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Clearwater Valley football coach Roger Whalen is offering two camps for elementary- and middle school-aged kids this summer. Grades 3-5 go 5-7…

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Ashley Nelson demonstrated exactly why The Fabulous Kingpins are so fabulous when Drew Mosman engaged her during his impromptu performance Saturday night of Prairie Days 2019.

CLEARWATER VALLEY -- I enjoyed my first yoga class at Christina Stalnaker’s new location at the HKD martial arts academy last week. You can find HKD at 4347 US Highway 12 between Kooskia and Kamiah.

RIGGINS -- Quote of the week: “My grandchildren are a window to my past, a mirror of today, a door to tomorrow, and the keeper of my heart for all eternity.” Anonymous

LOWELL / SYRINGA -- The fireworks are over, the earthquakes didn’t hit this far out, and the rivers have peaked, so let’s enjoy Idaho for all that it is.

ELK CITY — The community has lost the longest living resident in Elk City. Joe King died Friday. He was born in 1939, came here as a baby on a stagecoach via the old Elk City Wagon Road and was raised by his grandmother. He went to school here, having Gertrude Maxwell for his teacher for mos…


When we think of what it means to be healthy, we often think of physical health--maintaining an optimal weight, eating well and not having any ailments slowing us down. However, the definition of “healthy” includes not just physical, but also mental and emotional well-being. Distressing stat…


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Welcome to the Idaho County Free Press’s first Youth in Focus special section. Here you will…

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