Letters to the Editor


Legislators don’t represent people on lands’ issues

Letter: Harvey Neese Clarkston, Wash.

Three of your elected officials propose to legislate away up to 39,000 acres in mostly Latah, Idaho, Clearwater, Benewah and Kootenai counties where thousands hunt, fish and recreate every year on public lands.

Partnerships helped with fishing event

Letter of thanks : Jeff Hosman Grangeville

I would like to give a huge thank you to the Grangeville Lions Club for their generous donations to the Kids’ Fishing Event at Wilkins’ Pond.

Consider attending informative class

Letter: Rachel Foster Grangeville

Recently, I attended the two-hour class presented by Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children, learning how to protect children from sexual abuse. Fred and Renee Stevens did an excellent job of facilitating it, and they will be presenting the material again in the next few months.

The truth of drug treatment revealed

Letter: Doug Wood Boise Inmate

In the late ‘80s the MMPI test that the local social worker had given me indicated that I had clinical depression. Because I admitted to smoking marijuana regularly I was sent to in-patient drug treatment.

Blood collection went over its goal

Letter of thanks: Kim Peterson Blood drive chairperson

I would like to thank everyone who donated blood or volunteered to help at the community blood drive on June 12. We went over our collection goal of 70 units.

Warning: re-homing fees not going to animal welfare

Letter: Dori Dixon, Mary Ann Davidson Animal Ark

Animal Ark is aware that dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are being offered for sale on Craig’s List, Facebook and other social sites for a “re-homing fee” of up to $150.

Ways to help out local recycling

Letter: Janie Fluharty Grangeville

Recycling patrons and volunteers, you are making a difference! With your dedicated support, in the past four-and-three-quarter years more than 2,457,000 pounds have been diverted from the landfill to be made into new products.

Posies do not camouflage poor hospital design

Letter: Dixie Johnson Grangeville

After my letter to the editor last week, I received an e-mail from Mr. Cladouhos showing a prettied up drawing of the proposed new hospital entrance with the question, “How do you feel about this?” My response is still a negative one. A paint job and a few posies do not camouflage poor design.

Shocked county vote turnout down

Letter: Cherylyn Kerley Grangeville

I was shocked and disappointed when I read in the Idaho County Free Press that voter turnout was down 12 percent from 2012.

Turned down due to being a senior? Or another reason?

Letter: Don Olson, D. Jean Olson Grangeville

I’m concerned about our senior citizens. Why is it when a senior puts in an application for a job that they are more than qualified for they are turned down? Is it because they are seniors? Is it because they are over qualified? Are we uncomfortable with a person in their senior years working or is there another reason?

USFS making jobs ... for themselves

Letter: Leonard Wallace New Meadows

I have always heard of prescribe burns made by the Forest Service. Well this year I got to experience it firsthand as they did it right behind my house and my personal opinion is:

Grave flower thief strikes again; shame on you

Letter: Audrey Wasem Grangeville

On Memorial Day, I placed live potted flowers on my dad’s and my former neighbors’ graves at the Denver Cemetery. On Wednesday I watered the plants.

Lose more lawn at hospital is move against wellness

Letter: Carol Yalbuw Grangeville

It took Dixie Johnson, in last week’s letters to the editor, to point out what’s important in plans to revamp the hospital.

Everyone put on healthcare system that doesn’t work

Letter: Lucky Brandt Kooskia

I read in the paper, “Tribal leaders cite fed mismanagement for healthcare woes.” I’ve also been reading lately about the poor care our veterans are receiving from the VA.

Hideous driveway not intended use for Webb funds

Letter: Dixie Johnson Grangeville

Last year, my mother was a patient in Syringa Hospital for a couple of weeks.