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Hold Your State Government Accountable, Vote Yes on HJR 5

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By voting “Yes” on HJR 5, you will be securing the ability to hold politicians accountable, protect Idahoans from excessive regulations, ensure your voice is heard and hold our state government accountable to the people it serves.

Bill critical in maintaining balance of powers

Election 2016: Vote to decide constitutional amendment

This year, voters need to understand the significance of this new proposal and vote in favor of it. I believe this bill is critical in maintaining the balance of powers in our form of government.

Amendment to Idaho Constitution is unnecessary

Election 2016: Vote to decide constitutional amendment

The legislature’s role in approving administrative rules is already protected in Statute (67-52). An amendment to the Constitution is unnecessary when the Idaho Legislature is already able to review and approve proposed changes to Rule.

Idaho’s healthcare system for poor is unconscionable, does crummy job

Guest Opinion

Republican Rep. Fred Wood, chairman of the Idaho House Health and Welfare Committee, recently said something that deserves further exploration. He told a legislative committee, “It is difficult for me to see how we can go forward having two healthcare systems in the state — one for poor people and one for everyone else, with different benefits. We can’t do that. That’s simply unconscionable.”

Boojie? Fleek? Rickroll?

Evolution of words, phrases quite interesting, descriptive

As we start the school year, I thought it would be a good time to give a little overview on some recent additions to the Merriam Webster Dictionary (as well as other on-line dictionaries). Recent as in the past three years. The evolution of words and phrases is quite interesting. Don’t ask for fry sauce in some Eastern states – they don’t know what you mean and they might hand you a container of gravy or cheese. Soda is said instead of pop and it’s pocketbook instead of purse.

Opening new markets for U.S. ag; Agriculture exports support 24,000 jobs in Idaho

Guest Opinion

If you’re looking for a growth industry, check out Idaho’s food and agricultural exports: The number of jobs supported by agricultural exports has been trending upward since the 1990s.

Instead of free health care for felons, Idaho should lift job restrictions

Guest Opinion

Idaho, for a number of reasons, should not provide state-funded health coverage to former prison inmates, as the Otter administration is contemplating. But that’s not to say Idaho should do nothing to help inmates who have completed their prison sentences.

Mind ‘no parking’ at fair this year

Guest Opinion

In order to save the work already accomplished, provide for the safety of our motoring public, and to prepare for the next phase of projects, there will be no parking on East Street in Cottonwood during the Idaho County Fair (Aug. 15-20). The area will be from the intersection of Foster and East north to the intersection of Butler and East.

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Safety crucial when hunting for Pokemon: Prairie student outlines steps for a safe search

Guest Opinion

People all over the world are playing Pokemon Go. Even in Cottonwood people are looking for Pokemons. You can play Pokemon Go by downloading an app. A lot of people wanted to play Pokemon Go because it was their dream to go outside and catch Pokemon instead of playing a game or playing the card game. I wanted to try it because I wanted to find rare Pokemon.

Stopping civil asset forfeiture abuses

Guest Opinion

I have been alarmed to read outrageous reports of abuse of civil asset forfeiture where Americans’ property is being seized without it first being proven that a crime was committed or without even an arrest or warrant. From reports of the use of new devices to scan a motorist’s cards and seize money during a traffic stop to a person’s life savings and family business being taken due to unproven suspicion, excessive use of civil asset forfeiture requires action.

Struggle to maintain school-year gains; avoiding the summer slide for kids

Guest Opinion

I love summer, but as a parent it can be stressful to keep kids safe and busy. Fortunately, there are summer programs to help. If you have a child engaged in one, you may also have the peace of mind that they are likely offering much more than safety and fun. Summer programs can also offer extended learning opportunities and help prevent the ‘summer slide.’

It’s time for Idaho lawmakers to address education funding formula

Guest Opinion

Twenty years ago, the World Wide Web was an infant, Operation Desert Storm had just ended and The Grateful Dead played their last concert. It was also the last time the Idaho Legislature addressed the education funding formula, which drives a $1.6 billion annual budget and determines the education of Idaho’s children.

Presentation misrepresented by paper

Guest Opinion

I was disappointed to read the article “Conversation hits issues for county health,” and the opinion written by Mr. Rauzi “Addressing community problems starts with us “ (Wednesday, July 13). The information presented by Idaho County Free Press about the community gathering organized by Kirsten Jensen of U of I, Idaho County Extension Health, Nutrition and Fitness Educator, that discussed ways to prevent and fight childhood obesity couldn’t have been more misrepresented.

On the importance of mentoring

Guest Opinion

Earlier this year, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution recognizing the importance of mentoring in encouraging achievement in our nation’s youth. Mentors across America are helping ensure young people reach their goals and goals they may never have thought they could achieve.

On minimum wage: Legislators correct to keep hands off

Guest Opinion

Oregon’s journey into brave new minimum-wage world is fraught with peril


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