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Despite having to cancel a March 12 meet, Clearwater Valley was able to host Grangeville last Thursday, March 14.

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ASOTIN — Grangeville had improved every game — played the next a bit better than the last — until last Saturday morning, when Potlatch took ad…

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WHITE BIRD -- It is officially here. Spring is here as of March 20! Now, all the snow will go away and in two-three months we will all be complaining about the hot weather. But enjoy! This month is just about gone, and the days are lasting longer, gardens will be readied for planting, and th…

ELK CITY -- Just when I think that I will never find any more historic photos of our area, one shows up “out of the blue!” This time, it came through my brother-in-law. The photo was in the estate of a friend of his in Weiser where she grew up. She cleared out her family home five-to-six yea…


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In the last three months, the Idaho Legislature has moved to grab power for itself, and done so despite the express will of Idaho voters.

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If the voters of Idaho don’t act quickly and decisively, the 2019 legislative session may go down as the year we all lost a cherished constitutional right: the right to take matters into our own hands when our elected leaders refuse.

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Voter initiatives are a rarity within Idaho – three within the past 20 years -- yet here the legislature is considering how to make this process more cumbersome and, as a result, discourage citizen involvement in its political process.

“Agriculture: Food for Life” is the theme for this year’s Ag Day – March 14. Our country’s farmers and ranchers work hard to provide food and clothing for our country and the world. Their dedication is an inspiration to us and to the next generation of farmers and ranchers. Without them, we …

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During an Idaho County Commission discussion of ancient safeguards against mob rule, only one of the three commissioners acknowledged that state law safeguards the people’s power to pass law independent of the state legislature. The ballot initiative specifically at issue during the discussi…