Letters to the Editor


Thanks to patrons for their levy ‘yes’ votes

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the students and staff of Clearwater Valley Jr/Sr High School, I would like to thank the local patrons who voted yes on the recent levy.

Where to find ‘big’ money? The FAIRtax

Letter to the Editor

So, President Trump, you are looking for some really big $$$ (in the trillions) for the infrastructure, military and a wall. Here are some ideas.

Land grabs come in many forms

Letter to the Editor

Americans are incredibly fortunate to have national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges and other lands that provide us with so much inspiration and fulfillment. I view public lands as a foundation of our democracy, and a place where all people are created equal.

Redcoats are coming to take public lands

Letter to the Editor

Republican legislators, with their political red party colors, are writing legislative bills implying, “we Redcoats are coming, we Redcoats are here to take away your lands!”

A better community due to your efforts

Letter to the Editor

We wanted to send out a heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers in the community who helped make Grangeville so bright and welcoming during these long, hard, winter months.

Make a difference with the Red Cross

Letter to the Editor

arch has been recognized as Red Cross Month for more than 70 years. It is the time of year when Idaho Red Cross recognizes our volunteer heroes.

USFS letting burnt forest go to waste

Letter to the Editor

Nobody is working any harder to destroy our forest and deny access to said forest by the general public than the U.S.F.S. They are supposed to be managing the forests for the financial good and enjoyment of the general public, not the USFS and employees.

We need to reassess our priorities

Letter to the Editor

It bothers me to spend countless hours, time, and money donated doing fund-raisers making $500-$1,000 at a time to keep a basic necessity such as a fire department in our community, while last year my household alone paid over $1,200 towards the school district on our tax bill.

Just one area district could make some cuts

Letter to the Editor

Should they be reimbursed? Absolutely. But what about all those district vehicles? What are they used for? There was a pause from the board and a “deer caught in your headlights” moment. Just one area district could make some cuts.

District has waste they refuse to acknowledge

Letter to the Editor

The district has waste they refuse to acknowledge. Why worry about it if the money is always there? They are very capable of cutting back and looking for waste. Vote no Tuesday, March 14.

District website has information on where money being spent

Letter to the Editor

As a school board member I am not actively campaigning either for or against the upcoming supplemental levy. I do, however, get a lot of patrons complaining after the levy vote, they did not know there was a levy to vote on. So here is your notice.

A clear statement how policies have failed

Letter to the Editor

My words were not divisive nor were they meant to unify; they were a clear statement of fact that pointed out how Democrat socialist policies have failed and will continue to fail; and yet they are still put forward by party leadership as solutions.

Can conservatives, GOP say same thing?

Letter to the Editor

Idaho Democrats are in the legislature advocating that we do our job, and fully fund education while simultaneously lowering property taxes. The politicians in charge are content with stifling opportunity for our kids. A fair tax policy in Idaho would lower property taxes for all and create a graduated income tax that would increase as income rises.

Cutting to the chase on Democrats

Letter to the Editor

In response to your Feb. 22 “Open Letter to Jim Chmelik,” let’s cut to the chase, Michelle Perdue. You’re in favor of killing unborn babies, and having taxpayers pay for it. You’re in favor of keeping poor kids in failing public schools by not giving them the option of educational choice through vouchers....

Public education forum nicely done

Letter to the Editor

Idaho County Democrats: Kudos for sponsoring the public education forum. It was nicely done with a moderator, three district superintendents and refreshments; attendance was great, sad we don’t see same turnout at school board meetings.



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