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White Bird News: Halloween party set for this weekend

While the weather has finally gotten cooler at night and then still nice during the days, I think we can safely say fall has begun. Attention all you ghosts and goblins — don’t forget the annual White Bird Halloween Party, Oct. 21, at the IOOF Hall from 6-8 p.m. This is earlier than usual so keep the date open! We will be having our costume contest (7 p.m.), pumpkin carving contest (bring pumpkin carved or stenciled) and this year a scarecrow contest for adults and children.

White Bird News: Fiddlers to play at Hoot’s this weekend

Remember the Old Time Fiddles will be at Hoot’s Café Oct. 13 and 14, all day for the weekend. The Annual Halloween Party is Saturday, Oct. 21, from 6-8 p.m. Darla Brumley is heading this party up and it should be a great time again as always! This is early this year and is fast approaching so get those costumes ready and let’s have some fun!

White Bird News: Clark wins chili contest

Saturday, Sept. 30, was a great day for the chili cook off. This community all came out to support our group. Winners this year were 1st – Sheryl Clark ($50), 2nd - ($25) Jill Robinett, with 3rd ($10) going to Jenny Hanson. Jenny also brought home the 50/50 drawing but donated it back. Sorry we weren’t able to get any pictures as Maggie decided to be out of town (playing?) and no one else took any.

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White Bird News: More than 50 help with wood gathering

The weather has turned and as of Sept. 22. Fall has begun. Some of you may have noticed that not only did it rain, but we also got snow in the higher mountains. It’s time to put away the shorts and dig out the warmer clothes, hunting gear, or maybe just relax by the nice wood stove.

White Bird News: Annual wood cutting party on tap for Sept. 23

Summer has come and gone - I do think fall is just around the corner? Snow has fallen in places around the northwest and rains, too. This has helped with the fires, but isn’t enough to put them out yet, so stay safe for a few more months. Fall actually begins on the 22nd, so this will be bringing cooler temps…time for the fires in the stove and bundling up. Also with this comes the general hunting season, so remember to ask to hunt on private ground, be sure of what you are shooting, BEFORE you pull that trigger and do abide by all the rules and then you may be able to do your hunting again the following year.

White Bird News: Townwide chili cookoff set for Sept. 30

Travel Service 511 app is available on smartphones. The app is free and can be downloaded from the information page at 511.IDAHO.GOV. You can keep updated on all the fires around this region and highway reports as well.

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White Bird News: Emma’s Mexican Food opens for business

The wind blew and left a big mess for cleanup. The crews were out picking up tree branches and leaves when I went through there. Hope everyone is ok. August went out with the wind- storm and now September brings on the fall and hunting season. Reminder that food bank pickup is on the 7th at 12:30 p.m.

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White Bird News: Swiftwater RV Park welcomes camp hosts

It came, it sort of got dark and then it was gone. I hope all of you got to experience the solar eclipse, as for some this was a once in a lifetime event. School has started so hope all the kids are settling in and I know the parents are now breathing a sigh of relief once again as they know they will be continuing on with their education.

White Bird News: Rodeo grounds remain closed in order to house fire camp

Starting date for Grangeville schools is on Aug. 23. This means young ones will be excited so be on your guard for them and always drive carefully.

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White Bird News: Fire camp still set up at WB rodeo grounds

Here we are in the middle of August already! Summer has come and almost gone and with that school will be beginning in another week, the 23rd. Yes, that was the big “S” word so, remember registration will be the week of Aug. 14 through 18 for Grangeville. You can call 208-983-0580 for questions.If you are attending Riggins, theirs is Aug. 15-17. The elementary school will be on Aug. 22. Call 208-628-6055.

White Bird News: Art entries sought for October show

The smoke is rolling in and that means that you are going to find it harder to breathe. Watch the children and older folks as this will affect them greatly. With the fires comes the fire camps. They have put another one down at the rodeo grounds, so it will be closed to the public until further notice.

