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COTTONWOOD — Frances Conklin here, filling in for Serena and Tabitha for a couple of weeks. It has been more than a few years since writing a Cottonwood correspondent’s column. Since then, I am older, maybe a little wiser, no more witty and still busy with life on the edge of town at Dog Bark Park.

Here’s some newsy items followed by a little chatter.

Cottonwood’s annual Summer Fest is back bigger and better than ever after a no-go last year. It starts off Friday, July 30 with a Color Fun Run at the City Park at 5:30 p.m. If preregistrations weren’t received by last Friday, you can still enter; just might not be able to have a T-shirt. Coyotes One Stop (formerly the Mini Village) seems to be the place to register for Summer Fest activities, so either head there or see the Cottonwood Summer Fest Facebook page.

Another new, fun festival event is a Corn Hole Tournament, set for Saturday, July 31, to be held downtown at noon. Pre-register by calling or texting Chase Kaschmitter 208 816-0336 or Ashlee 208 816-1177.

Lots of other Summer Fest events are scheduled. Find them on the Cottonwood Summerfest page on Facebook. For additional information, contact Serena or Tabitha 208-816-6791 or 208-553-8400. As organizers of the event, they seek your enthusiasm and participation in the festival to make this event as big as, or bigger than, the Buggywhip Festival, that may be remembered of many years ago.

If you receive plastic bags at stores when making purchases, the Monastery of St. Gertrude would gladly take your clean, leftover bags. I think they use them for bagging gift shop purchases, etc.

Now follows the chatter part of today’s column.

Did you catch the Free Press article a couple of weeks ago about the cartoon skills of Ivan Nuxoll’s grandchild, Gus Nuxoll? He is a talented seventh grader, exhibiting aspects of humor and perspectives very similar to those held by his late grandpa Ivan. We wish Gus much enjoyment and success with translating his observations into witty and poignant cartoons for readers of any age to appreciate. I’m also following up on that article to report the entire Nuxoll family, after living in Greencreek for a year, has moved back home to Iowa, gaining a permanent family member in the company of mother and grandma, Dina Nuxoll.

This end of town is noticeably quiet without the travelling’s of the Nuxoll clan going by our place with happy honks, waves and impromptu visits.

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