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Elk City: Taco feed to help fund ECVFD

Memorial Day services will be held at the bridge in Elk City on May 29 at 1 p.m. Let’s get out and honor our veterans. As reported last week, the Elk City VFW Auxiliary and Post is again sponsoring the giant taco feed to benefit the Elk City Volunteer Fire Department on May 28 at the VFW kitchen from 5–7 p.m. The charge is $8 for all-you-can-eat tacos.

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Elk City News: ‘Walk for the Cure’ draws host of hikers

Susan G. Koman Walk for the Cure took place last Thursday, May 12. Sue Phillips shared the following about the program: “Team leader, Becky Hays, traveled north from Boise to lead hikers on one-mile walks at Elk City and Grangeville, ‘ghost walks’ as part of the 2016 Boise Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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Elk City News: Wolf spotted at Newsome Creek area

Wolf sighting … a large black Canadian wolf was seen on Thursday by townsfolk just below Newsome Creek dragging a large part of an animal behind it. Flaggers need to be on alert. I was able to talk to one of them on Monday, so hopefully the word will get around.

Elk City: Dixie to honor service members May 29

May 8 is Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to call, write, send something, and just express your love and appreciation for her.

Elk City News: Slide saga continues

As most of the readers of this column already know, the road slid shut Friday night late but Westco had a lane open by 8:30 a.m. So we are back to our normal schedule.

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Elk City News: Kids work on enrichment programs

The Reach Club is sponsoring Enrichment Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. Since Friday, March 25, after-school and preschool teacher Nichele Slover opens the doors of the school to local children for this newest REACH program.

Matthews passes on; Anderson is better

Elk City News

A sad note: Don Matthews, one of our grandkids’ favorite teachers while they were here, passed away Saturday morning. Pray for his two children and other family members.

Elk City News: Slide meeting set for this Thursday

Important: There will be a meeting concerning the slide at 1 p.m. at the Elk City School on Thursday, April 7. ITD, the contractor, and the county will be represented there. Be sure to bring your questions and concerns.

Elk City News: Homestead Ministries sends food shipment to town

In case you haven’t heard, a ministry called Homestead Ministries from Colfax, Wash., sent a large shipment of dried soup and chili (4,000 packages) up here via Anita Perry, Chris Thompson and Jeff and Nita Maxwell. John Menough also brought some in after a trip to Moscow.

Elk City News: ‘Angry bear rock’ blasted to pieces

We are now on day 34 of the slide of 2016! The limited access road, 1199 road, is always a question of whether it will be passable. For those of you who read this column, I am sure you know the ways to get daily updates but just in case you missed it… e-mail me at and I will forward your contact info to my husband who has been doing a daily update with photos; you can also go to to view photos as well.

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Elk City News: Slide meeting draws large crowd

We are now on day 27 of the slide of 2016! As you all know by now, the meeting on Thursday was well-attended with an estimate of 150 to 170 people attending. Dave, from the Lewiston office of ITD, the contractors, WesCo and Jim Chmelik, our county commissioner, all were there.

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Elk City News: Slide meeting set for March 10

I am sure most of you in town are aware of the meeting on Thursday, March 10, and are planning on attending. The meeting will be at noon at the school. The following agencies have been invited but I don’t know if a representative from all of them will show up: BLM, Forest Service, County Commissioners, ITD personnel, ICSO, and Bureau of Homeland Security. I sure hope they come prepared with solid information on plans, time lines, etc.!

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Elk City News: Free movie night set at Baptist church

The community also owes a debt of gratitude to the individuals listed below for helping get the groceries into the store last week: Dave Anderson, Justin Anderson, Mark Thornton, Kim Rendleman, Debbie Rendleman, Bob Taylor, Debbie Taylor, Todd Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Shelby Armstrong, Maddie Armstrong, Phil Ruzicka, Sage Stibal, Darrell Vanderbur, Cobie Allen and Randy Phillips.