White Bird News: Jobs available in White Bird; call now

Are you ready for it? Do you have the proper glasses for viewing? Well, I’m talking about the solar eclipse that will take place on Aug. 21. This is the first one of a total solar eclipse to occur since 1918 that will cover the entire country. You will be able to see it from 19 counties here in Idaho.

White Bird News - Sickels celebrate 50th anniversary

July has come and almost gone, we’re in the last week of the month. We finally got our summer, but where did the months go?

White Bird News: Library putting finishing touches on town’s community calendar

Good news is that everyone waiting for summer to get here and high temperatures, it’s here…the bad news is that the high temperatures bring on fire season. Fireworks, lightning strikes and campfires are the three main causes, along with human errors, so please think before you do something that could ruin the summer days ahead. I have heard the many planes and helicopters flying, as there are many fires right now in Idaho and Washington that are close to home.

White Bird News: Thanks to all for fire help

The heat is on and I have been told that it got over the triple digits a few times. Then Friday evening, it got a little hotter than we were wanting…a fire took out about 400 acres of grassland along the hills above the creek on Heckman’s property. The papers have acknowledged all the government and state officials that helped, but I want to shout out a big thank you to the Heckman boys, Dick Brust and Carl DeFord for bringing in the Cats to run fire lines around the hills, Randy Nunnally for the use of his water truck and anyone from the town of White Bird and surrounding areas who helped in any way – our town responds when the call goes out. Fire is out and we’re just glad is wasn’t any worse than it was.

White Bird News: Precinct person sought for White Bird; meeting is July 20

With an early deadline this will a short column this week. I mostly have reminders for all. July dates: 6th is the food bank, 10th is WBARD Mtg. at 7 p.m., city council meeting is on the 12th at 6 p.m., with the chamber at 10:30 a.m., and the SRAG is at 10 a.m. on the 13th. Another reminder is the library community calendar. They are busy getting this ready for 2018 with the theme of western cowboys. They are asking for any updates on the calendar or if you have dropped someone off of it – they need to know! This is a major fund-raiser for them, so let’s help keep it updated.

White Bird News: Keep self, animals hydrated in heat

The warm weather has arrived! Our little town is really heating up, so remember to stay well-hydrated and don’t forget the animals as well. Summer is upon us, but the waters are still running high and swift, so be ever watchful of the rivers and streams. Being the last week of the month, June is about gone and July is fast approaching. As we prepare to celebrate our independence, many activities are going on all around us if you are looking for something to do.

White Bird News: White Bird American Legion to host Cajun crawdad feed Saturday, July 1

Well, is everyone as tired as I am? The weather held and we had a great weekend of fun, games, dancing, parade, rodeos and a lot of visiting. Now that our big weekend is over, there isn’t much going on as it’s the end of the month already.

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White Bird News: ‘Live the Good Life’ this weekend with White Bird Rodeo, Days

This week is proving to be filled with fun packed events for all ages and the place to be is White Bird! Have you seen the “Little People” welcoming everyone to town – they are really cute!

White Bird News: Activities on tap for next week’s annual rodeo, celebration

Wow! The Salmon River is running really high, so use common sense when out and about near the river. I found out what is going on above the church in town. The Highway District is cleaning out dead trees along the highway so they don’t fall into the road. They will also be doing this along the creek.

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White Bird News: Five new members join QRU team

The sun is shining and with that came the long weekend. I do hope all had a nice Memorial Day. Now with that being said, I get to bore you for the next three weeks with upcoming events and the “big one,” White Bird Days.

White Bird News: Memorial Day activities scheduled

Don’t blink – the sun will go away! It was really nice to see it for more than a day or two. With that, be on the watch for the snakes as they are out and the rattlers are on the strike. Remember that the young ones are more poisonous than the older ones. Be careful with the animals as ticks are being found also.

White Bird News: Killgore Adventures is host to 40 students

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and the mothers enjoyed the sunny weather as well.

White Bird News: Spring Fiesta is this Saturday at IOOF

Another round with Mother Nature and this time I’m not sure what she has in mind! A little of everything happened during the weekend; let’s hope she gets it right one of these days and catches up with the seasons.

