Letters to the Editor


Benjamin weighs in on one-word response

Letter: Tom Reilly, Mt. Idaho

Shelly Dumas’ one-word response (“huh?”) to Jim Chmelik’s guest commentary with its excellent historical analogy, brought to mind a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “It is the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

Looking to solve 1945 murder of her father

Letter: Carla Bonner Allen, Whitefish, Mont.

Seventy years ago, on Nov. 9, 1945, an unknown person rested a .22-caliber rifle atop a gatepost outside the newly built home of my father, Harold (Neil) Bonner, and my family on Upper Ford’s Creek north of Orofino, and shot through the glass window. To this day, this nightmare murder of my dad has not been resolved.

Sanders: only one to trust to get big money out of politics

Letter: Justin Bentley, Moscow

As someone who grew up in Grangeville and is also very politically active, I always try and think of candidates in terms of who I feel will best lift up places like my hometown. Which candidate will best move America in a direction that will benefit the people I grew up with and the people who helped mold me. In 2016 that candidate has to be Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who Americans can trust to get big campaign money out of politics.

Just lucky to pay more for gas in Grangeville?

Letter: John Gaither, Grangeville

Is it just me or has anyone else been to Kamiah and bought gas for their cars?

Pilant: believes in working relationships

Letter: Alfred Holden, White Bird

Vote Rod Pilant for mayor of White Bird. He will be good for our community of family and friends, of opportunity and sound judgment in governance for this city.

Tremendous turnout for screening event

Letter: Marci Nuxoll, MVSD Early Childhood Special Education Teacher

The annual Little Britches Roundup two-day screening event was a huge success, thanks to our “village!”


Letter: Shelley Dumas, Grangeville

Response to Jim Chmelik’s guest editorial in the Oct. 14 Free Press:

Lorie: great job to give credit where it’s due

Letter: Eldene Wasem, Grangeville

To Lorie Palmer, I would like to give a big thanks for writing a wonderful article on Judy Scribner and Dick Tucker...

Congress has wrong priorities in wake of national gun violence

Letter: Rober G. Schultze, Riggins

U.S. Congress promoting and condoning the mass shooting and killing of U.S. citizens

Team spirit showed in IOOF Hall remodel

Letter: Alfred Holden, White Bird

Congratulations to all those contributors to the newly remodeled IOOF Hall in White Bird. The team spirit of Idaho County is a hallmark of the volunteerism where citizens display a common interest.

EMT units need you to step up this fall

I’m sure that the residents of Kooskia and the outlying areas expect either the fire engine or the ambulance to show up at their front door when they call 911. Because some dedicated individuals volunteered their time and energy, this has not been a problem.

Petco Foundation helped pet owners affected by fire

Letter: Dori Dixon, Animal Ark

Animal Ark wants the Idaho County community to know the Petco Foundation provided financial aid as well as pet food and pet supplies to aid us in helping the pet owners whose pets were impacted and displaced by the fires in Kamiah and surrounding area.

Watch for Democrats at Halloween this year

A friend told me she is going trick-or-treating this year dressed as a Democrat. She’s going to steal half of the candy from the kids along the way and give it to the ones too lazy to come out.

Politically, we need a new way of thinking

Letter: Alfred Holden, White Bird

Political parties are a means of controlling the dialogue. It is about dividing constituents.

Large fires do more harm than good

Letter: Leonard Wallace, New Meadows

In the Sept. 17 issue of the Star News was a viewpoint entitled “Fire is a part of nature not a demon.” Yes, a small fire of 100 acres or so would probably be beneficial to the forest and wildlife, but a fire of several thousand acres does more harm than good. But, by the same token, after a fire gets more than 10 acres in size the Forest Service, with their current fire suppression policy, has only two chances of putting the fire out, slim and none, without help from Mother Nature.