CRAIGMONT -- The life of Ted Trueblood, an outdoor writer and conservationist, will be the topic of a program on Monday, Nov. 18, at 1 p.m., in the Craigmont Community Hall. This will be presented by his grandson, John Trueblood, a PA in the Craigmont Clinic of St. Mary’s Hospital.

In 1936, Ted helped to organize the Idaho Wildlife Federation, the state's major conservation group of the mid-twentieth century. Trueblood advocated for the creation of the River of No Return Wilderness in central Idaho, helped stopped the construction of Nez Perce Dam on the Snake River, which would have blocked the migration of fish, and worked to oppose the anti-environmental "Sagebrush Rebellion" in 1980. He also authored several outdoor books and numerous magazine articles.

Ellen Trueblood, Ted’s wife, was a journalist and environmentalist, and her contributions to mycology, particularly the collection and identification of Idaho mushrooms, made her an authority on Owyhee region mushrooms, one of which was named for her husband Leccinum truebloodii.

This is a meeting of the Lewis County Historical Society hosted by the Ilo-Vollmer Historical Society in Craigmont. Come early to get a plate of snacks and a cup of coffee or water and enjoy the program. The Lewis County Historical Society will also have a business meeting that day.

Contact Shelley Kuther, 208-790-7890, or Herman Yates 208-935-2209,


  • Occurred Monday, November 18th, 2019 @ 1:00 pm


Shelley Kuther

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