White Bird News: Kernutt, Zumwalt awarded scholarships

Don’t blink your eyes … we are supposed to have sunny weather for this next week! It’s already brought the rain, flowers are blooming so we can now hope for the sun and warmer temps.

White Bird News: Breakfast on tap for Sunday

The sun made an appearance on Saturday, so hope everyone got out and enjoyed it. I know a lot of people headed for the river, had barbecues, and just plain relaxed for the day. I did not clarify my wording on the Buck Horn Place in last week’s news. This is on private property so you cannot hunt there, but it is available for rent during hunting season. Thanks, Pat, for letting me know.

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White Bird News: Egg hunt draws more than 115 participants

I hope everyone had a nice Easter and found lots of things to do outdoors as Mother Nature sure decided to let us take advantage of the nice weather. Although it may not have been really warm, it wasn’t raining or snowing!!

White Bird News: Bucks are new store owners

Another round of snow…Another round of sunshine! Give it five minutes and it will all change again.

White Bird News: Prom popping questions a big deal nowadays

Well “April Fools,” courtesy of Mother Nature; she still hasn’t loosened her grip on ‘ole man winter, but it is getting closer. Warmer temperatures, people out working in the yards, and I do hear the birds singing once in a while.

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White Bird News: Swiftwater R.V. Park turns 13

We’re into April and it’s starting to look and feel a little like spring is on its way. The rivers and streams are still running very high so please be careful around water. Trees and flowers are starting to bud out or bloom, so you know it’s around the corner somewhere. I know many are venturing out to Pittsburg and some to Kirkwood, so watch also for the snakes…they are emerging from the dens. Bees are out and they may be a little docile yet, but as it warms up, so do their tempers.

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White Bird News: Heckman working on welding

I have received word that Rod has gone through his stem cell transplant and is doing real well. He will be home by the weekend, but keep the prayers going for this to work. Speedy recovery to you, Rod.

White Bird News: Pilant on his way to Texas for transplant

Daylight Savings Time returned on March 12 . I hope you made it to the Annual Joe Wilson St. Paddy’s sausage and hotcake breakfast. It was well attended, with great food and the Old Time Fiddlers were playing from the stage, sounding good as usual. White Bird Rodeo Queen, Bella was even lending her hand at serving. Everyone was very much appreciated. After the breakfast, the Pathfinders ATV Club had their fun ride into Pittsburg. From the photos, it looked like they had a great many riders and beautiful weather for the wonderful ride.

White Bird News: Daylight Savings is this week

March has arrived like the lion it has become. Spring is trying really hard to make that appearance but just hasn’t got it done yet. With the help of Daylight Savings Time returning on March 12th (set your clocks ahead one hour) you won’t want to be late for the 10th Annual Joe Wilson St. Paddy’s sausage & hotcake (even the green ones) breakfast. This all begins at 7:30 a.m. at the IOOF Hall. Adults cost $10 and youngsters will be charged $4. There will be extra sausage available for sale and this is very good … so get some extra while you can. The Old Time Fiddlers will be playing from the stage, so enjoy your breakfast while listening to the music.

White Bird News: Sickels hits 25 at shoot; local scams are rampant

Well, it was looking like spring was going to make her appearance, with buttercups being found, the robins are back, and we even had some sunshine. No, it was not to be…we got snow this last week and it looks like it will stick around again for a few more days ... ugh! The good news…Daylight Savings Time will start on Sunday, March 12, so remember to set your clocks ahead one hour or you will be late for all the fun activities going on.

White Bird News: YouTube video does not accurately reflect town

Where has the month gone – we are in the last week of February! Seems that when you get older, the months start going by a little faster. But who’s old…and the months still pass quickly. March 2 is the food bank at the WBARD building. Deer Creek Highway will be meeting on the 6th at 7 p.m. City council meeting will take place on the 8th at 6 p.m.

White Bird News: Firemen’s ball fund-raiser a success

If you have been down on the river you have noticed all the ice chunks floating down and the chocolate coloring to our water. Mother Nature is still at it so please be careful when near the rivers and streams as many are running high and swift.

