Guest Commentary


Extending SRS, fully funding PILT: Step in right direction; more work needed for feds to meet obligation

Extending Secure Rural Schools and Self Determination Act (SRS) payments and fully funding Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) is not a simple undertaking, especially considering the federal government’s overspending problem.

Helipad proposal: Good, viable solution for hospital

“Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson is a parable about constructively dealing with change.

Kids deserve access to child support

It’s not right for Idaho children and families to lose their protections just to pacify nine far right committee members.

On May 7, Idaho Gives; will you?

It’s fair to say that we live in a fairly conservative state, where the values of independence, freedom, and self-reliance tend to shape public policy.

SRS vote: Debt still greatest threat

I was on the short end of a 392-37 vote last month on a budget-busting Medicare bill that adds at least $141 billion to our deficit.

Proper role of ‘standards’ in education

In Idaho, and nationwide, there has been intense focus on the Common Core state standards.

Embracing new approaches to achieving recovery, resiliency

The State of Idaho and Optum are working together with one goal in mind: to transform the outpatient mental health and substance use system to better help people reach recovery and ensure that valuable tax dollars are used effectively.

Babies dying, mother’s lives at risk

Planned Parenthood has initiated plans nationwide to install what are called “web cam” facilities in all of the states. In Idaho, we have convincing evidence that they want to implement web cam facilities in our state, as they have already done in Iowa. If this becomes a reality, web cam abortions could be done here.

Idaho needs great teachers

Effective teachers are essential to student achievement and success. Providing competitive, professional-level salaries is critical to recruiting, developing and keeping great teachers in the classroom.

Otter: Join Democrats to help workers

Eight years have taught Idahoans that we need to pay more attention to what Governor Otter does than what he says he does. Yes, Governor Otter, Idaho learns. But we have yet to see whether you and your administration does.

Idaho’s wildlife professionals to advocacy groups: stop crying wolf

It’s important for state agencies to understand and respect differing points of view. But when a few advocacy groups try to grab headlines by skewing Idaho Fish and Game scientific wolf monitoring data in ways that simply aren’t true, it’s also important to set the record straight.

OSHA: New rule for safety, save lives

When worker loses arm, who knows about it?

Pressing ahead in Congress

Considerable work is required in the 114th Congress to build the foundation for a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth. Improving our nation’s economic well-being —which includes reforming our badly broken tax code, reforming entitlement programs to ensure their solvency and establishing powerful budget controls — remains my number one priority.

Look up, Americans; it’s not as bad as you think

We are one glum country.

Nation shows clear need for comprehensive tax reform

One of my top priorities in the new Congress remains reforming our nation’s overly burdensome tax code as part of creating a competitive, national economy that encourages innovation and job growth.