GRANGEVILLE -- My Catholic school helps me be a better person in many things that I do, whether it’s helping others or even writing this essay. Catholic schools also help me learn many things that I would not typically learn in public schools such as learning about the Bible and all of its stories. One reason why I really like the Catholic schools is that you can talk about God and all the wonderful things he did and is continuing to do today.

My Catholic school teaches me to serve not only God, but others too. In the Bible, Jesus washes the feet of the apostles, the apostles are confused, and they ask Jesus “why are you washing our feet when we should be washing yours”, and Jesus answers them and says that we must learn to serve others and put them before ourselves.

My Catholic school helps me to lead others towards God. Catholic schools also help me lead a good Christian life. Phillips Brooks, a bishop and songwriter, once said “Be such a man, and live such a life, that if every man were such as you, and every life a life like yours, the earth would be God’s paradise”. I think the message in this is very important and very powerful and is a way of leading others to follow God.

My Catholic school helps me live a successful life because it helps me incorporate God and the stories of the Bible into my daily life. Sometimes I find myself in a similar situation as someone in the Bible, so I can think of what they did to get out of the situation they were in and do something similar to what they did to succeed.

Abe Wilkinson is a seventh grader in Mrs. Stowers’ class at St. Peter & Paul School. He is the son of Cody and Sara Wilkinson. His essay was the winner in a school contest for Catholic Schools Week.

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