Elk City News: Thanks goes to helpers during slide

I am pretty sure that the whole community is thankful to the heroic efforts of our post office personnel, specifically Eric Nitz, in getting the mail in and out of Elk City despite the slide that has hemmed us in. Isn’t there a saying that “Neither snow, nor sleet, nor … can keep them from their trusty rounds…” or something to that effect? Guess we should include landslides in that saying! Thank you, Eric and Teresa!

ELK CITY NEWS: Thanks to Joe King for community service

The community owes a big debt of thanks and appreciation to Joe King who, as a volunteer, has taken on the job of keeping the only “public” rest rooms by the Elk City Community Park clean and in working order for about two years now (he had taken over from Teresa Enos who had done it for years). Those of you in the community who use it on a consistent basis need to seek him out and shake his hand! We hope everyone who uses this facility will do their part in keeping it clean.

ELK CITY NEWS: Dumpster plans under way for town

At the annual Water & Sewer Board Meeting on Feb. 5 the draft Elk City wastewater facility plan and expected fee increases were discussed.

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ELK CITY: Water, sewing meeting is Feb. 5

There will be an important meeting for all Elk City residents to attend. The annual water and sewer board meeting is Feb. 5 at 7:30 p.m. But the important part of the meeting that has more ramifications for all of us is the one that takes place from 6-7:30 p.m. At the early meeting, the draft Elk City wastewater facility plan and expected fee increases will be discussed.

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ELK CITY NEWS: ‘Incorporation’ idea rears its head

A great thing about living in this area are the unexpected pleasures of driving in to town and seeing the large elk herd on the hill (see photo). In fact, while driving in to town for ladies Bible study early Monday morning, an elk was standing in the road just up from my driveway.

ELK CITY NEWS: Helicopters reported; no news on who or why

January is Sanctity of Life month. “Sanctity of Life reflects the belief that, because people are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26), human life should be protected and respected at all times” (Hope Letter, January 2016). The term also applies to all forms of evil and injustice that are perpetrated against human life – violence, abuse, oppression, human trafficking, among others, as well as abortion and euthanasia. Let’s celebrate life!

ELK CITY NEWS: Gehring at clinic Jan. 22

Peg Gehring will be at the Elk City Medical Clinic on Jan. 22. Call for an appointment at 962-3267.

ELK CITY NEWS: Wolf, cougar reports in

Winners of the Elk City lighting contest were: first place – Wilderness Eatery; second place - Chris Thompson; third place – Al Varllarde. Congratulations to all and thanks to all who lit up the holidays with cheer!

ELK CITY NEWS: A little lesson in 1968 history and God’s perspective

Hope you had a merry Christmas with family and friends. My belated present to you for Christmas was the following:

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ELK CITY NEWS: Nitz finds surprise in elk’s organs

Have a merry Christmas and remember to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Elk City News: Candlelight service is Dec. 20e

Christmas is the time to celebrate the birth of Christ and what better way than to join in with others at the Baptist Church! They will be having their traditional candlelight service on Sunday, Dec. 20 at 6 p.m. They will also be having an open house at the parsonage on Dec. 19 from 4-6 p.m. The community is invited to share fellowship, food and singing.

ELK CITY NEWS: Dust Devil dinner is Dec. 12

What are your Christmas traditions? Would love to feature some of them here in this column, e-mail me at

Elk City News: ATV dinner Dec. 12

I pray you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

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Elk City: Nitz celebrates 80th birthday

Betty (Cooper) Nitz celebrated her 80th birthday in a grand style at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort and Hotel on Nov. 13 and 14.

Veterans Day dinner set

A salute of grateful appreciation to all veterans for their service to our country. Remember the community Veterans Day dinner at the VFW hall on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 5 p.m. For those of you interested in history, check out the book or book-on-tape, Unbroken. I haven’t seen the movie but, even if you have, the book is so well-written with much more detail than a movie could possibly have, that it is worth the read.

Veterans dinner set for Nov. 11 at VFW

Elk City News

Don’t forget the community Veterans Day dinner at the VFW hall on Wednesday, Nov. 11, at 5 p.m. They will be serving pork roast, mashed potatoes and salad. If you would like, bring a potluck dish to go with the meal. Quilts of Valor will be presented to two of our veterans after the dinner. Winner of the Patriots Pen contest may be announced if there are entries.

