Letters to the Editor


Tune in to alternate news voices before they’re gone forever

Letter: Carol Asher Kamiah

Although I see the hour as very late, it is nonetheless encouraging to see more people, the world over, beginning to question a lot of the sorry mass media propaganda that daily passes for globalist "network news."

Tool for fed overreach: Convention of States

Letter: Arthur Bedford Grangeville

Executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, 3,500 new business crushing regulations, the feds attempting to regulate our local police departments.

244 levy: board takes stewardship seriously

Letter: Harold Gott Grangeville

I am writing to offer my support for the upcoming Mt. View School District levy election.

Praise lesson taught: You do not keep what isn’t yours

Letter: Bettie Cox Grangeville

The parents of the children who found the money near Keuterville should be given high praise and applause for the lesson they taught their kids that day.

Your generosity has blessed our community

Letter: Carol Schmidt Camas Prairie Food Bank Grangeville

Camas Prairie Food Bank Board and volunteer staff thank all who have helped us, this past year, continue to serve those needing food assistance in our area.

True morality isn’t legislated; takes inward heart change

Letter: Jim Holsinger Grangeville

There seems to be a continual push for enacting moral laws to protect us from ourselves. Consider those who fight to establish anti-gun laws.

Can ITD Dist. 2 get some respect? How about a crosswalk?

Letter: Glen Scott Swearingen Kooskia

The Northwest Passage Scenic Byway, U.S. Highway 12, in Clearwater, Lewis and Idaho counties is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Idaho Transportation Department’s 2nd District. It gets no respect. The last time it got respect, Captain Meriwether Lewis had something to do with it.

Next year, send your affectations to home

Letter: Steven Wassmuth Grangeville

Call me the “Valentine’s Day Scrooge” if you wish but something last week made me wonder why this had to happen.

Generous gift of music by Varsity Blue Choir

Letter: James Haeder

I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law, Dawn Kennedy-Haeder, outlining the visit from the Varsity Blue Choir, to my brother, Dewey Haeder. Again, this group has shown compassion and grace to visit my brother and to serenade him for Valentine’s Day, as he and my sister-in-law struggle with his medical and physical decline. Thank you, Varsity Blue and Mrs. Stefani, for your touching and generous gift of time and music, and a quote from Dawn’s e-mail: “When he was awake later, I asked him if he had been awake enough to hear the choir. He whispered ‘Oh yes,’ and smiled again. Then he began to hum.”

Not the waste implied with highway districts

Letter: Mary Lycan

Regarding Ms. Perdue’s letter [Feb. 11 issue] of living within budgets, I think she needs to look a little deeper into what takes place with road maintenance. She may be an authority on equipment maintenance and snowplowing but that is not all the districts are responsible for.

Business continues; thanks for support, shopping local

Letter: Robert A. Nida, One Hour Photo Express, Inc. / Radio Shack

As reported in the news, Corporate RadioShack has filed Chapter 11. How does this affect our store in Grangeville, Idaho?

Highway district needs to live within budget

Letter: Michelle Perdue, Grangeville

As I recall, the Secure Rural Schools, or “SRS” funds were originally the Craig-Wyden Funds that began in 2000.

USFS contributes to carbon dioxide levels

Letter: Leonard Wallace New Meadows

Supposedly the U.S.F.S. is going to restore our forests back to what they were in 1900; virtually impossible with the current management plan.

Pet responsibility: Don’t ship them off to irresponsible home

I would like to bring awareness to a problem that I am seeing quite a bit in our local area. This issue is regarding pets that people are trying to re-home. My family believes in pets as family members. We don’t take them in on a whim. Our family is blessed in the fact that we are rural and have the luxury of room to let our pets run. A lot of homes are in town and need to be aware of, not only the room they have, but their neighbors also.

Amend Constitution? Then do it right!

Letter: C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong

A few weeks ago I got a letter from a man named Mark Meckler who is trying to organize a Convention of States under article five of our U.S. Constitution.