Cold cases: why they matter

You would hope that someone has not forgotten, that someone is searching for answers, that justice is being sought.

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Look past falling timber; focus on the positive

We’ve all heard that change is good. At least we can agree it’s inevitable, right?

Many reasons to support local lands control

Letter: Carol Asher

I would like to both commend and encourage all Idaho state, county and local officials who are spearheading the move to win back managing control over federally owned public lands within our state.

Something needs done on road by district, county

Letter: Douglas A. Winter

An open letter to the Keuterville Highway District and the Idaho County Commissioners.

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Newspapering is just fine ... thanks

How does it feel to be working for a dying industry? Well, you must be talking about eight-track tapes or Chia pets, because newspapering is humming right along, thank you...

Losing access, control of ‘our’ public lands Incrementally being shut out

Americans, and especially Idahoans, love and cherish public lands. We take it for granted that they will always be there for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, we all are incrementally being shut out of “our” public lands by the federal “managers.”

Thanks Real Life for CV supplies

Letters of thanks : Susan Hill, principal for CVES students, teachers, staff

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Real Life church community for their generous donation of school supplies to the students of Clearwater Valley Elementary School.

Many helped make event ‘fly’

Letter of thanks: Val Stone President Eagle Auxiallry

The Eagles want to thank the community for the support for our sister Eagle, Judy Elliot. Because of all of you we were able to help send her on a “Make a Wish” trip to Alaska and a cruise back home.

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Special Bond


Where’d my stuff go? Check your storage locker

Is your stuff safe? Are you sure? Have you checked?

Idaho falling behind as resources, investments in economy erode

Cuts to education, other areas coincided with economic drop Opinion

Forest decisions made on science, not on emotion

Letter: Dick Artley USFS, retired Grangeville

Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor, Brazell, would have cut his losses had he not responded to my letter of July 30 pointing out the problems with his proposed, revised forest plan. Trying to justify an unpopular proposal using untrue statements and lies by omission is ineffective and unprofessional.

Labrador: knows better than land professionals?

Letter: Marilyn Beckett Moscow

News coverage on Congressman Labrador’s Moscow visit didn’t mention some attendees protesting his support of the Lochsa Land Exchange (ULX).