Letters to the Editor


Witless attempt to rid country of forest land

Letter to the Editor

Commissioner Chmelik underestimates the intelligence of his constituents. Most of us can see the inconsistency ....

Compare their crime to that of conspiring cadre of officials

Letter to the Editor

Okay, so maybe moving in and taking over the Malheur wildlife refuge in Oregon wasn’t the wisest, best approach for patriotic justice seekers to use to show support for their imprisoned brothers, nor in any other attempts to appeal to those far-more-permanent government occupiers for “redress of grievances,” a right secured and supposedly guaranteed to us all within the freedom documents founding our nation....

Better to highlight those who pay taxes, keep up communities

Letter to the Editor

Bear Claw: So let me get this straight – you have a man that’s too lazy to work, too lazy to plant his own garden, is unable to put his food up in a way to keep and not spoil, depends on neighbors so he can receive mail and provide him with garden foods. He joins a church so he can receive more assistance....

Chmelik playing an elaborate shell game

Letter to the Editor

Something is rotten in “Landmark” — i.e. The Western Landmark Foundation created and promoted by Idaho County Commissioner Jim Chmelik— an organization with no oversight or accountability.

Process simple to file for county position

Letter to the Editor

The following information is for anyone thinking about filing to run for an Idaho County position, i.e. commissioner....

Instead of vilifying, thank legislators for fight to keep us free

Letter to the Editor

Robert G. Schultze made some interesting accusations in his letter of Jan. 20. First, let’s examine the “greedy gun lobby.” I presume he means the NRA, which was established in 1871.

County’s expenditure is misguided, a waste

Letter to the Editor

I once thought it was a passing thing. But after three years in a row, I figure it’s about that time of year for our commissioners to skim another $5,000 off our taxes and send the check down to attorney Ken Ivory, in Utah, so that he can continue to taunt the people who own public lands, you and me.

Imagine these three...

Letter to the Editor

Imagine a picture of Obama, Kerry and Hillary ....

Good community support for 4-H club

Letter to the Editor

The lively livestock horse project would like to thank the community for supporting us by buying our baked goods.

No more Bushes, no more Clintons ...

Letter to the Editor

I will never look at a GUCCI bag again. No more Bushes, no more Clintons, no more elite baggage handlers. Those alligator handbags are out of my closet. In fact, no closet I have will sport these handbags.

Rules for English a sick joke on mankind

Letter to the Editor

Well, after reading “Parts of Speech: Seeing How Words Work,” I have come to the conclusion that learning how to build a rocket ship, with no prior knowledge, or assistance, in the middle of the night, in pitch black darkness, blindfolded and with my hands tied behind my back would be extremely more manageable to understand than the written English language!

Good view of narrow privatization agenda

Letter to the Editor

The Wilks Brothers, billionaires from Texas, have purchased 38,000 acres of Idaho County. Traditional recreation access, by permission of the previous landowners, has gone bye-bye. Commissioner Chmelik has dismissed local concerns with the published statement: “As long as they (the Wilks Brothers) pay their taxes, I’m not worried.”

These are personality, not survey, problems

Letter to the Editor

The U.S. Observers appearing in your mailbox are there for a reason, and though they might be free to you, they are not free. Someone is paying big bucks for them and it is not the U.S. Observer.

Great recreation district board will serve well

his week our White Bird Area Recreation District and the Grangeville school district will formally begin the final procedures to transfer over the former White Bird Elementary School to the newly formed recreation district

Not local, but business interests drive trade

Letter to the Editor

To grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I wanted to sadly inform you what may be happening to your forest areas due to the misguidance and obsession of certain public officials. These are the same forest areas that many of you remember the times you have spent hunting, fishing, picking berries, mushrooms, etc. with your parents and grandparents.