Letters to the Editor


Brandt, Chmelik maintain alliance role to abolish tribe treaty rights: Oh goody: election season again!

Letter: David Bearman Kooskia

Thinking globally and speaking up locally, kinda like those crazy olde-tyme hippies used to suggest. I wonder if Idaho County’s taxpaying voters realize how many hundreds, or even thousands, of Idaho County dollars commissioners Skip Brandt and Jim Chmelik spent so they could keep playing an active “Indian-hating” role in the North Central Idaho Jurisdictional Alliance?

The problem? Bunch of negative, stalling Republicans

Letter: Robert G. Schultze Riggins

I hope that everyone has received and answered the latest Republican brainwashing survey that is meant to save us all from immediate disaster at the hands of President Obama.

Fulcher: confidence to be proactive

Letter: Rachel Spencer Cottonwood

Governor Otter recently signed an executive order calling for Idaho state agencies to identify and account for the federal funds they receive. A good idea, but why now?

Hall: reputable with high morals, ethics

Letter: Mike Mager Grangeville

I would highly recommend Deanna Hall for the position of Idaho County Treasurer. I’ve known Deanna for most of my life and she is a perfect candidate for this position.

Impressed with work by ICLP crew

Letter of Thanks: Susan A. Stephens Kooskia

Yet again I have to compliment our Idaho County Light and Power Company. This year they wanted to hold their “local small community” meeting at our Big Cedar Schoolhouse.

Hudson: has skills, knowledge for job

Letter: Debra A. Alm Grangeville

I have known Abbie Hudson since 1982. I know with all her different positions in the courthouse that she has the knowledge and skills to do the job. I feel the people of Idaho County deserve the person who will best serve them. In these hard economic times, gaining interest on money is very important and Abbie is up to that task plus more.

Hudson: experience, qualifications

Letter: Bob and Mary Mangold Grangeville

Abbie Hudson is a solid candidate with the experience and qualifications necessary to serve the office of Idaho County Treasurer and Tax Collector.

US 95 cutoff idea to link into county land swap boondoggle

Letter: Carl Skyrman Lucile

On the day after March 31, a Power-Point presentation was given to a group of concerned citizens on the proposed Tolo Lake Cutoff of U.S. 95. Citing safety and cost benefits, the Idaho Transportation Advocates Association have, for years, urged the construction of a bypass that would directly link the White Bird summit to Fenn, saving four miles and developing a safer route of travel. Their cost-benefit studies illustrate that the new bypass would pay for itself in less than 15 years. Eagerly endorsed by the trucking and recreation vehicle industry, the proponents quoted the report illustrating a savings of more than a million a year in fuel conservation alone.

Local Option Tax? Consider grocery exclusion with that

Letter: Fred Stevens Grangeville

In the interest of full disclosure, I live outside Grangeville and will ultimately have no tangible impact on a LOT [Local Option Tax] if it goes to a vote. (David Rauzi editorial March 26). That said, we are frequently informed inflation is negligible, “excluding the volatile food and energy sectors.”

Hudson: work ethic, attention to detail

Letter: Mary Lycan Kooskia

After working with and benefitting from the results of her hard work, I strongly recommend Abbie Hudson for the position of Idaho County Treasurer. She is extremely well-versed in bookkeeping, has the highest work ethics, pays the strictest attention to detail and already has a background in this arena. To get the most for your tax dollar, vote for Abbie on May 20 for Idaho County Treasurer.

Hudson: ability to supervise staff

Letter: Rebecca Warden Grangeville

Abbie Hudson is the best person for the job of Idaho County Treasurer and Tax Collector. Abbie was my mentor the first year I worked in the Idaho County courthouse, so I know firsthand the knowledge she has of county affairs and her ability to supervise those working with her. Abbie has 18-1/2 years experience with Idaho County and I had the privilege of working with her for almost 14 of those years.

GHR went above, beyond to help

Letters of Thanks: Cindy Higgins Syringa Hospice Grangeville

Thank you to Grangeville Health & Rehab for helping us with a last minute transport. We were able to assist a patient in need who otherwise would not have been able to get out. We appreciate your help to go above and beyond to help our community.

Two local providers ‘Walking the Talk ’

Letter of Thanks: Tim McCarthy Grangeville

Two years ago I entered Grangeville Veterans Clinic to get a flu shot. At that time the clinic was not my primary VA care facility.

Request Brazell post info online

Letter: Dick Artley Grangeville

Once again, Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests’ supervisor Brazell abuses the public to please his corporate masters. Here’s a brief history of his mismanagement.

Squeeze the people for yet more!

Letter: Carol Asker Kamaih

Once again an opportunity presents for making an interesting observation. On its third determined try, the whopping Kamiah school levy has passed. Another demonstration of pure “democracy in action,” I’d say — democracy having been cynically defined as “two wolves and a sheep meeting to decide what’s for dinner.” (In this case, 56 percent of the people arbitrarily deciding to shear an opposing 44 percent.)