Library open Wednesdays

Elk City News

For those of you who like cribbage, it is starting again on Nov. 1. It will be at the VFW hall on Sundays at 1 p.m.

Feast is Oct. 17

Elk City News

Anyone who has activities planned for Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, e-mail me at so I can start informing readers of this column.

Hunter’s Feast on tap for Oct. 17

Elk City News

Don’t forget the VFW Auxiliary’s annual “Hunters’ Feast” on Oct. 17 from 5-7 p.m. at the VFW Hall. Do you have wild game, fish or birds?

Hunter’s Feast set for October

Elk City News

The VFW Auxiliary invites the community and visitors to the annual “Hunters Feast” on Oct. 17 from 5-7 p.m. at the VFW hall. Donations of wild game, fish or birds to this effort would be appreciated. Bring your prepared dished to the dinner, but if you are unable to attend, frozen meats and dishes can be donated early and placed in the freezer in the kitchen. The auxiliary will furnish spaghetti and green salad. Contact Cocoa at 842-2466 or Marlene at 842-2804.

Elk City spared from fires this year

Elk City News

Not much news in Elk City but be sure to thank the firefighters who are still there.

Crew of more than 500 are on fire detail

Hope you all had a good time with family and friends over the Labor Day weekend.

Bingo supplies donated to Harpster

Elk City News

Jan Adams of the Harpster Community Building committee would like to thank the Elk City VFW Auxiliary for their donations of the bingo supplies including a reader board, the bingo machine and various other supplies.

Fires, evacuations are top news

Elk City News

Sure want to say a big “thank you” to all the firefighters who are working so hard to put fires out and risking their lives.

Thompson wins all-around trophy

Elk City News

Town was pretty busy during the weekend festivities.

See old friends, make new ones at Elk City Days

Elk City News

Hope you all are prepared for Elk City Day! Have a grand time, seeing old friends, making new ones, eating to your heart’s content at the various food booths, enjoying the parade and the logging show, etc.

Elk City Days activities planned

Elk City Days is fast approaching. Hope you all can make it for the celebration. Don’t quite know how long it’s been going on, but I have photos of a horse race down Main Street when it was on July 4 back in 1917. Don’t even know if it was called Elk City Days back them or an Independence Day celebration. I also have a photo of a drilling contest.

Dixie Days slated for Aug. 1, 2

Elk City News

The 104th Dixie Day’s celebration is almost here so following is a schedule of the activities planned.

$844 raised at taco feed

The Elk City Volunteer Fire Department and the Elk City VFW Post and Auxiliary wish to thank all of you folks who attended the giant taco feed which benefits the fire department as well as the entire community. A total of $844 was raised and the entire amount goes to them. The fire folks are indebted to the auxiliary for putting on this event every year and, of course, to all who attend.

Wolfrum here to check pets

Elk City News

Veterinarian, Kimberly Wolfrum, will be coming to Elk City on July 7. She will be available from 9 a.m. to noon and 12:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Call to make an appointment at 553-9283.

Dixie sets celebration

Elk City News

The Elk City Wagon Road Celebration is in the planning stages and will take place July 18-19. I will keep you all updated as to the plans.

Crooked River a learning process

We learned quite a bit in participating in the comment and objection process with the Forest Service in relation to the Crooked River “project.”

Taco feed slated for June 13

Elk City News

Boy, is the VFW Auxiliary/Post busy!

VFW ladies offer thanks

Elk City News

Be sure to mark a new date on your calendar for VBS at the Baptist Church.

Senator to conduct meeting this Friday

Elk City News

Senator Mike Crapo will conduct a town meeting in Elk City on Friday, May 29, at noon at the Forest Service meeting room.

VFW sets variety of activities

Elk City News

Lots of news submitted by Marlene concerning the VFW Post and Auxiliary and the American Legion Post for this week:

‘Hooter Hike’ on tap

The annual Hiking for Healthy Hooters will take place Thursday, May 14, at 1 p.m. at the Forest Service for the one-mile hike.

