Letters to the Editor


No-brainer: Helipad a totally bad idea

Letter: C.M. “Chuck” Vogelsong, Riggins

I can’t believe that the helipad issue is anything but a “no brainer.” While virtually everybody would like to accommodate Syringa Hospital, there are limits that reasonable people must respect.

Smith: confident values will be secured

Letter: Paul and Lynne Anderberg, Kooskia

My wife and I are and have been pretty much a homeschool family.

Essen: interested in success of hospital

Letter: Sharon Cox, Grangeville

Barbara Essen is running for a two-year position on the Syringa Hospital Board. She is vitally interested in the health and continued success of the hospital as a critically important asset of Grangeville and the surrounding area.

Smith: knows value of good education

letter: Janet Lane, Stites

I support Casey Smith for school board Zone 2 District 244.

Essen: experienced; good fit for hospital

LetterL Dave Poncin, Grangeville

I would like to suggest you take a close look at Barbara Essen who is running for a two-year term on the Syringa Hospital Board of Trustees.

Smith: an honest man

Letter: Zech Hoffenreich, Kooskia

I have known Casey Smith for more than a decade.

Smith: want to use tax dollars efficiently

Letter: Robert and Cathy Ward, Kooskia

We would like to encourage everyone in Zone 2 to go to the polls and vote on May 19 for Casey Smith for the school board position.

Smith: strong family values, sound business sense

Letter: Sean and Rachel Andrews, Kooskia

As a home schooling family, but having nephews and friends attending public schools here, we try to stay involved in our area schools by participating in their fund-raising events, attending sports-related activities in which my children also enjoy participating, and by actively trying to help where I can in decorating for Kooskia and Kamiah proms, etc.

Do my part to maintain happy, normal life style for all school children

Candidate Letter – Casey Smith, Clearwater

In a world that seems turned upside down I'd like to do my part in helping to maintain a happy and normal life style for all our school children so that they can reach their full potential in life and enjoy the nice opportunities I've had.

What the purpose of a school board member is

Candidate Letter – Julia York

On May 19, some of you will be voting for the person you want to represent zone 2 on the MVSD Board of Trustees. Please consider the purpose of a school board before you make your decision.

Smith: organized, personable man

Letter: Erika Hoffenreich

I'm writing today to add my recommendation, along with all the others who have written, for Casey Smith running for our area school board.

Smith: man of integrity, honor; solid Christian values

Letter: George Parker, Kooskia

Casey Smith is a candidate for the school board. I have known Casey for about eight years and know him to be a man of integrity and honor.

Peace state or police state?

Letter: Carol Asher Kamiah

On communist day this year, May 1, the national media announced an initial 20-million dollar federally funded program to provide body cameras for (get this:) “small and medium-sized police departments” around the nation.

304 levy: expenses this will support

Letter: Joinne Gordon Kamiah

All taxpayers! Remember to vote on the No. 304 school levy for Kamiah School District, May 19.

Who more should be entitled to the money?

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

In the April 29 issue of the Free Press was a letter from a Harvey Neese of Clarkston, Wash. And there is an item I am confused about and I would like very much for him to clear it up for me...