Letters to the Editor


Encourage kids in joy of reading

Letter: Chris Hansen-FitzMaurice Grangeville

Idaho Family Reading Week takes place Nov. 16-22. All around the state, adults and children will participate in literacy activities in homes, schools and libraries.

Veterans’ reward is to see America prosper

Letter: Al Mills White Bird

The day before Veterans Day I received five cards from young elementary students in McCall where my granddaughter goes to school.

Editorial reveals ‘ugly bias’

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

I am proud to be a Democrat in Idaho. I am proud to be an advocate and practitioner of our values and platform: social and environmental responsibility, education reform and advancement, fair and equal human rights, strengthening the family framework through decent wages and schooling opportunities.

Rauzi missed it: Party does matter

Letter: Bill Farmer Cottonwood

David Rauzi missed it completely.

Risch, Labrador legislate away 39,000 acres

Letter: Harvey Neese Clarkston, Wash.

This is directed to those citizens who were aware of the promise by Risch and Labrador related to legislating away up to 39,000 acres of public forest lands in Latah, Clearwater, Idaho and Benewah counties and then voted them back into office to accomplish this.

Field burning needs to be changed

Letter: Bobbi Onley Weippe

A week or so ago staying inside my house without venturing out was my best option. The air was filled with fields burning in addition to forests burning, making breathing painful. The reasoning that “farmers have their rights, we have always done this or we were here first,” just doesn’t have its place anymore.

How long can the population increase continue in U.S.?

Letter: Bob Walker Grangeville

Attention hunters: Seems like it’s getting a little more crowded out there in the woods every year. Here’s some numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau that might explain that.

Paper missed court decision on tribe sovereignty issue

Letter: James Lawyer Grangeville

I am deeply upset that the paper did not report on the recent United States Supreme Court decision.

Only thoughtless view goodness, success as luck

Letter: Scott Perrin Cottonwood

Too much negativity, thoughtlessness and indolence of naysayers of our day govern the varied, real or perceived, social and economic condition of people within our state and nation.

Frei: deep roots, independent

Letter: Kevin Rehder Cottonwood

Mark Frei is an excellent choice for Idaho County Commissioner on Nov. 4. He brings strong leadership skills and a financial background to support his vision for increased economic opportunity for residents of Idaho County.

Perry: Willing to listen to us

Letter: Ray Anderson Grangeville

Idaho County needs new thinkers at the commissioners’ office. We have had too much of Brandt’s “done deal” politics. The people of Idaho County deserve better.

Affiliation shame more a concern than relations

Letter: Clay Baker

I find it interesting that some folks in Idaho County are so concerned that a Republican candidate for county commissioner is married to a sitting commissioner’s sister. They imply that having two members of an extended family (by marriage) in the same government body would cause disaster.

Party important; vote Republican

Letter: Lucky Brandt Kooskia

When you are standing in the voting booth on Nov. 4 and see a candidate’s name with a “D” beside it, what does that mean to you?

Frei: local control, limited govt.

Letter: Don and Charlotte DeArmond Grangeville

We’re voting for Mark Frei for County Commissioner, District 2...

GOP ad offensive; vote responsible candidates

Letter: Bill Farmer Cottonwood

As a Vietnam veteran and member of the VFW, I urge you to not vote for the people listed in the Republican advertisement stating that Democrats will abandon veterans and all military.