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Opinion - Letters - May 30, 2018

Forests overgrown thanks to the USFS

I am absolutely amazed at how our local economy changed over the last 50 years. Fifty years ago, there were 14 sawmills within 100 miles of New Meadows. Our economy was great, jobs were plentiful, welfare was almost nonexistent, we had a U.S.F.S. to be proud of, if a forest fire started it was put out immediately wherever it occurred.

Today, we have two sawmills within 100 miles of New Meadows, we have cell phones that are capable of doing almost anything. We have more people on welfare than working full time; however, jobs are plentiful, but nobody wants to work, as they can get more and easier money on welfare. Also, we need to thank the USFS, as we only have two seasons now instead of four: smoke and winter, with a few days in between.

Yes, our forests are getting terribly overgrown, again, thanks to the USFS, as they don’t put out wildfires and also do controlled burns, which they say is thinning the forest, which according to common sense and common knowledge is only making matters worse. This means our forests are being managed strictly for money and to hell with everything else. Yes, strictly money for the USFS.

This, in turn, is creating climate change, destroying our environment, our water, and our atmosphere. Welcome to progress. Thanks to the USFS.

Leonard Wallace

New Meadows

Inconsistent veteran appreciation by Depot

Just before this Memorial Day weekend, when our nation honors and commemorates the men and women who gave their lives for our nation, I became informed Home Depot is once again slip sliding on its past promises of honoring past, and present active duty American veterans.

While speaking to a salesperson at the above store, I learned his very generous boss was a major donor to political campaigns. However, this same CEO of Home Depot has decided to drastically lower the number of days his stores will now offer past and present active duty veterans a discount.

In a once very politically correct, and very public display of honoring the service of all active duty American veterans, Home Depot had proudly announced any veteran who presents an official VA Benefit Card would receive a 10 percent discount.

As of today, the number of days this discount will be offered has been reduced to four holiday weekends, amounting to an approximate 90 percent reduction of Home Depot’s previous very public generous statement!

Sounds like a classic ‘bait and switch’ publicity stunt. American servicemen and women don’t switch on their promises. We have been always faithful.

The American military serve every day of the year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We don’t backslide.

Would helping out our minuscule, less than 1 percent of our population who have served, and are serving really break your highly profitable company?

Mr Home Depot CEO, you made a big, very public deal of your generous generosity, and respect for American veterans, but you are now quietly reducing that number of days this discount was available.

Perhaps this was again another internal communication problem.

Tim McCarthy


Urge you to change course on LEDs before too many are installed

I read with interest your story [May 23 issue] about blinding LED streetlights. We have the same problem in Houston, Texas, and I would urge you to change course before too many are installed.

Too many stories on this issue make it sound like there is a stark choice, overly bright white LED street lights or nothing at all. In fact, study after study has shown that people feel just as safe with toned down warmer, white LED streetlights with less of the blue light that feels harsh and keeps people awake at night. The City Council of Phoenix, Ariz., voted 9 to 0 to use warmer, white LED streetlights citywide when they saw how much more beautiful LED lighting can be. They looked at the recommendations of the American Medical Association, which strongly urges avoiding too much blue spectrum at night due to uncomfortable glare and health problems associated with suppressing melatonin at night, the hormone that helps us sleep and slows the growth of some cancers, including breast and prostate.

I was in Idaho for the solar eclipse last year and was stunned by the gorgeous night sky. There is no reason you cannot preserve a beautiful nightscape near your town while safely lighting your streets. Please take a look at the newer LED choices. Most major cities have already abandoned overly bright LED lighting including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and the entire state of Georgia and many are saving even more energy. A warmer white provides just as good visibility on high traffic streets and a more amber LED light allows good visibility on residential streets without sacrificing color rendition, ambiance, or a good night’s sleep.

With LED streetlights lasting up to 20 years, it is imperative to look at all the options before it is too late.

References: Tucson’s warm white LED lighting:;;

Deborah Moran

Houston, Texas


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