Syringa board tackles value-based care, entering pilot program

Syringa Hospital

GRANGEVILLE — Syringa Hospital and Clinics recently released its “Strategic plan 2017-2021” for public review and comment following a planning process led by the hospital board and leadership team of hospital department managers and medical staff.

The plan can be viewed and downloaded from the hospital website,, or printed copies are available at the front reception area of the hospital and in various areas throughout the facility, with boxes set up for comments. Print copies also will be available at the Syringa Kooskia Clinic. Public comments will be taken through May 31, and then the final version of the Plan incorporating public comments will be discussed and approved at the June 27 board meeting.

“All organizations must adapt to changing business conditions if they expect to grow and thrive. This is especially true for critical access hospitals faced with monumental changes in the health care system, which will continue into the foreseeable future,” stated Syringa board vice chair Steve Didier of Kooskia.

“Syringa Hospital & Clinics (SHC) has undertaken strategic planning at regular planned intervals, and the board, the providers, and the hospital staff have put a great deal of effort and many conversations into defining our shared vision and goals as we completed a five-year strategic plan to help guide us through the next few years so we can not only survive but thrive,” noted planning committee chair Paula Calcaterra of Harpster. “The goal is to have an evolving and organic plan that is reviewed and added to annually which is necessary in these times of rapid change.”

The SHC planning committee, board of trustees and leadership team were assisted by planning consultant Lorraine Roach of The Hingston Roach Group. They conducted research and held multiple meetings to gather information from all SHC departments and partners. The plan has been approved by all involved participants, and at their April 25 meeting the board approved the final draft to be released for community review and comments.

For details contact planning committee chair Calcaterra at 983-1077, or Syringa interim CEO Betty Watson at 983-1700, or e-mail questions via the Syringa web site,

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