Guest Commentary


Doing better as land stewards

Idahoans know firsthand wildfire’s devastation. The most recent example is the Cape Horn Fire near the resort town of Bayview on Lake Pend Oreille. Hundreds of residents were evacuated last week and six homes destroyed.

Clearing smoke on fire, public lands

I was wondering who appointed the East Coast environmental cartels the kings of our lands. I believe local people care more about the true health of our forests and will do a better job of managing them because clean water and air and access and jobs matter to our families. So let’s clear up the smoke around wildfire and our public lands.

TPA passage vital to Idaho agriculture

U.S. agriculture took a big step forward with the U.S. Senate’s bipartisan passage of Trade Promotion Authority.

EPA must not undercut water projects

The importance of having clean water cannot be overstated. The fact that we can turn on the tap in most places of our country and know that the water we drink will not make us sick happens because communities across our nation invest in the infrastructure necessary to ensure high water quality.

Forest collaboration needs federal support to be model of the future

There’s growing consensus that something must be done on federal lands to improve the health of our forests and rural communities. To that end, collaboration is commonly touted as the model for resolving controversial issues in federal forest management.

Rerouting of pension bill won’t fly with Idaho taxpayers

Last legislative session, a bill suddenly disappeared from radar, and only now do we know why: It had the potential to impact the retirements of people serving in the state Senate.

Gov. Otter’s flip-flop on medical marijuana hurts Idaho’s kids

Here’s a study in contrasts and contradictions: Nine years ago, Republican Butch Otter proclaimed his support for medical marijuana. Yet this year, he vetoed a bill that would have let parents give their sick kids a treatment using an oil derived from marijuana plants.

Father’s Day: Encourage focus on men’s health

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the official awareness period of Men’s Health Week, which is June 15-19 — the week of Father’s Day.

Syringa Hospital helipad: Denial not the end; still an answer here

Pedestrians, patients, residents, travelers, business patrons, children, crossing guards, medical personnel. Vehicles, gas pumps, power lines, trees, debris, rotor wash, noise. Wind, rain, snow, sleet. City streets, Highway 13, U.S. 95. Distractions, human vulnerability, safety.

‘Unfair tax must be repealed’

Idahoans were on the hook for more than $26 million in estate taxes for 2013, according to U.S. Internal Revenue Service statistics.

As Maine goes, so should Idaho go

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of listening to a speech by a governor who really wants to make a difference by embracing, fighting for and implementing conservative, free-market principles.

Helipad decision: Where we go from here

The Syringa Hospital Board is disappointed that our request for a conditional use permit for a helipad across Main Street from the hospital has been rejected by the City of Grangeville.

Restoring forest health, jobs

As many of us in Idaho know firsthand, poor management of our national forests has devastated forest health and rural economies.

On EMT week: Helping people on worst day in life

It has started to happen! EMT shortages are occurring throughout most rural communities in Idaho and across the nation. Opinion

Idahoans fed up with dishonest distractions

The “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up” Caucus is scrambling to justify the blunder that threatened $205 million in child support for Idaho kids.