Market Report: April 2-9

Cottonwood and Lewiston

Cottonwood Livestock Auction — April 9, 2014 Back to Grass Feeder Sale, Friday, April 11. Lewiston Livestock Auction — April 2, 2014 Cattle Market Comments: Steady; 410 head sold. No sale April 9. Special Feeder Sale, April 16. Small Animal Sale, April 30. Steers: 300-400 lbs., 200 to 221; 400-500 lbs., 200-224; 500-600 lbs., 190 to 203.50; 600-700 lbs., 185 to 203.50; 700-800 lbs., 150 to 170; 900-1,000 lbs., 137 to 150. Heifers: 400-500 lbs., 176 to 191; 600-700 lbs., 150 to 190; 700-800 lbs., 148 to 160;

Grain Market : April 9, 2014


Market Report : March 26-28

Cottonwood and Lewiston

Market Report SALES YARDS Cattle Market Comment: Light test on feeder cattle; Slaughter Cows and Bulls, steady to strong; 186 head sold. Next Sale, Back to Grass Feeder Special, April 11. Cows: Boning, 93 to 101; Feeder, 90 to 110; Breaker, 85 to 92; Canner/Cutter, 78 to 90. Bulls: 110 to 126; Baby Calves, 240 to 375 per head. Stock Cows: 1,200 to 1,560 per head. Pairs: 1,520 to 1,760 per pair.

Grain Market : April 1, 2014


April 25 Deadline: Grant program seeks innovative resource conservation projects for agriculture

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Idaho set aside $150,000 for the 2014 Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) program which funds projects that demonstrate new ways to conserve resources on agricultural lands. Pre-proposal applications are due to the Idaho NRCS State Office by April 25.

Due April 11: Specialty crop applications

Applications are currently being accepted by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) for the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Funds are provided by the United States Department of Agriculture and are allocated to the state to be awarded through a competitive grant process. Applications are due to ISDA by Friday, April 11.

U of I livestock researcher focuses book on feed efficiency

Making sure cattle use their feed efficiently is key to affordable beef and sustainable businesses, said University of Idaho animal scientist Rod Hill, whose book on that topic was published last fall.

American adults choosing healthier foods, diets

American adults are eating better, making better use of available nutrition information, and consuming fewer calories coming from fat and saturated fat, consuming less cholesterol and eating more fiber, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service; Changes in Eating Patterns and Diet Quality Among Working-Age Adults, 2005-2010.

Market Report : March 25-28

Cottonwood and Lewiston

Market Report SALES YARDS

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WSU Veterinary College warns animal owners of tick paralysis

Warming weather in the Pacific Northwest always brings with it a renewed threat of tick paralysis in animals and people. Tick paralysis is a somewhat uncommon but potentially fatal disease that can affect virtually all warm-blooded land animals.

USDA efforts to assist honey bees, address colony collapse

Recent studies have shown that beekeepers are losing approximately 30 percent of their honey bee colonies each year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, up from historical norms of 10 to 15 percent overwintering losses experienced prior to 2006.

Idaho educators invited to apply for sustainable forestry tour

Teachers and counselors are encouraged to apply to attend the five-day educational “Sustainable Forestry Tour” in North Idaho June 23-27. Space is limited and application deadline is March 31.

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Market Report : March 12 - 14

Cottonwood and Lewiston

Cattle Market Comment: Slaughter Cows and Bulls $5 to $10 higher. Feeders and market active on light test; 283 head sold. Next Sale, March 28. Steers: 200-400 lbs., 190 to 215; 400-500 lbs, 190 to 210; 500-600 lbs, 185 to 205; 600-700 ls., 170 to 185; 700-800 lbs.

Grain Market : March 18


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Market Report : March 5 - March 10

Cottonwood and Lewiston

Next Sale, Friday, March 14. Lewiston Livestock Auction — March 5, 2014 Cattle Market Comment: Steady with excellent demand; 1,460 head sold.