Dear Christian, allow me to ask you a personal question. How long have you known Jesus Christ?

You may say I have known about Him most of my life. You may know many facts of His prophesied coming, of His Birth, of His teachings, and ministry. You may know something of His cross and resurrection on the day called Easter. Yet, friend, do you know Him personally?

In Phil. 3:10 the Apostle Paul writes “That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection…!” When Paul wrote this, he had already known Christ for 30 years. His desire was to know the mind and heart and love and friendship of Christ in a continual developing degree. This growing takes time, even years, yet that desire needs to be alive and genuine. Since Jesus Christ is the “all in all” there is a never-ending amount of knowing, “in Him” for a Christion to grasp.

We are aware that science is continuing to learn l=more about space and disease. So it is with Christ, who is the Beginning and End of all things. The supreme desire of the Christian should be to know Christ personally, intimately, and experientially in the power of His resurrection. When we ponder resurrection we think of death, and rising from the grave, however death comes to us in subtle forms, tough days which remove joy, serious illness which limits activity, tragedies which fracture families. When these issues of life confront us, it is as though we experience a mini death, a loss. In these we need a mini resurrection to lift us up to be mentally and emotionally stable again in Christ. There are thoughtful Christian writer who see this as a temporary resurrection taking place in lives. See Col. 3:1-3.

What is true is that only when Jesus Christ is as any will say of Him, My Lord, is this possible. This is open to all Christians, even though we at times find ourselves doing the many mundane activities necessary to live on this Earth.

It is vital for us Christians to keep this supreme desire alive – to know Him, more and more.

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