transport Open Container Arrest of 43-yoa Kamiah woman; Loose Horse Woodland Cedar St;

Riggins - Medical Main St; Citizen Assist Little Salmon;

Elk City – DUI Arrest of 42-yoa Moscow man/ARR;

GPD – Medical W South St; Business Alarm Main St;

CPD – Theft Bash St.


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