Letters to the Editor


GYB sign outdated; needs a better place

Letter: Gladys Harris, Orofino

I took a back way into Grangeville last week and I saw this sign on the hill. It was for the Grangeville Youth Baseball, but I almost missed that as the sign is pretty peeled up and faded.

County residents have say in helipad issue

Letter: Linda Orville, Kooskia

Syringa Hospital’s helipad idea is a long time coming. Out in the back country when you’re running stock or a four-wheeler, the working person here in Idaho County has a little more ease knowing there’s going to be quick access to a hospital, much the same as someone in town would have.

United States not a ‘Christian’ nation

Letter: David Bearman, Kooskia

Jefferson said that his religious freedom contribution to the Virginia Declaration of Rights, crafted by George Mason prior to June 12, 1776, a month before the Declaration of Independence was signed, was “…..meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mohammedan, the Hindu and infidel of every denomination.”

Double standard with Social Security

Letter: W. Alan Hall Grangeville

FYI: Are you aware of this as I am now?

Despite Christian claims, we will know them by their fruit

Letter: Jim Holsinger Grangeville

In the last several weeks many have written in to the opinion page asserting that the United States is a “Christian” nation.

Crooked River rehab a first-class boondoggle foisted on residents

Letter: Jon Menough, Ph.D. P.E. Elk City

Last week, Mr. Philip Jahn took issue with our commissioners for “losing touch” for becoming more interested in historic preservation within the proposed “Crooked River Rehabilitation Project” than in the jobs and economic impact it would have on the county. My response to Mr. Jahn: “Hogwash!”

Riggins levy: We want good, quality schools

Tracie Pottenger Levy Committee Chair and parent

Why do we need a $545,000 levy?

Prove to skeptics this site is a good idea

Letter: Allen and Kim Chenoweth

Since SGH is flush with funds, how about a very public trial run on the proposed helipad site? EMT Spencer can wheel an actor-patient, in the cold, across the rough Main Street surface, street roped off, to the helipad site.

Really? Preservation at expense of jobs, commerce, habitat?

Letter: Philip Jahn

I am concerned that the Idaho County Commission may be losing touch.

African lions release into FCRNR wilderness will benefit tourism

Letter: Michelle S. Perdue

It has come to my attention that environmentalists are petitioning to introduce African lions into the Frank Church/River of No Return Wilderness in response to global warming.

Refreshing American spirit is still alive

Letter: Scott Perrin Cottonwood

Raised in Wyoming and Idaho I was exposed to tough, salty people. Most were homesteaders who had to look to themselves to survive. No time for silly arguments of color, political correctness.

Decisions affirm our govt. rooted in Bible

Letter: Thomas Reilly Grangeville

I read with interest Wayne Wimer’s March 25 letter to the Free Press, in which he asserted that the United States Supreme Court has never ruled, specifically, that “our entire legal system” is based on the Ten Commandments.

Sen. Nuxoll: don’t apologize for the truth

Letter: Ken Carpenter Grangeville

Over the years, in reading the letters to the editor, I have observed some things. The less a person knows about a subject the more vitriolic they are inclined to be. When someone exposes their unwholesome lifestyle the viler they tend to become. The Christian seems to be the only one who is not allowed to live according to the teachings of their Holy Book.

Our founders were not men who lacked faith

Letter: Jim Chmelik Idaho County Comissioner

In a recent letter to the editor a challenge was made that we were not a nation founded under Judaeo / Christian principles and a lesson in civics 101 was offered. Unfortunately it was incomplete.

Sen. Nuxoll: admire, respect her resolve

Letter: W. Alan Hall

America home of the brave and land of the free, I want to believe that it still exists; regarding Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll’s being criticized for so-called not honoring a Hindu priest.