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Perhaps the Canadian border is the problem?

Letters to the Editor

These people are as rude and inconsiderate of other folks as I have ever seen.

Harangue against Trump unsubstantiated

Letters to the Editor

How did the Free Press find space to publish Joan Kopsczynski’s unsubstantiated harangue against our President, Donald Trump? To begin with, as our duly elected president, President Trump represents us Americans. All of us, across the board. I take Ms. Kopsczynski’s disrespect as if she had slapped my father in the face.

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Appreciate what you do for us, animals

Letters to the Editor

Animal Ark Lost and Found would really like to thank the wild horse 4-H group in Grangeville for putting together their Animal Ark fund-raiser.

Russian sanctions bill intensifies conflict

Letters to the Editor

Congress by almost unanimous votes in both House and Senate has made it clear that Congress had rather destroy the President by increasing the risk of war than to avoid conflict with Russia by normalizing relations. Trump by vetoing this bill would prove the false charge that he is in league with Putin.

Anyone still consider Trump their savior?

Letters to the Editor

We’ve all been swindled at some point by a fast-talking salesman who promoted a simple product or simple ideas. After we buy the product there is a period of dissonance where we may experience dissatisfaction. We remind ourselves that we shouldn’t have bought it in the first place — it was “too good to be true.”

Risch legislation: who will it help and how?

Letters to the Editor

Open letter to Senator Risch: I read your guest opinion in the Idaho County Free Press, published July 19, in which you propose legislation for the Small Business Administration to oversee the impact of regulations on small businesses. I have a few questions regarding the small businesses to which you refer and of which federal regulations they need relief. Do you know the definition of “small business?”

USFS destroys history as fast as it can

Letters to the Editor

I went to Florence July 8 and I went to the cemetery. I noticed the U.S.F.S. is up to its usual tricks. They went into the cemetery and had all the trees cut and packed out of the cemetery. Why, all I can think of, is to expose the wooden grave markers to the elements so they would rot down quicker. To do this, to my way of thinking, is destroying history.

Don’t understand Idaho’s one-party system politics

Letters to the Editor

What is happening to this country that was developed of, by and for the people? Elected officials no longer want to learn what the people wish on important bills involving huge numbers of the public. Let’s take eliminating Obamacare for example.

Resemble pigs running to the trough for government handouts

Letters to the Editor

When push came to shove, we now find that there is a large number of Congress members who think that socialism is still the way to go with the “new healthcare plan.”

Hat off to Lt. Ulmer for commitment to county; core values

Letters to the Editor

I am writing to acknowledge Lt. Doug Ulmer from the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office, an unsung hero in my book. Let me tell you why.

Populist refuses to give in; support the president

Letters to the Editor

Trump’s attempt to connect with the American people makes him a spokesperson for populist appeals to the public. He is under assault by the national security state and MSM that is unprecedented.

Where did those tax figures come from?

Letters to the Editor

I would like to know where Jamie Edmondson got her figures to include in her article [June 28 issue] that “Property taxes up by 30-plus percent.”

Factors are many in healthcare crisis

Letter to the Editor

Healthcare crisis, rising costs and gross malfeasance are the result of demand outstripping supply while regulations distorted free market forces. Adverse selection bias created by Obama’s subsidies and exchanges allow the 20 million uninsured ‘free healthcare’ where increased demand caused premiums to soar.

Heartfelt thanks for support for ICARE

Letter to the Editor

A huge heartfelt thank you to all the people who live in our great Clearwater River communities and may/may not have contributed to the success of the ICARE project!


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