Letters to the Editor


Thanks Real Life for CV supplies

Letters of thanks : Susan Hill, principal for CVES students, teachers, staff

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Real Life church community for their generous donation of school supplies to the students of Clearwater Valley Elementary School.

Many helped make event ‘fly’

Letter of thanks: Val Stone President Eagle Auxiallry

The Eagles want to thank the community for the support for our sister Eagle, Judy Elliot. Because of all of you we were able to help send her on a “Make a Wish” trip to Alaska and a cruise back home.

Forest decisions made on science, not on emotion

Letter: Dick Artley USFS, retired Grangeville

Nez Perce National Forest Supervisor, Brazell, would have cut his losses had he not responded to my letter of July 30 pointing out the problems with his proposed, revised forest plan. Trying to justify an unpopular proposal using untrue statements and lies by omission is ineffective and unprofessional.

Labrador: knows better than land professionals?

Letter: Marilyn Beckett Moscow

News coverage on Congressman Labrador’s Moscow visit didn’t mention some attendees protesting his support of the Lochsa Land Exchange (ULX).

Thanks, Church, for legacy that continues to hurt

Letter: Lucky Brandt Kooskia

Last Saturday’s Tribune ran a story with the headline, “A lasting legacy for the ‘boy wonder’ and Idaho” referring to former Senator Frank Church and how he blessed Idaho with so much federal wilderness.

Vote Democrat? Ten reasons why you should

Letter: Tom Reilly Grangeville

Just thought I’d add to Mike Mitchell’s list, published in last week’s Free Press, of why one should vote Democrat this fall.

Great effort by outstanding kids

Letter of thanks: Dori Dixon, Mary Ann Davidson Animal Ark Grangeville

Thank you to the Animal House 4-H Club and the Crazy Critters 4-H Club. Animal House 4-H Club set a goal of collecting 500 pounds of dog food for Animal Ark, and they exceeded their goal.

Service extended to flat tire fix

Letter: Lynn Dufur Grangeville

Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth! I believe Grangeville’s recycling center is.

What do you want? Choose politics that fit

Letter: Mike Mitchell Lewiston

If you want guns in schools — vote Republican. If you want sensible gun laws — vote Democrat.

Care package a great hit

Letter: SSgt. Jarrod P. Johnson Afganistan

Thank you and everyone who had a hand in the care package! I knew it was going to be a good one just by the weight of the box.

Local support with fire efforts leads to success

Letter of thanks: Ivy Leach incident commander - Northern Rockies Type II Incident Management Team

The Northern Rockies Type II Incident Management Team

Keep watching as Lochsa swap is punted about

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

Huckleberries! Plentiful purple everywhere; big, luscious, juicy and free for the pickin’ and eatin’.

Protect elderly from aggressive salesmen at door

Letter: Rebecca Crea Grangeville

Anyone concerned with an elderly parent or grandparent living alone, there are Kirby vacuum salesmen that if let into their home will not leave until your loved one buys it at an absorbent price, often calling ahead offering a free carpet shampoo.

Don’t use animals for pellet gun practice

Letter: Karin and Bill Vetter Grangeville

Pellet gun shooting maims and injures beloved pets Whoever decided to shoot two cats Monday afternoon, July 28, in the Happy Hollow area has caused a significant amount of damage...

Buyer beware with purchases in Washington

Letter: Mary Lycan Kooskia

For those going outside our area looking for hot deals on big ticket items, be alert and know exactly what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line in Washington state.