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Yes on levy: bite the bullet and support it

I hate property tax. Not everyone pays it, and owners must pay even if they have no income. It is the most unfair tax we have. For years I opposed school levies. I felt cuts could be made. Now, however, with loss of federal funds (we burn our forests instead of logging them, and no SRS money) property tax is the only method we are given to support our schools.

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Abridging rights not solution to challenge

I am sorry, but I see it differently than Dennis Wolfe. The NRA and Republicans did not murder anyone; a mentally disturbed individual did. One who was recognized by the community as such. Law enforcement had been warned about this person; thirty-nine times to the sheriff’s department and at least twice his behavior on social media was referred to the FBI.

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Yes on levy: for full, robust education

The most influential vote I take each year is to support the school levy, to make sure all the kids in our area get a full and robust education. I ask all to consider how important a vibrant school is to our town.

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Yes on levy: logical, supportable plan

In my view, the administration and the school board have a logical and supportable three-year plan for a soft landing while other income streams are pursued. In each of the next three years the levy will remain the same as the 2018-2019 request. See sd244.org/levy and vote yes March 13!

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Levy: Ask elected officials for answers

Let’s stop the misinformation and discuss the gives and takes We, the school board, do not get to decide how much funding we receive from the state. We can only take what the government gives us and do the best we can with that money. To keep things “status quo” we are short $3.6 million.

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What we need today is crime control, not gun control

What we need today is crime control, not gun control. A crime going unpunished is outrageous, yet it’s been happening for decades in America. This latest school shooting could be a turning point. Seventeen students. Now, what will happen to the shooter? Will he be executed for this crime? Or not?

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Kamiah levy: less than cup of coffee per day

42 cents per day for one year is what the Kamiah School Levy will cost me for my home with improvements in the City of Kamiah, if the levy is approved by the voters in the Kamiah School District on March 13.

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No on levy: inability to function within means

District 244 Supt. Schiebe talks about levy costs rising only slightly, citing the 2018 levy will be $3.67 per thousand of net taxable property value or only about $31 per month. Problem is the county tax assessor does not bill monthly.

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GOP, their president do not care about safety of children

After this latest mass shooting in Florida, it should come as no surprise to you that the Republican Party and their president do not care in the least about the safety of our children. Don’t be misled by what they say, just look at what they do.

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Efforts treat symptoms and not the cause

Compared to simply having fewer children, all your well-intentioned efforts like “recycling” or buying expensive little “hybrid” cars, etc., are pretty much flatulating in the wind … treating the symptoms and not the cause.

February 21, 2018 6 a.m. read more..

Another way to look at NICI carolers

In the Free Press, for three weeks, I have read emotional letters over the Christmas caroling done by “residents” at NICI to “residents” at the assisted living homes in Grangeville.

February 14, 2018 6 a.m. read more..


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