Getting out of town for that ‘grandkid fix’

Looks like another large herd of elk have moved into Elk City. Sure is great to see them come home!

Enough whistle pigs to go around

Elk City News

As spring sets in and the days get longer on both ends, the return of critters follows in sync. Certainly early mornings have become quite vocal with the cacophony of fine feathered friends sharing gossip, the drumming on wood instruments to get a rise from carpenter ants, and the crack of .22s making “go-downs” go down.

Derby winners named

Elk City News

The VFW Auxiliary and Post wish to belatedly thank Holly and Marty at the Wilderness Eatery, Jessica Montgomery at the Elk City General Store, Cheryl Sims at the Elk Creek Station and Café, Jamie and Mike Edmondson, Elk City Hotel, Benny Thompson and Missy Osborn, Becky and Tim Chaffee, and all of the other volunteers who spent time at the school. Their support made the annual Easter egg hunt a success.

Deer in town

Elk City News

Ah, spring! The time when winter dormancy transforms to renewed life and its associated sounds; the gurgle of the creek, geese honking (or is it arguing), robins twittering, turkeys gobbling (proposing to any gal that will respond) and that stupid woodpecker beating its daybreak staccato chorus on my bedroom wall.

Easter egg hunt is Saturday

Elk City News

In driving to Bible study before 7 a.m., I had to stop because the elk were in the road on Elk Creek and they took a little time to decide if they wanted to move or not!

Egg hunt is March 28

Elk City News

Sunday, March 22, Tom Moore, pastor of the Baptist Church, will be presenting a slide presentation of his recent trip to India where he has ministered for the last 17 years. He taught counseling at the Bangalore Baptist Hospital in south India and then went to Nagaland in the northeast corner of India. Food/snacks will be provided that are of Indian origin.

EIS comments due by April 11

Important notice concerning the Crooked River Rehabilitation project: The draft EIS has been published and the 45-day window comment period has started. The notice was published in the Feb. 25 edition of the Lewiston Tribune. That makes the comments due by April 11. Get your comments in by then.

Help through

Elk City News

As many of you know, the Elk City Area Alliance holds in trust various properties in Elk City including the airport, medical clinic, park and public restrooms, and community hall.

‘Brink and a Half’ books donated

Had a gentleman come by the hotel and donate a copy of both the third (1973?) and fourth edition of the Golden Road to Adventure produced by the Brink and a Half Club, Inc., after reading about it in this column.

Heckathorn pens new book on longevity

Elk City News

Went down to Boise to attend a House committee hearing on HB51 designed to restore Idaho’s small dredging industry. Last year, at a similar meeting, a retired scientist from EPA testified. He was all for dredging as the process helps clean up our rivers and streams and does not discharge toxins nor harm fish. Dredgers testified that when they stir up the bottom of the streams with their process, the fish swim around eating what is brought up. The turnout was smaller this year but some of the same/similar evidences were presented. It was voted out of committee to the House floor where its future is uncertain. Sure hope it passes.

U.S. not alone in wolf dilemma

Elk City News

Suzanne and Sonja would like to thank Karen Crosby, Chris Thompson, and Shanna Sherrer as well as everyone who attended the VFW Post fund-raising dinner. The community support is very much appreciated.

Valley Cats ATV Club to host chili feed Feb. 7

Elk City News

The Valley Cats Snowmobile and ATV Club will be having their annual Hanby Saddle chili feed on Feb. 7 from noon to 2 p.m. Side dishes are welcome and be sure to bring your own drinks.

Valentine dinner set for Feb. 4

Meetings: Water and Sewer on Feb. 3.

Alliance sets Jan. 12 meeting

Elk City News

The REACH Club and the school would like to thank all those who donated to the Tree of Giving this year. I’m sure everyone appreciates the time, effort, and money that go into this project.