White Bird News: Put on your dancing shoes for firemen’s ball

Our January thaw has come, now that it is February, and along with that it brings the wind. We go from one extreme to the other. I know we need the moisture, but everyone is finally had their fill of winter even with six more weeks of it to be had.

White Bird News: Eh Capa riders to be at June rodeo

The end of January has finally arrived and good ‘ole Mother Nature says we are still in winter, but at least it’s warming a little.

White Bird News: White Bird Rodeo Queen tryouts set for March 18

Mother Nature is sure not giving up this year. Another round of snow has come and temperatures are still hovering around the 20s. Stay safe and drive according to the conditions, black ice can be a killer also as you don’t really see it.

White Bird News: Ball set for Feb. 11

It’s the middle of January and the snow is still hanging on, so is it winter, or with warmer temperatures coming, is it a January thaw? Only time will tell, so in the meantime, I hope everyone is not too homebound.

White Bird News: Start year off with volunteer efforts

New year – new beginnings! Oh, what to do, you ask yourself. Our little town is looking for volunteers for various activities throughout the year. You ask yourself if you would be able to do this or do they really need you – the answer is yes!

White Bird News: Gun club shoot starts Sunday at White Bird

Food pickup will be on the 5th at noon. The White Bird Gun Club will be starting their annual winter shoot on Jan. 8. Call 839-2653 for information and to get signed up for this fun event. Practice shoots will be on Saturdays and junior shooters are especially welcomed.

White Bird News: Hoot’s has it going on for New Year’s Eve

Out with the old and let’s welcome in 2017 the best we can. New year…new beginnings. Remember to stay warm with this cold weather and please remember your pets. They need a little extra help from you as they can’t do it on their own.

White Bird News: Brumleys take first in lighting contest

We’re into the final week before the “big” holiday. Everyone is busy with visitors coming in, making those great goodies and, of course, dealing with this weather. Hope all of you are staying safe.

White Bird News: Christmas parade set for this Saturday

We have snow in our little town and as one resident was heard saying, “we have to all learn how to use a snow shovel again.” It is becoming wintery out there, so take the time to watch out for others, slow down a bit, and give yourselves extra time if you have to travel somewhere.

White Bird News: Christmas parade on tap for Dec. 17; no more cribbage tourney results

The snow has fallen and decorations are being put up, so it is beginning to look like Christmas is upon us. Old man winter is here with the temperatures dipping into the single digits. Keep not only yourselves warm, but remember the fur babies; they need help in staying warm too. Hope all the children are figuring out what they want Santa to bring them and are composing their letters. They can be dropped off at city hall and will be read at the Christmas parade Dec. 17.

White Bird News: Deck the Halls this Saturday, Dec. 3

Hope everyone enjoyed the long holiday. Now it seems another one is on the way! Oh where did the last part of the year go? December will be upon us on Thursday, so on Saturday, Dec. 3, we are inviting everyone to come down to the park and get into the holiday spirit and “Deck the Town for Christmas.” This starts at 11 a.m.

White Bird News: Twenty participate in cribbage tourney

Another well-known vet, Bruce Bentz, received his Quilt of Valor. Well-deserved and I am sorry I missed you last week.

White Bird News: Dinner draws more than 200

The election is finally over and Veterans Day has passed, so let’s move on to some new happenings in White Bird! Our little town had two veterans, Toni Robinson and Ed Carlin, who received their Quilts of Valor. The Salmon River School District and Pinehurst Quilters, along with the help of Tammy Stone, helped get this done.

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White Bird News: Capitol tree to make stop at Skookumchuck; Rebekah’s dinner set for Sunday

Did all of you get your extra hour of sleep by remembering to turn the clocks back? I did and still had to get up so we could go hunting, but it was worth it. I got my first buck, as it was usually does that I had shot before, and Monty got his also. So now it’s on to the elk in December.

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White Bird News: Annual Turkey Shoot starts Nov. 19

Sounds as though all the ghosts and goblins had a wonderful time over the weekend, children and adults alike. The many parties that took place were all well-attended and a whole lotta fun was had! Darla was thrilled to see so many at the hall and wanted to give her appreciation to all who helped.

