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Don’t wait; use the good China

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As we clean out papers and glass (my mom loved pretty glassware) we are afforded a lot of good memories. The one thing that has made me feel particularly gloomy is my mom’s beautiful Noritake China.

Proposed medical school to reduce the lack of physicians in Idaho

Guest Opinion

35 of Idaho’s 44 counties are defined as rural, that’s nearly 80-percent and of those 35, 16 counties are classified as frontier counties. A frontier county is remote with its residents far from grocery stores, schools and health care.

Secure Rural School payments: Federal obligation must be met

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The federal government’s irresponsible overspending that has resulted in a nearly $20 trillion national debt makes it increasingly difficult to ensure that the federal government meets its responsibilities. Comprehensive reforms that control federal spending and provide better certainty of the ability to meet these federal obligations are greatly needed.

Salvage Idaho’s forest family

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An unreliable and constricted supply of logs has been the largest factor forcing mill closures in Idaho towns like Kamiah, Orofino, Coeur d’Alene and Elk City. Over that quarter of a century, some 7,500 Idaho forest dependent families have lost the employment, homes and lifestyle they once lived and loved.

Despotism in Idaho Legislature? Rep. Giddings takes a stand

Guest Opinion

This past week as I witnessed what I consider the abuse of power inside the legislature, I took a stand.

Educating the Idaho talent we need

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Idaho’s economy is on an incredible path in the right direction. Idaho leads the nation in job creation. Idaho is one of the top three states for income growth. Idaho remains the best place to start a small business. With all of that…there is still work to be done.

Idaho bill ends gold, silver taxation

Guest Opinion

The Idaho legislation seeks to correct the misclassification of precious metals by the IRS as “property” rather than money. It is only because of this misclassification in the first place that precious metals income and losses are included in the federal-adjusted gross-income number that flows through to the taxpayer’s Idaho tax return.

‘Hold my beer’ not a wise choice: On legend, reality of right-of-way

Guest Opinion

Occasionally an urban legend takes on a form that can actually put a person at risk of injury to themselves or at the very least damage to their or someone else’s property. Take for example the urban legend that has been afoot in Grangeville for decades.

Sanctuary policies are anti-immigrant

Guest Opinion

There is no denying the importance of immigration to our American heritage. Immigrants tend to be some of the most hardworking, family-oriented, God-fearing people among us. The system by which they are admitted, however, is broken: the product of decades of gross mismanagement by the federal government.

Hospitality shelter needs your help During the recent road closures, we ended up with many travelers stranded in town. The city opened the community hall in order to provide for a safe, warm place for

Guest Opinion

During the recent road closures, we ended up with many travelers stranded in town. The city opened the community hall in order to provide for a safe, warm place for people to go. From that we have established a Hospitality Shelter Plan, knowing that there is a very real likelihood it will happen in the future.

Draining swamp demands term limits

Guest Opinion

To restore constitutional balance, we must bring the career politicians home and replace them with patriots ready to make the hard choices necessary for prudent governance. That is why I have introduced a term limits constitutional amendment, H.J. Res. 50, restricting service in Congress to six two-year terms in the House and two six-year terms in the Senate. The resolution has 12 original co-sponsors.

Priorities on education, economy; majority party distracted, focused on harmful legislation

Guest Opinion

The first month of the Idaho legislature has ended and it’s clear that education continues to be the top concern amongst Idahoans. However, it remains unclear if it is a priority during this session. The majority party has either been distracted with their own internal quarreling or has focused on legislation that harms Idaho’s national reputation and damages our economy.

Opportunity for every Idaho child

Guest Opinion

We are pleased that Governor Otter’s number one recommendation in the Jan.9 State of the State address was to honor the commitment that has been made to fully fund year three of the Career Ladder salary allocation model.

Time wasting to stop Medicare bankruptcy

Guest Opinion

46.3 million Americans aged 65 and older and 9 million who are disabled, receive health care through Medicare, which is at serious risk if changes are not implemented

Session so far doesn’t touch actual problems

IDP statement:

So far, the majority party has kicked one of their own off of her committees, dealt with two weeks of internal squabbling, and proposed bills that don’t even touch on the actual problems that Idahoans face.


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