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Choice matters for Idaho families: National School Choice Week, Jan. 22-28

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In our country, we love to customize, whether it’s a new addition to the house or the colors and fonts surrounding our text messages. We choose everything, from our line of work to our preferred place to grab lunch (where we probably customize our lunch order). So, it’s easy to understand why parents want more choices in their children’s educatio

Addressing the college, career part of Idaho’s public education system

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As we near the midway point in successfully implementing the 20 recommendations from the 2013 Task Force for Improving Education, it’s time to turn our attention to the postsecondary part of Idaho’s K-through-Career education system.

Fix health insurance marketplace

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Word on the street: Some Idaho lawmakers want more health insurance regulations after consumer complaints about new, exorbitant out-of-network costs and the failure of some companies to pay claims. A real solution: Legislators in Idaho and elsewhere should remove insurance regulatory hurdles, including coverage mandates and market barriers.

Idahoans leading in volunteer service

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The quiet service and giving spirit of Idahoans are among the many blessings I am counting this holiday season. A recently released study from the Corporation for Community and National Service (CNCS) further confirmed the prevalent service in Idaho communities concluding that Idaho ranks fifth in the nation for volunteer service.

Why I want a ‘perfect’ Christmas

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I pretty much lived an idyllic childhood. Every holiday, every milestone, every event was special. I have to be careful, as an adult, that I don’t let my childhood ruin Christmas for me.

No veteran should face homelessness

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No veteran who has served our nation should return home to face homelessness, but yet it is happening. Based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports there were 49,933 homeless veterans on a single night in January 2014.

Give all Idahoans a raise in 2017

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During the last five years, Gov. Butch Otter and the legislature have raised taxes and increased the size of the state budget by a third. And it sounds like Otter is gearing up for a repeat in the 2017 session. He recently told a crowd that he has no plans to propose tax relief. Willing to listen to ideas, yes. But that’s about it. That’s not the conservative leadership Otter promised when he was first elected governor in 2006.

Native American tribes have shaped history

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The Native American tribes of Idaho have helped shape our state and national history and their perspective helps guide advancements.

Understanding promise of America

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So, the Democrats want to hold the incoming party accountable. They might start by understanding what America is. That America is the opportunity for the individual to achieve their dreams.

Price lock way to secure IFG funding

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Your license dollars are critical both to daily wildlife management, and in the legacy of wildlife conservation that started in Idaho more than 75 years ago.

New thinking on old tech for secure future

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By encouraging this research, we are working to ensure the U.S. never faces a day when our reliance on highly networked technology leaves us vulnerable to attack.

Idaho must rethink cannabis laws

Guest Opinion

Idaho lawmakers should revisit the state’s marijuana laws. Idaho is already surrounded by states that allow cannabis use in one form or other

Beware those scamming on caring

Guest Opinion

Folks in this area genuinely care, and want to help. But, oftentimes that is our downfall as well.

Resolve early to improve health

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If you are like me and looking for another way to better your health—New Year’s resolution or otherwise—here are a few places to start:

Idaho fighting wildfires through partnerships

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Diverse interests are working together in unprecedented ways in Idaho to improve the health and resiliency of our lands. Our goal, in part, is to reduce large wildfires that cost taxpayers millions of dollars to suppress, damage wildlife habitat, pump millions of tons of carbon into the air, pile sediment into our waterways, hurt our economy, and harm the health of our citizens.



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