CLEARWATER VALLEY — It seems our never-ending summer is finally winding down with cooler temperatures and welcome rain. I’ve heard reports that it’s snowing in Dixie. It’s never good when it rains on your parade, but by the time the Clearwater Valley High School (CVHS) homecoming parade began on Friday afternoon, it had slowed to a cool drizzle. Fun to watch the kids on their class floats, the attempts at singing the CVHS fight song, people lining the streets to watch and cheer. Unfortunately, the football team lost their game against the Potlatch Loggers. This week is Homecoming week at Kamiah, who will also be playing against Potlatch, maybe they will have better luck. A parade and pep rally are happening on Main Street on Oct. 14, Thursday afternoon.

Some things about high school have changed since my high school days, but sadly, bullying of other students who are a little different is still part of it. It’s troubling to hear stories at CVHS about kids getting mocked or bullied because their religion or politics do not fit the mainstream at the school. The kids that are doing it are likely learning this intolerance at home or from friends. It’s good for all of us in the community to reflect on how we treat others. Social media has some good points, but it seems people will write things there about others they would never have the courage to say to their face.

Monday, Oct. 11, was Indigenous People’s Day. Mary Jane Oatman, Nez Perce tribal member from the Clearwater Valley, was in New York City to celebrate the day in a big way. Although many of us grew up with referring to the second Monday in October as Columbus Day, more recent thinking acknowledges that many indigenous people were already living here before Columbus “discovered” it.

We haven’t had many overnight visitors at our place in recent months, so it was really fun to have our new friends, Marii and Jeff, come stay this weekend. Jeff works at the Salmon Public Library and spent a few days in Grangeville leading a STEM workshop. They enjoyed watching a few elk walk past on our morning walk and the peace, quiet and darkness of living in the hills. Seeing our lifestyles through other people’s eyes can help us appreciate it more.

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