Letters to the Editor


Consider offering skill on hospital board

Letter to the Editor

Have you considered how important Syringa Hospital, the clinic, the medical staff and emergency service unit are to this town, and to you and me personally? So often we take things for granted and just assume they will manage themselves and be there for us in our time of need. This spring we have an opportunity to have input and to be involved in how this critical facility operates. In May, we will be electing our hospital board of trustees.

Your party owns the rhetoric, division

Letter to the Editor

In response to Rep. Erpelding’s opinion [Feb. 8 issue] I have a few points for the people to ponder. When it comes to education why don’t the Democrats and Rep. Erpelding support school choice and the right of parents to choose?

Play part in exciting time for Syringa Hosp.

Letter to the Editor

I invite you to play a part in this exciting time in your hospital’s history. Contact your hospital board members and let them know your concerns. Consider even running for the hospital board of trustees this May to allow your skill set to augment those of this dedicated group of public servants.

It’s time citizens connect the dots of our collective voting and get a full picture

Letter to the Editor

Review your tax bill. Look at your total taxes, then the School District Supplement. Our family’s District 244 School Supplement represents 43 percent of our taxes! Previously, I’ve voted for every district supplemental levy for nearly three decades. I’m not certain this time.

Obama accomplished one good thing...

Letter to the Editor

A friend recently pointed out to me that the Obama presidency did actually accomplish one good thing for our country....

Want to understand Democrats? Then talk to some Democrats

Letter to the Editor

No matter what your political party, it can be a good thing to talk to and listen to people who don’t agree with you. Who knows, you may even find some common ground.

Don’t understand the attitude on politics

Letter to the Editor

It seems the Democrat Party doesn’t handle losing very well: protests, marches, violence in the streets, etc. I don’t recall seeing such things when Barack Obama was elected and re-elected.

Court remedy fair because information collected illegally

Letter to the Editor

IDFG has been disingenuous and playing fast and loose on this issue for years. This project was accelerated, banking on the public not being able to hold agencies accountable through the courts. The remedy was fair because the information was collectedly illegally, and its use further threatens wilderness character.

Where is Christian among youth to expose low morals?

Letter to the Editor

Nowadays, I don’t see any improvement in the morals of young, sports team participants. So where is the dead-to-self Christian among them to expose their low morals and remedy any damage that they may have done to others?

Sessions’ entire career is anti-woman

Letter to the Editor

eff Sessions’ entire career is anti-woman, opposing any bill meant to help rape and abuse victims, believes the military needs to fix pornography and not rape, and doesn’t think grabbing a woman by the genitals is sexual assault.

FAIRtax offers solution for jobs, tax evasion

Letter to the Editor

The “best” way to return power to the people is to repeal the 16th Amendment with the FAIRtax bill HR 25 / S 18. You see, the 16th took freedom, liberty and civil rights from We the People and gave government huge new taxing power to directly tax us.

Kindness to benefit Elk City clinic safety

Letter to the Editor

More than enough was donated to ensure several replacements for years to come ensuring safe access for all who visit our clinic. The Lindsley family’s generosity and kindness will not soon be forgotten.

Pass legislation to protect Idaho from acts of terrorism

Letter to the Editor

We are experiencing an increasing number of refugees in our state through the Refugee Resettlement Program and our potential for more problems increases almost daily.

Feeling the love as watched hate flowing

Letter to the Editor

What fine examples they set for us deplorables and the rest of the world.

Generosity to pantry much appreciated

Our board members are delighted with the generosity of all. We couldn’t have done this without your efforts to help with hunger in our county.



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