Letters to the Editor


Republican: clear choice for county

Letter: Randy Fischer Grangeville

There is a clear choice in the upcoming county elections Nov 4th. For six years there has been no increase in property tax levy mil amounts, saving the Idaho County taxpayer millions of dollars.

Frei: a strong leader for county

Letter: Mike and Jana Frei Grangeville

We are asking for your support of Mark Frei for Idaho County Commissioner because of his sincere interest in the future of Idaho County and his ability to make those decisions that will guarantee a promising future.

Zumalt, Perry: independent minds for county

Letter: Charles Haight Grangeville

No family ties on the commissioner. No rubber stamping of land surveys. No more mis-spending of taxpayers dollars. Elect independent minds for commissioners, Zumalt and Perry...

WB Rec. District: win-win for area

Letter: Alfred Holden White Bird

Idaho County is one of the most diverse counties in the State of Idaho. We have much to be grateful for. We have rich and productive prairies, beautiful mountains and hunting grounds, lowland fishing holes and geographical canyons that rival our national landscape heritage.

Apply the same political standard to everyone

Letter: Eric Hook Riggins

As I read some of last week’s letters, I worry about the politics of agendas. What I see elected public officials and candidates for public office vilified and accused by innuendo and cherry-picked phrases as having hidden agendas for personal gain.

Balukoff: honest, well-informed

Letter: Dawn K. Kennedy-Haeder Grangeville

Frank Church once said that a main problem with our government was that there were no statesmen anymore, only politicians.

WB Rec. District: for common good

Letter: Anna Ousley White Bird Chamber / Swiftwater RV Park

It’s very exciting that our small town and its surrounding residents are working hard to maintain the integrity of our community by creating a brand new parks and recreation district.

Zumalt, Perry: new ideas, input

Letter: Michelle S. Perdue Grangeville

We all have our personal views and opinions. We all have something to offer.

Zumalt: solved real problems for county citizens

Letter: Leta Strauss Grangeville

Idaho County voters, why should you vote Jerry Zumalt for commissioner?

Frei: business, jobs his focus

Letter: Greg and Maura Uhlenkott Grangeville

We would like to offer our support of Mark Frei for Idaho County Commissioner. We have always known Mark to be a man of integrity and strong principles.

Balukoff: decent, reasonable man

Letter: Eleanor Wagner Grangeville

I identify with the T.V. ad of the Republican who will vote for A.J. Balukoff. As a Republican, I am totally dissatisfied with those in power now who refuse to listen to their constituents.

Chilcott: dynamic and well-spoken

Letter: Shelley Dumas Grangeville

Have you met Jessica Chilcott? Wow! This dynamic, clear-headed, well-spoken young woman is obviously the best choice to actually represent District 7 in the State Legislature.

Chilcott: strong voice for Dist. 7

Letter: Jeanette Gorman Orofino

Earlier this summer I met Jessica Chilcott, a social worker and active volunteer from Sagle who is running for District 7 House, Seat A. Her enthusiasm for education issues really impressed me. Her website quotes her: “I know that education continues to be the single most effective way for individuals and families to get and stay out of poverty.”

Risch, Labrador want to dispose of public lands

Letter: Harvey Neese Clarkston, Wash.

The following report was compiled recently in Idaho on economic benefits of public lands: “Outdoor recreation (mostly on public lands) creates more than 77,000 jobs, $6.3 billion in consumer spending, $1.8 billion in wages and $461 million in state and local tax revenue, according to a new report from the Outdoor Industry Association.

Balukoff: real world experience

Letter: Kitty Delorey Fleischman Boise

For nearly 30 years I’ve known A.J. Balukoff. He is moderate, and an outstanding member of the business community. I highly respect his business acumen.