Letters to the Editor


GOP needs to own dissent regarding Trump candidacy


We must disagree, in part, with our county Republican friends in their disassociation last week with Senator Crapo for his decision to rescind his endorsement of GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Giddings: keep county place we want to live

Letter to the Editor

o residents of Idaho County realize that Doug Giddings’ opponent ran on the Democratic platform eight years ago?

Martinez: faith in his experience, abilities

Letter to the Editor

I am a Republican, but I think Sheriff Martinez sounds pretty good. I’ve known him since he was in high school and have great faith in his knowledge, experience, and abilities.

Shame on Crapo; I will support party, values

Letter to the Editor

Shame on you! It is nice to know there are such perfect people in this world. I was raised believing in only one perfect man, Jesus, and grace and forgiveness.

Martinez: clear choice for county sheriff

Letter to the Editor

The citizens of Idaho County have an important choice, to elect the sheriff of Idaho County. Carlos Martinez has become the clear choice for sheriff. He already has shown his desire to communicate with Idaho residents through his several town hall meetings....

Yes on HJR5: ensures authority to review

Letter to the Editor

I’m writing this in support of HJR5, a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November that will protect Idaho families, farms and other businesses from excessive government regulations.

Spin artist short on evidence, work history

Letter to the Editor

During the past few months I have watched as my husband, Sheriff Giddings, has been attacked, accused, insulted, demeaned, and slandered based on rumors, gossip, and innuendos. Enough is enough!

Supports hospital’s needs to affiliate

Letter to the Editor

First of all, Craig Spencer is a friend of mine and despite the current political climate I believe you can disagree with someone but remain friends. Therefore, I respectfully disagree with Craig regarding his opposition to Syringa Hospital’s merger with Kootenai Hospital in Coeur d’Alene.

Giddings: sincere, honest and upright

Letter to the Editor

I have known Sheriff Giddings for going on six years and have had a number of opportunities to speak with Mr. Giddings on a personal level. I find him to be sincere, honest and upright. I believe that Sheriff Giddings holds the welfare of the people of Idaho County at a very high level.

Martinez issues on party, deputization need clarification

Letter to the Editor

I have noticed a few things that I would like to see clarified about the challenger in the sheriff’s race against Doug Giddings. For a start, I would like to hear what the defining moment was that caused him to walk away from running as a Democrat eight years ago to now run as an independent.

Giddings: was, still is a good sheriff

Letter to the Editor

Doug Giddings has been a good sheriff, and he still is a good sheriff.

Don’t like Trump? Then vote platform

Letter to the Editor

To “Never Trump” Republicans, and holier-than-thou Christians and non-Christians alike, who can’t bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump because they’re so busy digging the speck out of his eye while ignoring the log in their own, stop acting like Pharisees!

Giddings smeared by liberal Democrats

Letter to the Editor

ou decide who you would want to help you defend your rights when Hillary institutes her “sensible” gun control. Doug Giddings, a proven conservative Republican or Carlos Martinez, a Democrat, or Independent at this moment, who has gained

Giddings: respects rights, freedoms

Letter to the Editor

Sheriff Doug Giddings respects and supports individual rights and freedoms afforded us by the U.S. Constitution. He has served the people of Idaho County with this in the forefront. He has gone to the federal court in Coeur d’Alene seven times to support individual citizens with their cases involving the overreach of the federal government. He has helped public land users to keep vehicle access to an otherwise closed forest road.

Giddings: helpful, transparent

Letter to the Editor

Few counties of the American west have a sheriff that can match our own Doug Giddings here in Idaho County. Doug is solidly pro-Constitution, pro-liberty, pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-property rights, standing squarely and solidly in the conservative/libertarian originalist tradition



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