Letters to the Editor


Paper missed court decision on tribe sovereignty issue

Letter: James Lawyer Grangeville

I am deeply upset that the paper did not report on the recent United States Supreme Court decision.

Only thoughtless view goodness, success as luck

Letter: Scott Perrin Cottonwood

Too much negativity, thoughtlessness and indolence of naysayers of our day govern the varied, real or perceived, social and economic condition of people within our state and nation.

Frei: deep roots, independent

Letter: Kevin Rehder Cottonwood

Mark Frei is an excellent choice for Idaho County Commissioner on Nov. 4. He brings strong leadership skills and a financial background to support his vision for increased economic opportunity for residents of Idaho County.

Perry: Willing to listen to us

Letter: Ray Anderson Grangeville

Idaho County needs new thinkers at the commissioners’ office. We have had too much of Brandt’s “done deal” politics. The people of Idaho County deserve better.

Affiliation shame more a concern than relations

Letter: Clay Baker

I find it interesting that some folks in Idaho County are so concerned that a Republican candidate for county commissioner is married to a sitting commissioner’s sister. They imply that having two members of an extended family (by marriage) in the same government body would cause disaster.

Party important; vote Republican

Letter: Lucky Brandt Kooskia

When you are standing in the voting booth on Nov. 4 and see a candidate’s name with a “D” beside it, what does that mean to you?

Frei: local control, limited govt.

Letter: Don and Charlotte DeArmond Grangeville

We’re voting for Mark Frei for County Commissioner, District 2...

GOP ad offensive; vote responsible candidates

Letter: Bill Farmer Cottonwood

As a Vietnam veteran and member of the VFW, I urge you to not vote for the people listed in the Republican advertisement stating that Democrats will abandon veterans and all military.

Republican: clear choice for county

Letter: Randy Fischer Grangeville

There is a clear choice in the upcoming county elections Nov 4th. For six years there has been no increase in property tax levy mil amounts, saving the Idaho County taxpayer millions of dollars.

Frei: a strong leader for county

Letter: Mike and Jana Frei Grangeville

We are asking for your support of Mark Frei for Idaho County Commissioner because of his sincere interest in the future of Idaho County and his ability to make those decisions that will guarantee a promising future.

Zumalt, Perry: independent minds for county

Letter: Charles Haight Grangeville

No family ties on the commissioner. No rubber stamping of land surveys. No more mis-spending of taxpayers dollars. Elect independent minds for commissioners, Zumalt and Perry...

WB Rec. District: win-win for area

Letter: Alfred Holden White Bird

Idaho County is one of the most diverse counties in the State of Idaho. We have much to be grateful for. We have rich and productive prairies, beautiful mountains and hunting grounds, lowland fishing holes and geographical canyons that rival our national landscape heritage.

Apply the same political standard to everyone

Letter: Eric Hook Riggins

As I read some of last week’s letters, I worry about the politics of agendas. What I see elected public officials and candidates for public office vilified and accused by innuendo and cherry-picked phrases as having hidden agendas for personal gain.

Balukoff: honest, well-informed

Letter: Dawn K. Kennedy-Haeder Grangeville

Frank Church once said that a main problem with our government was that there were no statesmen anymore, only politicians.

WB Rec. District: for common good

Letter: Anna Ousley White Bird Chamber / Swiftwater RV Park

It’s very exciting that our small town and its surrounding residents are working hard to maintain the integrity of our community by creating a brand new parks and recreation district.