Town’s lighting winners announced

Elk City News

And the winners are… The following business and residents are the winners of the VFW Auxiliary’s Christmas lighting contest: Residences – first place, Jake Chaffee; second, Chris Thompson, and third, Jeff Maxwell. Runners-up were Carmen Chlebowski, Tim Chaffee and Kelly Whiteman. Business – first, Wilderness Eatery; second, Elk City Hotel; third, Elk City Saloon, with the runner-up, Elk Creek Station. Thanks to everyone in the community who worked to make our Christmas sparkle. See photos taken by Patricia Menough.

Santa will visit Dec. 20

Elk City News

“You are invited to fellowship in the name of Jesus,” so says the Baptist Church as they invite all to attend their Christmas celebrations.

Giving Tree funds sought

Elk City News

The Giving Tree is again being sponsored by the Reach Club. They would appreciate any donation amount. Their goal is to collect $35 per child to buy Christmas gifts for them.

Dance will be Dec. 13

Don’t forget to celebrate Rolph Olson’s life at his memorial service being held at the VFW on Dec. 6 at 2 p.m.

Mourning town’s recent losses

Elk City News

Elk City has been rocked in the last week and a half by the death of three of its residents – Rolph Olson, Robert Roy and now Ralph Crocker. We, as a community mourn with the families and friends, and offer our prayers for comfort. After all, God is a God of all comfort.

Town sees dusting of snow

A new dusting of snow and forecasts for near zero temperatures indicate that winter is quickly approaching. Combined with the near “dead” conditions around town, Elk City looks to be “snuggling in.”

Quilts of Valor to be presented

Elk City News

Sew-Help-Me Quilters are at it again! They will be presenting Quilts of Valor to two of our veterans at the VFW Veterans Day dinner.

Veterans meal Nov. 11

Elk City News

We all know that Veterans Day is Nov. 11, and to celebrate our veterans and the sacrifice they have made for us since the founding of the Republic, the VFW Post, VFW Auxiliary, and the American Legion Post invite all of you to a community meal to honor their service.

Bears abound around town

Elk City News

Seems there are bears showing up in people’s yards and campsites near town in the last couple of months. There have been at least five sightings close in with three other bears being shot, one of which was on the front porch of a resident near town. Wonder what this unusual activity portends?

Wolf sightings reported

Elk City News

Several wolf sightings have been reported in and around town in the last couple of months. Wonder if that is why there is no game close in!

Wild game feast set for Oct. 18

Elk City News

Did you miss me? I was traveling and could not get my article in on time. Sorry about that!

Library open Thursdays

Elk City News

The Community Library at the school will be open to the public every Thursday from 3:15-4:30 p.m. Be sure to go check out the selection of reading materials available. They can also order any books they may not have through ValNet, the interlibrary loan service. I’ve done this in the past and it is quite convenient.

Patriot’s Day is Sept. 11

Elk City News

Sad news again …Al Hutson died suddenly this last Friday. Our prayers go out to his family for strength and peace during this hard time.

Celebrate grands Sept. 7

Elk City News

Grandparents Day is Sunday, Sept. 7. Don’t forget to hug and kiss on these special people in your life!

Dixie VFD activities set

Elk City News

The Dixie Volunteer Fire Department will be sponsoring a day of activities to raise funds on Aug. 30.

VFW: Support is appreciated

Elk City News

Marlene George writes, the “VFW Wilderness Post 8311 and its Ladies Auxiliary would like to express their appreciation to Elk City and surrounding communities for their support during Elk City Days at the auxiliary breakfast, the post concession stand, and the auxiliary scholarship auction.

Tease photo

Influx of visitors for Elk City Days

Elk City News

I begin this article on a sad note on the death of Joanne Johnson. We send our prayers to her family.

Elk City Days this weekend

Elk City News

Well, it’s almost here… Elk City Days, that is! Hope you all have made plans to be there. In case you have forgotten when your favorite event is scheduled, or any of them, there are posters up around town to guide you.

Gearing up for Aug. 8, 9 celebration

Elk City News

Hello, dear friends. We want to invite you to a reunion. Elk City is celebrating its 152nd birthday. We would like anyone who has ever lived, worked, attended school, visited, fished, hunted, mined, logged or had friends or family in the area, or would like to get to know Elk City to come on Saturday Aug. 9, during Elk City days. Share your stories, photos, letters and history with each other. Meet old friends and make new ones.

