Letters to the Editor


Don’t use animals for pellet gun practice

Letter: Karin and Bill Vetter Grangeville

Pellet gun shooting maims and injures beloved pets Whoever decided to shoot two cats Monday afternoon, July 28, in the Happy Hollow area has caused a significant amount of damage...

Buyer beware with purchases in Washington

Letter: Mary Lycan Kooskia

For those going outside our area looking for hot deals on big ticket items, be alert and know exactly what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line in Washington state.

Many gave for rodeo’s success

Letter: Jeremy Remacle president Clearwater Valley Roundup Association

This year’s Kamiah rodeo and parade was a huge success.

With access closed, how can USFS manage forests?

Letter: Leonard Wallace New Meadows

In regards to the article in the July 16 issue of the Idaho County Free Press, entitled “County lawsuit on hold as rec groups negotiate.”

FS plan would open forests to clearcuts

Letter: Dick Artley Grangeville

Forest Supervisor Brazell of Lochsa Land Exchange infamy is at it again. I encourage those who enjoy recreating in their national forests who missed the USFS meeting last week in Grangeville to submit electronic comments on Brazell’s proposed Forest Plan revision at fpr_npclw@fs.fed.us.

Address issues of underage drinking with clarity

Letter: Marilyn Giddings, retired school principal White Bird

Through the years I have heard dozens of excuses about why adults don’t want to address the issue of underage drinking but none of the lame excuses can explain away the high-risk behavior that results in too many deaths. How many kids have to die before the adults of this county find a correlation between alcohol and dead children?

Chemicals at fault for bee die-off

Letter: Meryl Kastin Kooskia

This is in response to a letter a couple of weeks ago wondering about the lack of honeybees. Honeybees are dying at an alarming rate due to the deluge of highly toxic pesticides being used. These agrochemicals are not only being doused over millions of acres of farmland, but they are also used in our neighborhood for lawns and gardens.

Stirring controversy; helipad is a true lifesaver

Letter: Maggie Abbott White Bird

I am upset that you gave Mr. Kutner so much exposure in your last edition of the Free Press.

Consider rural residents when deciding on helipad


I wish to comment on the subject of the helipad for our local hospital. Many years ago my husband had a horse accident on the lower part of the ranch. It was 10 hours before we found him and had there not been a helicopter available at that time he may not have made the trip by ambulance to the hospital.

Enjoy the bees while you can...

Letter: Dick Artley Grangeville

[In response, July 16 letter from Gayle Engstli]: You posed a good question about the lack of honeybees.

Experience shows value of helicopter transport

Letter: Sheryl Clark White Bird

I am a member of the EMS system in Idaho County and I have a number of concerns with your article and the letter [July 16 Issue] from Jeff Kutner regarding the proposed Syringa Hospital Helipad.

Lambs hurt, killed; prevent this by watching your dogs

Letter: Jacquelyn Crousser

This 4-H year began well, with my two sisters and I each picking out three beautiful lambs in early June.

City Council: Thanks for listening!

Letter: Kathy Ackerman Grangeville

We are enjoying the Grangeville City Pool so much this summer!

What’s up with the lack of honeybees?

Letter: Gayle Engstli Grangeville

I have a lovely patch of lavender that has bloomed for the last four years.

Attend meeting to address concerns with hospital plans

Letter: Jeff Kutner Grangeville

A helipad for Syringa Hospital on Main Street? To myself and the majority of people I have had discussions with, this does not seem to be a good idea.