Support of timber industry is your story to tell

What is vitally important to the economy and well-being of Idaho County? Say the “forest products industry” and you’ll get a lot of “tell us something we don’t know” responses around here. And rightly so, as this industry forms the historic bedrock of this region’s – and, in fact, the Northwest’s – formation and development.

Better conversation about children’s mental health

For the past 16 years, my husband and I have interacted with numerous child-serving systems as both professionals and consumers…. medical, education, foster care and adoption. So when our family was thrust into the midst of the Idaho mental health system three years ago, we thought we were prepared to navigate the challenging waters that lay ahead. But no amount of experience could have equipped us for our journey through a fragmented and, often, dysfunctional system.

No sanction by clerk for GOP ads

Letter: Kathy Ackerman

It has been brought to my attention that recent election ads placed by the Idaho County Republicans included my name. I did not proof these ads nor approve them.

Chilcott: active rep for Dist. 7

Letter: Kathryn Allen

If you live in District 7 — Clearwater, Idaho, Shoshone and part of Bonner counties — vote for Jessica Chilcott.

Frei: win-win for commission

Letter: Betty Alm

In support of Mark Frei I see a self-employed farmer and rancher who is an independent thinker, willing to solve problems, who is sincerely concerned for the future in Idaho County.

Frei: will listen to the people

Letter: Shorty and Marge Arnzen

The best choice for Idaho County Commissioner is Mark Frei. He will focus on keeping regulations at a minimum. He will support bringing more industry to our county and making our county a place of economic opportunity.

Perry: hands-on, involved locally

Letter: David Bearman

Does Idaho County Commissioner candidate, Skip Brandt, donate time picking up garbage along local roads, like both candidate George and wife, Kris Perry, have done regularly for years?

Zumalt: prevent family control

Letter: Dick Artley

If you don’t want Chmelik and his brother-in-law, Mark Frei, to control the Idaho County Commissioners meetings, vote for Jerry Zumalt.

Ashamed to show affiliation? Why?

Letter: Sally Baker

There are several candidates in the upcoming election that do not identify their political affiliation.

Opportunity to change dynamic of business as usual

Lochsa Land Exchange

Sadly, in politics today we too often focus on efforts to disagree rather than engaging in the arenas of ideas to seek solutions to the challenges we face. It is in this arena where visions can be set forth and new horizons can be conquered together.

Sun blinds you to kids in the street

Letter: Don King

This morning I noticed some small children walking to school down the middle of the street with a very bright sun at their backs.

Need balance, independence on commission

Letter: Kim Chenoweth

In 2012 the American Lands Council formed. Its sole purpose is states taking over federal land. Our county commissioners gave it $5,000 of taxpayers’ money and is spending another $2,000 on a supposed outside expert for advice.

Denney: right for sec. of state

Letter: Rebecca Crea

Lawerence Denney is the right choice for Secretary of State. He is a pure Idahoan, down-to-earth, honest, intelligent and experienced in rural and state issues from personal experience as a farmer, outdoorsman and legislature leader.

County GOP ads are offensive

Letter: Jim Wiebush

I find the political advertisements run in the Idaho County Free Press and “paid for by the Idaho County Republicans” offensive.

Zumalt: has the experience, well-qualified

Letter: Jim Rehder

Of great concern, Idaho County Commissioner Chmelik’s brother-in-law, Mark Frei, is a candidate for county commissioner. It’s bad government to place concentrated power in any one family, no matter who they are.