Dixie, Elk City days upcoming

Elk City News

Dixie Days are Aug. 2 and 3. Begin your day on Saturday with fresh baked goodies starting at 9 a.m. There will be a silent auction so if you have something to donate call the number below.

Thanks for donations

Elk City News

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary and the Elk City Volunteer Fire Department wish to belatedly thank all of the people who attended the giant taco feed and/or gave donations.

Quilt show is Aug. 9

Elk City News

Brenda Hewlett, FNP from St. Mary’s Clinic, will be at the Elk City Clinic on July 29. Call 962-3267 to make an appointment.

Library open all summer

Elk City News

Hey, baseball lovers, plan to come and play or watch the game between the Forest Service and town folk during Elk City Days. It will take place on Friday night at 6 p.m., Aug. 8. Wouldn’t it be great if you had uniforms like in the photo accompanying this article!

Dixie picnic planned for Fourth: Dixie Days set for Aug. 2, 3

Elk City News

News is kind of sparse here lately. Some commercial mushroom harvesting permits have been sold but the “rooms” are not ready yet – too much snow still up there. This time last year, the town was bustling with the buyers and the pickers.

Birthday party success

When you are loved in your community, it shows, big time. Carol Doherty, Teresa Enos and friends arranged for a birthday party for Ralph Crocker’s 68th birthday. It was a surprise event, held at the community park, and more than 60 townspeople attended! Everyone brought something to eat and enjoyed the huge cake Teresa made for the occasion.

Old mill sells to Red Elk

Elk City News

Lots of people came upriver with their toys to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend in Elk City!

ECVFD in need of support

The VFW Auxiliary is sponsoring the annual, Giant Taco Feed on May 24, 5–7 p.m. in the VFW kitchen, $7 donation for all-you-can-eat. This is to benefit the fire department.

Wolves kill elk in town

Elk City News

There have been five reported elk kills by wolves around town. Someone was staying at the hotel and heard wolves howling very close to town. He was a little shook!

Plans firming up for Elk City Days

Elk City News

Plans for Elk City Days in August are firming up. Since the town missed celebrating its 150-year-anniversary in 2011, thought it would be good to have a reunion of anyone who has lived, worked or recreated in Elk City in the past.

Area gets three inches of snow

Elk City News

Those guys who left last week with their snowmobiles in tow should have stayed around! We had about three inches of snow covering the ground on Monday!

Town is quiet

Elk City News

Things are very quiet here in Elk City. One visitor last week commented that it was like a ghost town! Welcome to spring in Elk City. Saw a truck with two snowmobiles leave town Sunday. Don’t know how the snow is up higher for snowmobiling, but the fishing along the river seems to be going good.

Baptist church sets events

Elk City News

As the Easter season approaches, many people around the world understand, at least a little bit, that it is the time of year of the Jewish Passover as well. It was this time of year when Jesus gave His life for us on a cross so we could be reconciled to God.

Early egg hunt is on

Elk City News

Even though Easter Sunday isn’t until the 20th of this month, there will be an Easter egg haunt on April 12 at noon at the Elk City School. Special Easter baskets and lots of decorated eggs have been donated by individuals and businesses in town, but it is being sponsored by the VFW Auxiliary. For questions or information, call Missy at 842-2394.

Wine tasting event to benefit school, library

Elk City News

Along with spring, comes the annual Beer and Wine Tasting Benefit for the Elk City School and Community Library. The event will be Friday, April 11, at the Elk City Laundromat starting at 5:30 p.m. The cost is $10 per couple or $7 if you don’t have a date. Hors d’oeuvres will be served and a silent auction will be held. All proceeds go to assist in the operation of the library as well as to supply it with books. Donations for the silent auction are an important part of this effort. If you have anything you could donate, contact Savannah Tow at the Elk City School at 842-2218.

