GRANGEVILLE — “This is the first time I have grown this variety of giant pumpkins, and I was really surprised,” smiled Amber Chicane.

The Grangeville resident has a pumpkin in her home garden that is currently 49-1/2 inches around. Although she has several other of this giant variety, this one has surpassed the others by far.

“I do have several of the sweet variety that came back as volunteers this year,” she said, showing the orange and green circles dotting her garden.

Chicane and her husband, Pat, have a large yard with an expanded garden. They have had lots of tomatoes this season, though many are still green. She recently used the last of cucumbers when she made dill pickles.

Pat has worked nearly 35 years in the gravel business while Amber is an in-home and hospice caregiver.

The giant pumpkin still has nearly a month to grow before Halloween, and Chicane is excited to see how big it gets.

“It’s still growing, so it will be fun to see where it ends up,” she said.

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