COTTONWOOD — It’s a fine, sunshiny morning as I write this. Have you noticed the sunrise and sunset the past couple weeks? They have really been gorgeous. It’s been a long time since we had such a mild winter.

Last weekend the ministry fairs were held in all of the tri-parishes. There are many different ministries that individual people do for the community. The fairs were well-attended and people could find out what all is taking place in each parish. Many of the ministries include all three parishes. Compliments to Fr. Paul Wander for getting this all together.

If you would like to order chili and cinnamon rolls for Super Bowl Sunday, call the parish office at 962-3214; after hours use extension 104 to leave a message for Debbie. Costs are: one gallon of chili and two dozen cinnamon rolls-$30; one-half gallon of chili and one dozen cinnamon rolls-$16; one quart of chili and one-half dozen cinnamon rolls-$8.50. Delivery will be between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday. We appreciate your support of the 2016 Mission Team to Haiti.

Prairie Community Library is making some changes. They are going to move the children’s center to a different corner. Some shelves have been taken out and new ones will be built to make it more user-friendly for the kids. So bear with us while we are under construction. The construction in the big room in the basement of the hall is progressing nicely. It sure looks a lot bigger down there now. It should be a good change for the hall.

The blood drive in Cottonwood last week was hit by the colds and flu, but they still managed to get 76 units, which is just four short of their goal. The next blood drive will be on March 18. Delores VonBargen was honored as a longtime volunteer at the blood drive. They have lots of wonderful people who donate their time to help with this worthy cause.

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