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    Measure of local control for rural districts in tapping alumni

    The topic of education funding in Idaho gets folks from zero to 100 mph in a hurry. When Governor Butch Otter hosted the Capital for a Day event in Kamiah Jan. 16, he and state officials got the brunt of local frustration with both barrels. Here are two quotes drawn from the Lewiston Tribune of that day’s questioning:

    Pro-wolf movement should support accurate, scientific animal count

    Estimating – as grade-school students learn at young ages – is a way of counting that is useful for figuring out the number of small things inside a bigger thing. But when a state wildlife biologist sets out to estimate the number of wolves in Idaho, she does not gaze at a map like a child guessing blindly at the number of M&Ms a gallon jar may hold. Instead, wildlife biologists rely on scientific methods.

    In praise of Idaho’s youngest hobbyist lobbyist

    Student embodies political passion

    Symbols mean something different to everyone who looks at them. They are matters of opinion, but when widely-shared, symbols can unite communities as large as nations around a shared sense of values. When enshrined in law, mere symbols can shape what about our society will stand the test of time.

    Local officials: Take up Otter’s example and invite public to comment

    Public turnout at last Friday’s Idaho-Lewis Capital for a Day event showed lots of folks had questions for their governor and public officials.

Guest Commentary

    OSHA: New rule for safety, save lives

    When worker loses arm, who knows about it?

    Pressing ahead in Congress

    Considerable work is required in the 114th Congress to build the foundation for a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth. Improving our nation’s economic well-being —which includes reforming our badly broken tax code, reforming entitlement programs to ensure their solvency and establishing powerful budget controls — remains my number one priority.

    Look up, Americans; it’s not as bad as you think

    We are one glum country.

    Nation shows clear need for comprehensive tax reform

    One of my top priorities in the new Congress remains reforming our nation’s overly burdensome tax code as part of creating a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth.

Letters to the Editor

    U.S. medicine: best treatment but worst delivery system

    Letter: James Lawyer Grangeville

    The statistics are both awesome and surprising. It is well-known that this country has some of the best medical treatments but also the worst medical treatment delivery system in the world.

    Changing forced annexations

    Letter: Ken Harvey Orofino

    Idaho, Tennessee and Indiana are the last three states that allow forced annexations.

    Isn’t it time to raise state minimum wage?

    Letter: Darcy James Boise

    We have just been through a season of generosity. Many of us stretched our Christmas budgets to buy toys for needy children, festive foods for struggling families, coats for the homeless, and so on. And we were happy to do so.

    Hospital: good care, but still are issues

    Letter: Glen Scott Swearingen Kooskia

    Syringa Hospital delivers professional care. Caring, “everybody knows your name” care. Unfortunately, my family uses their services regularly. We appreciate them. Still, there are issues.