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CLEARWATER VALLEY -- Since I began my new adventure, a few months ago, as a reporter for the Clearwater Progress, my to-do list has evolved. I love that it now includes items such as “interview princesses, skateboarders and vineyard planters”. Travelling to the edges of the Clearwater Valley in search of a good roadside photo, is like a treasure hunt.

I had one week to shift from my usual commentary (that I do in this column) to actual reporting. The big difference is the commentary is about me. Even when I interview other people, it includes my impressions about the CV world around me.

In reporting, I learned quickly, it is not about me. It is about listening closely to others and sharing their voices in the stories I tell. Writing commentary in my voice is like painting with primary colors, but quoting multiple people is akin to adding dabs of new and different, vibrant paint colors to create a richer story.

I have written stories as diverse as the launch of the Tribal Hemp and Cannabis magazine, Kamiah School Board return-to-learn planning, Teen Center happenings, South Fork Juggling and Magic Club, Farmers Markets, Orogrande community fuels reduction, river baptisms at Three Devils beach, a 7-year-old gaining a yellow belt in Keichu-Do and an acclaimed local skateboarder with a popular trick named after him. Meeting people who are willing to share their stories is wonderful. I am seeing stories everywhere I look.

Bonnie Schonefeld, who coordinates volunteers for Idaho County recycling Kooskia site, wants to remind people they continue to offer recycling for metal cans (pop/beer cans, and soup cans), cleaned, with labels removed, corrugated cardboard and paperboard (such as cereal boxes), office paper, junk mail, plus newspapers/magazines. They also accept many types of e-waste, but no batteries, television, or desktop computer monitors. For more information about e-waste recycling check the Schonefeld has noticed dumpsters around the valley overflowing with cardboard, so encourages people to recycle their cardboard. Open on Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to noon. From Main Street, take “B” avenue off Main street, cross the river, turn left and follow the signs.

With the cooling rain clearing the smoke from the air for a few days, it feels like autumn may be coming. How about a nice bowl of warm chili? The annual Clearwater Chili Feed will happen on Saturday, Oct. 3, from 4-7 p.m. at the Clearwater Grange Hall in Clearwater. Enjoy a dinner of chili, corn bread, soft drinks and dessert, cost is by donation. Bring your checkbook for the silent auction, plus the Elk City Wagon Road museum will be open during dinner. If you haven’t been to Clearwater, take Hwy 13 to Sally Ann Rd, go 4 miles to Clearwater. Grange Hall is on the left. Any questions, call Carole BonAnno 208-926-7465.

“How many deaths does it take until we know that too many people have died?” asks Bob Dylan in his famous song, Blowing in the Wind. Covid-19 deaths have now passed 200,000, making it the third highest deaths in the United States this year, behind heart disease and cancer. Thankfully, we haven’t had any deaths in Idaho County, but the case numbers continue to increase. Stay safe everyone!

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