White Bird News: City water meters being mapped; Halloween events set

With all that’s been going on, I have now been able to goof up the reporting of the news. It’s the chamber that you are to get your winter news from, not the Rebekahs. Sorry! With that said, I can now hopefully get back on track. First, with the EMR classes coming up. If anyone is interested in being a volunteer on the White Bird QRU team, you can contact them at

White Bird News: Cribbage tourney to begin Oct. 29

With all this rain, does your lawn look like a lake or is it greening up like spring again? I have seen some horns but not many stories to report, although we did get to help some friends of ours on the eighth pack his out. Got a nice 7 x 8 but was rather small in the body. At least there’s meat in the freezer!

White Bird News: City council meets tonight

Hunting is among us so remember to please ask landowners before you hunt, not afterwards. It only takes one person to ruin it for everyone else. That said, if you have any pictures to share of your hunt, get it to me or even the story of your trophy, no matter the size, be it the first one or many, I still want to hear it.

White Bird News: Fiddlers will rock Hoot’s this weekend

October is here and with it brings the colors of fall. The leaves are turning and make for some really wonderful picture taking. You can hear some of the animals calling in the wilds…oh wait, that’s just the bugle from a hunter, hoping with all hope of bagging that big one!

White Bird News: Heckman wins wood; ladies take food prizes

Seasons are changing and the fall colors are beautiful. The cooler weather is calling the hunters and people are doing the final cleanup around their houses before winter sets in. Along with that, as a senior project, Frankie Zumwalt raffled off two cords of red fir fire wood, split and delivered to the winner, Dion Heckman. Frankie raised around $700 for the youth wrestling program. This money will be used to pay for the youths that can’t afford to wrestle. Thanks for supporting this project.

White Bird News: Cookoff is this weekend; American Legion restarts

Looks like Fall is starting to show her colors. The temps are getting lower in the evenings, along with the sounds of firewood being cut. On Sept. 10th approximately 24 people gathered to tackle the load of logs that Pineda Post and Poles donated to the White Bird Medical and Relief. In just more than four hours, nine to 10 cords of wood were cut, split, loaded and delivered to area residents.

White Bird News: Andrews takes post as new PVBC pastor

Clean-up, paint-up, fix-up! As of last week you will begin seeing small changes around town. The first is the city hall has been painted with more to come. Sprucing up the town will hopefully bring about the “Proud to Live in White Bird,” theme to our town, with the start of some strong excitement and enthusiasm towards how our little town looks forward to its future. More information on this as it gets started.

White Bird News: Bremmer memorial set for Saturday

The first of September has come and gone, rain on its way and lower temps – does that mean that fall is on its way? Hunting has started in some areas so please be respectful of other people’s property and especially the livestock that is out there. Be sure of what you are aiming at before you shoot!

White Bird News: Zumwalt raffling two cords of firewood

August has come and gone, now with the weather getting cooler in the evenings, some will be having the last of the BBQ’s and campfires. It is still really dry so be very careful with your fires.

White Bird News: Local antique store adds museum

Hope everyone made it to the fair, there were a lot of things to eat, view and, of course, all the blood, sweat and tears that our youth put into their projects. Congratulations to all of you, including the leaders.

White Bird News: Council to gather Aug. 10

It’s kinda quiet down in our little canyon this week. We are in our last days of summer and it’s still pretty warm. Many have probably smelled the smoke in the air, either from the forest fires or it’s your neighbor’s BBQ! Did you get an invite? School will be starting on Tuesday, Aug. 23, in Grangeville and in Riggins it will be on Aug. 30. Hard to believe – where did our summer go!!

White Bird News: White Bird News resumes with Toni Baker

Let’s have some fun, but in the meantime we need to let everyone know what is happening in our little canyon. I am going to be attempting to write the White Bird news for the Free Press. Let me introduce myself…I am Toni Baker and although I do not live here in White Bird, I feel that enough of the folks know me and that we can get the word out as to the comings and goings on from down here.


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