Letters to the Editor


Frei: business, jobs his focus

Letter: Greg and Maura Uhlenkott Grangeville

We would like to offer our support of Mark Frei for Idaho County Commissioner. We have always known Mark to be a man of integrity and strong principles.

Balukoff: decent, reasonable man

Letter: Eleanor Wagner Grangeville

I identify with the T.V. ad of the Republican who will vote for A.J. Balukoff. As a Republican, I am totally dissatisfied with those in power now who refuse to listen to their constituents.

Chilcott: dynamic and well-spoken

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

Have you met Jessica Chilcott? Wow! This dynamic, clear-headed, well-spoken young woman is obviously the best choice to actually represent District 7 in the State Legislature.

Chilcott: strong voice for Dist. 7

Letter: Jeanette Gorman Orofino

Earlier this summer I met Jessica Chilcott, a social worker and active volunteer from Sagle who is running for District 7 House, Seat A. Her enthusiasm for education issues really impressed me. Her website quotes her: “I know that education continues to be the single most effective way for individuals and families to get and stay out of poverty.”

Risch, Labrador want to dispose of public lands

Letter: Harvey Neese Clarkston, Wash.

The following report was compiled recently in Idaho on economic benefits of public lands: “Outdoor recreation (mostly on public lands) creates more than 77,000 jobs, $6.3 billion in consumer spending, $1.8 billion in wages and $461 million in state and local tax revenue, according to a new report from the Outdoor Industry Association.

Balukoff: real world experience

Letter: Kitty Delorey Fleischman Boise

For nearly 30 years I’ve known A.J. Balukoff. He is moderate, and an outstanding member of the business community. I highly respect his business acumen.

Denney: consider for Sec. of State

Letter: Sue Frieders Eagle

Fourteen of my 17 years with the Idaho Legislature were spent as Lawerence Denney’s administrative assistant. If I did not believe in him, trust him, I would not have stayed.

Demon god hides in GOP ad?

Has anyone else noticed it again - that strange positioning of the stars on the GOP political elephant banner? Page 5 in my local paper of Oct. 23 shows it, and I expect it may be there again this week.

No sanction by clerk for GOP ads

Letter: Kathy Ackerman

It has been brought to my attention that recent election ads placed by the Idaho County Republicans included my name. I did not proof these ads nor approve them.

Chilcott: active rep for Dist. 7

Letter: Kathryn Allen

If you live in District 7 — Clearwater, Idaho, Shoshone and part of Bonner counties — vote for Jessica Chilcott.

Frei: win-win for commission

Letter: Betty Alm

In support of Mark Frei I see a self-employed farmer and rancher who is an independent thinker, willing to solve problems, who is sincerely concerned for the future in Idaho County.

Frei: will listen to the people

Letter: Shorty and Marge Arnzen

The best choice for Idaho County Commissioner is Mark Frei. He will focus on keeping regulations at a minimum. He will support bringing more industry to our county and making our county a place of economic opportunity.

Perry: hands-on, involved locally

Letter: David Bearman

Does Idaho County Commissioner candidate, Skip Brandt, donate time picking up garbage along local roads, like both candidate George and wife, Kris Perry, have done regularly for years?

Zumalt: prevent family control

Letter: Dick Artley

If you don’t want Chmelik and his brother-in-law, Mark Frei, to control the Idaho County Commissioners meetings, vote for Jerry Zumalt.

Ashamed to show affiliation? Why?

Letter: Sally Baker

There are several candidates in the upcoming election that do not identify their political affiliation.