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Fire borrowing must be fixed now

Disaster-scale wildfires are going to continue to be a threat. We can better prepare for the increasing costs of wildland fire suppression by providing land managers and firefighters the certainty needed to plan and allocate resources properly without robbing from other priorities during each fire season.

‘Need to step away from the past and focus on our future’

Guest Opinion

We are messing our nest. Our trash is everywhere; strewn along roadways, heaped in containers, scattered around dumpsters. For years, county residents had access to multiple dumpster sites and, for prairie folks, an accessible transfer station. Several factors necessitated changes to that comfort zone.

Mind your dog’s business in city

Guest Opinion

Cottonwood Police has been getting several complaints regarding dogs, so we thought we’d send everyone a little reminder.

We have the right to sit back or help

Guest Opinion

One well-known fact is that change is for sure and certain. It’s happening to us all, at all times. It’s all around us, everywhere we look, consistently, no matter what our take. For our community, I am doing my best to redirect the changes taking place.

Democrats create healthcare gap; say only more government can fill

Guest Opinion

Life is simple for Democrats. They distort markets. Mandate programs. Then when problems arise, as inevitably they do, like magic the only solution is more government, more regulation, more taxes, and less coverage.

Education spending: Legislature should look before it leaps

Guest Opinion

Lawmakers need to address the lack of rigor in the teacher performance evaluation system before they simply fork over more money for the career ladder.

Healthcare delivery in Idaho: Eventually, system to make fiscal sense

Guest Opinion

The maze of healthcare delivery in Idaho may become even more complex this year.

PCAP: great start to keep more Idahoans healthy

Guest Opinion

I’ve read and watched with interest in recent days as legislators, healthcare providers, community leaders, columnists, editorial boards and citizens have reacted to the Primary Care Access Plan that I unveiled Jan. 7. Responses have run the gamut from “It’s not enough – just expand Medicaid” to “We shouldn’t do anything but focus on repealing Obamacare.”

Vocational training – is it enough?

Guest Opinion

We need a well-trained work force, on that most agree. But the current emphasis on vocational training and de-emphasis on ‘liberating’ knowledge such as humanities and the arts is a dangerous tradeoff.

Initiatives evidence that citizens disillusioned status quo to change

Guest Opinion

There is some irony in the precarious position the Gem State has found itself in. Despite setting a goal in 2010 for 60 percent of Idaho’s young people under age 34 to attend postsecondary education, the Idaho Legislature then decided the way to encourage young people to attend college is to significantly inflate the tuition costs for those would-be students in the subsequent years that followed.

In 2016, lawmakers must limit government, restrain spending and promote liberty

Guest Opinion

The thing that matters most — what we should obsess about in regard to the 2016 legislative session, set to begin Jan. 11 — is whether lawmakers and the governor will use the session to expand government or to maximize liberty.

Lands transfer doesn’t invalidate tribal settlement

Guest Opinion

The subject of the Idaho Forest Plan: The Idaho Forest Plan is a part of the Nez Perce Settlement of the Snake River Basin Adjudication.

Presents, presence, precedents: County a model for rural recycling

Guest Opinion

If the giving of presents is measured in pounds, area residents have presented Idaho County Recycling (ICR) with 3,480,483 gifts since 2009.

Let’s welcome refugees to Palouse

Guest Opinion

On Nov. 21, an estimated 700 people participated in a “Rally for Solidarity with Refugees in Idaho” at the statehouse. A friend who attended said “the crowd enthusiastically cheered the speakers and a large number of donations seem to have been collected for the refugees.”

Running against the wind

Tuition reduction, cigarette tax proposal a long-term, difficult improvement

I am 29 years old, but I have been around public policy long enough to know that it is easier to oppose an idea than to build policy that improves lives. Why? Two reasons: • Opposition is faster: Less accountability to the public, to staff, and to partners; • There is no silver bullet: No policy solves every aspect of every complex problem.


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