Snow in Elk City photo

About a foot of snow fell Sunday and Monday in Elk City.

ELK CITY — Our visit to Senator Carl Crabtree, Representatives Pricilla Giddings and Charlie Shephard, was very positive and enlightening. They each gave of their busy schedules to visit with us. We took our granddaughter so she could have the experience, which she said she found very interesting. There are some very important issues, as always, and these three would like your input. You can look up their contact information on Rep. Pricilla Giddings sends out a newsletter, so be sure to contact her to sign up for it at Her newsletter has headings such as: “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Budget Bummers”, i.e. The Idaho State Tax Commission has requested $16,000 for 20 new chairs ($800 per chair). When I asked the agency if this were a normal expense, they said it was because they need to be executive chairs, and Hot Issues that she would like your feedback on. One of our takeaways from talking to all of them is that it is an uphill battle to get truly conservative legislation that reflects their district 7 constituencies even introduced into committee, let alone pass on the floor. We gave them a list of talking points and I am sure they would like some from you on issues important to you and your family.

Don’t forget the Valentine’s Day dinner at the VFW on Feb. 13 from 5-7 p.m. The dinner will consist of steak, baked potato, salad and dessert. The cost is $15 per person and there will be a silent auction following the dinner. Sign-up at the Elk City General Store, Elk Creek Station, the Elk City Hotel or call 208-842-2393.

Free U.S. Constitution booklets are available at the Elk City Hotel & Gift Shop. Come in and get yours.

Meetings: VFW and Auxiliary on Feb. 11; the Idaho Food Bank on Feb. 16.

Birthdays: Carolina Reyes, Steve Brand, Davey Lamar, and Sierra Enos.

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