FOC meeting set for March 28

Elk City News

Although the calendar confirms it is officially spring, there remains a foot or two of the white stuff on the flat, shaded or northern aspect areas around town. The meltdown slowed a bit this past week as nighttime temperatures have been in the single digits (trying real hard to get to zero). However, that’s a good thing if you like to fish for big fish. The river drops and clears up a bit, and it’s “fish on.”

It’s mud season!

Elk City News

Break-up load limits are posted on the county roads, you can see the “pavement” from one side of the road to the other, the creeks are filling and the cacophony of tweets and twitters are filling the mornings. Something is happening! It’s the transition into mud season!

‘Encourage’ feeding elk

Elk City News

Just look out your window or drive into town and you will see spring has sprung – even though it is snowing this morning (Monday as I write this).

St. Paddy dinner set for March 15

Elk City News

Suzanne and Sonja are at it again! They must like to work hard or is it that they are committed and believe in their mission – seeing that the VFW Post has incoming funds with which to work. They are putting on a fund-raising dinner for St. Patrick’s Day on March 15. When you attend you will not only be helping out the Post but will be treated to a dinner of traditional corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, bread and dessert. Donations accepted for the meal. RSVP at 842-2392.

Revival set for Baptist church

Elk City News

The Baptist Church will be having its winter revival, March 9-11. Sunday, March 9, services will be at 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, March 10 and 11, they will be at 6 p.m. The evangelist will be Wendell Schrock, currently attending Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary. His wife, Dawn, will accompany him on the trip. Wendell is a pilot, an auctioneer and former police officer.

Tease photo

Volleyball at school Thursdays

Elk City News

I was driving to the hotel on Saturday and noticed the Elk City elk herd waiting for their breakfast along with Tim’s horses.

Tease photo

Valentine dinner scheduled for Feb. 15

Elk City News

Steak! Red Velvet Cake! Sounds like a Valentine dinner to me. VFW Wilderness Post 8311 Ladies Auxiliary is sponsoring their annual Valentine Steak Dinner, Feb. 15, at the Elk City VFW Hall. The menu is boneless New York loin steak accompanied by baked potato with all the trimmings, green salad and hot rolls. And to top it all off, Cocoa Anderson is preparing her Red Velvet Cake for all to enjoy. Serving time is from 5 – 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 each and reservations are needed. Call the VFW at 842-2393.

VFW Valentine dinner is Feb. 14

Elk City News

Treat your sweetie to a Valentine dinner at the VFW on Friday, Feb. 14. More information forthcoming next week. Meetings: Elk City Area Alliance, 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 10, at the Forest Service meeting room; Tuesday, Feb. 11, EMT meeting; American Legion on Feb. 12.

VFW dinner set for this Saturday

Elk City News

Got a correction to make.… When I said last week that the “VFW Auxiliary is in the process of raising money for the vets of our community,” I misunderstood that this dinner was being put on by Suzanne and Sonja to raise money for the VFW Post.

Veterans dinner set for Jan. 25

Elk City News

he VFW Auxiliary is in the process of raising money for the vets of our community. They will be having a lasagna dinner with all the fixings (green salad and garlic bread) on Saturday, Jan. 25, from 4-6 p.m.

Holly Martin is pistol winner

Elk City News

Congratulations to Holly Martin on winning the drawing for the Smith & Wesson pistol put on by Dave Cooper, privately, to raise money to put a sign about the tank in the park.

Lighting contest winners announced

Elk City News

Christmas lighting contest results are in. Business: first place is the Wilderness Eatery, second place is Elk Creek Station, and third place is Elk City Saloon. Residence: first place is Chris Thompson for the second year in a row, second place is Benny Thompson, and third place is Jake and Lacey Chaffee.

Kids host school program; Santa visits town

Elk City News

As Savannah said, “Even though our school population is small, our kids have a great show to put on for you all,” and they sure did.

Christmas open house scheduled for parsonage

Elk City News

Come and celebrate the remembrance of the birth of Christ – see Luke 2:10-14.

Cookie baking set

The VFW Ladies Auxiliary will be making cookie plates for the veterans and community.

Park decorated in rain

Elk City News

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends and remembered who the first Thanksgiving honored!


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