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An important function of a community newspaper is to provide residents with a forum to express a variety of opinions and viewpoints. With this in mind, the Idaho County Free Press attempts to publish as many letters to the editor as possible.

Keep the opera house the Opera House

Letter to the Editor

Currently, the Old Opera House Arts Committee is attempting to purchase the building to keep as a performance venue rather than have it sold to others who would remodel for another use....

Cross a powerful reminder of a Savior

Letter to the Editor

The cross, which shines on the mountain over Grangeville on Easter week, and from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, has been, for me, a source of pleasure, joy and comfort for many years.

Enviros contradict their own existence

Letter to the Editor

How many readers of this paper read Brett Haverstick’s editorial last week? He represents the “Friends of the Clearwater” enviro group. Did any of you believe what he wrote? I worked the timber harvest for 23 years and saw first-hand the benefits of logging. I have revisited many of the timber sales I worked on, and guess what? Biodiversity is thriving in those old clearcuts.

Radical environmental vision threat to liberty

Letter to the Editor

I read with interest David Rauzi’s op-ed, and Brett Haverstick’s accompanying commentary, in the April 12 edition of the Free Press. I agree with Rauzi that our county has grown far too accustomed to the “fix” of federal SRS dollars.

USFS designed to take care of just USFS

Letter to the Editor

In the April 12 issue of the Idaho County Free Press was an article entitled, SRS dollars not in sight. Secure Rural Schools was set up to replace lost revenue from timber sales on federal land to local county. The first thing people need to realize is the U.S.F.S. is designed to take care of the U.S.F.S. people and no one else.

Good ol’ boy politics in Idaho?

Letter to the Editor

The guest editorial by Representative Priscilla Giddings in the Clearwater Progress (Despotism in Idaho?) on March 16 was remarkable in more ways than one. First of all, why is it that we hear about these events only from a newcomer to the state legislature?

‘Preempted’ from your constitutional rights

Letter to the Editor

You, your city and your county are “preempted” from your constitutional rights and due process of law. This is truly alarming.

Democrats worked hard to find partners

Guest Opinion

Our Idaho Democrats work hard to find partners for responsible, pro-business, pro-family, pro-Idaho policy. When the public shows up in force to affirm their support for issues that Idaho Democrats are championing, it gives moderate Republicans the courage they need to buck their party and do what’s right.

Health care matter of individual choice

Letter to the Editor

Thankfully, there were enough commonsense conservative Republicans that the “new health care bill” didn’t even come up for a vote.

Giving Idahoans tax relief on groceries

Letter to the Editor

I congratulate the legislature for voting to eliminate the tax on groceries. Getting rid of this tax helps Idaho families by allowing them to keep more of the money they earn. Not only does this provide badly needed financial relief, it also means local Idaho stores will see an increase in business.

Thanks to patrons for their levy ‘yes’ votes

Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the students and staff of Clearwater Valley Jr/Sr High School, I would like to thank the local patrons who voted yes on the recent levy.

Where to find ‘big’ money? The FAIRtax

Letter to the Editor

So, President Trump, you are looking for some really big $$$ (in the trillions) for the infrastructure, military and a wall. Here are some ideas.

Land grabs come in many forms

Letter to the Editor

Americans are incredibly fortunate to have national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges and other lands that provide us with so much inspiration and fulfillment. I view public lands as a foundation of our democracy, and a place where all people are created equal.

Redcoats are coming to take public lands

Letter to the Editor

Republican legislators, with their political red party colors, are writing legislative bills implying, “we Redcoats are coming, we Redcoats are here to take away your lands!”


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