Childbirth classes available for all expectant parents

Tracy Williams

COTTONWOOD — Tracy Williams, BSN, of St. Mary’s Hospital, who is an 18-year nursing veteran with an additional four years labor and delivery experience, is now a certified childbirth educator and is offering her services to the public free of charge.

“No matter where you are planning to receive care and deliver your baby, these childbirth classes are open to everyone,” Williams said. “Typically, expectant parents take the classes sometime during the third trimester.”

Williams said classes offer parents the opportunity to learn about the labor and delivery process and ask questions. These are for both the first-time parents as well as parents with experience.

“No two deliveries are alike, and it’s always good to have a refresher course,” she added. “Classes last about an hour and a half but can be tailored for individual needs.”

Classes include discussion about anesthesia options, natural birthing techniques, safe sleep instructions, breast feeding and what to expect during delivery. Hospital tours and take-home information are also provided.

“It’s important to reiterate that these classes are open to all expectant parents, no matter where you are planning to deliver your baby,” Williams emphasized. “Our goal is to make sure that if you are having a baby, we give you all the information possible to make it a healthy, safe and wonderful experience.”

Those who are interested in classes can contact Williams at St. Mary’s Hospital by calling 208-962-3261 or e-mailing

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