Randy Myers

Pastor Randy Myers previously served at Pleasant View Baptist Church in White Bird for 17 years. He is back at the helm of the church for the first time since 2006.

WHITE BIRD – Pleasant View Baptist Church in White Bird has a familiar face at its helm. After being gone from the area since 2006, Pastor Randy and Sue Myers are back.

Randy Myers was born in Wisconsin and spent his childhood living in various places, including three years in Bermuda, as his father was in the Coast Guard.

He was raised Roman Catholic, but some bad experiences led him away from religion. He spent 10 years in the Navy and met Sue on a blind date.

“I fell in love with her – but I had three strikes against me,” he recalled. “I was a sailor, a drunk and wasn’t of her faith [Baptist].”

Myers said he asked her if he were to walk away from his current lifestyle – which included part ownership in a bar in Haight-Ashbury – would she at least agree to date him? He did and she did, and, after his third tour of duty in Vietnam, they married and left the service.

“I had the perfect American dream,” he said. “Loving wife, great job with NASA, kids, a nice house. But still, I felt empty.

After their kids were invited to Vacation Bible School, Sue and the kids began attending a Baptist church in Fremont, Cal.

“I didn’t want to hear anything about church – I had been there and done that,” he recalled. “However, after a year of being miserable and not being able to figure out why, I decided to go to church.”

Myers said it was the first time he had heard the gospel. He went to the altar and gave his life over to God. The emptiness was gone. Two years down the road, he left his electronics job and answered the call to attend Bible college in Dallas and enter the ministry.

Myers served as an associate pastor in Utah and went on to start a church in Utah as well. In 1989, he was called to Pleasant View Baptist Church in White Bird where his family would spend the next 17 years. He also worked to start Emmanuel Baptist in Cottonwood, Mt. Idaho Baptist and Hope Baptist church in Nez Perce. Being bi-vocational, he also worked for the City of White Bird [maintenance] and as a local school bus driver. In 2006, the Myers went on to pastor a church in Utah, then on to Spokane, Wash.

“I was 72 and shoveling another snowy sidewalk in March and thought, ‘it’s time to retire,’” Myers laughed.

He said Sue had always been faithful and willing to go wherever the call was, so it was time for her to be in some “better temperatures.”

The Myers spent two years in Tennessee where he was retired a short three months before becoming an associate pastor of Leoma Baptist Church.

“I love to preach and teach too much to retire,” he said.

In October the Myers made their way back to White Bird.

“It has been like coming home,” he smiled. “That is, if you accept that ‘home’ changes.”

The Myers celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. They have two children: Eric and family live in Eatonville, Wash., and Becky and family live in Spokane. They have three grandchildren and one great-grandson.

And what about that retirement?

“My prayer is this: When that day comes, to preach, to have a baptism, see someone saved at the altar, and, just as I’m saying goodbye and leaving church, to simply have a heart attack and be gone,” he said. “That sounds about perfect.”

Pleasant View Baptist Church is located just off Main Street, 110 Everest Street, White Bird. Contact Pastor Myers at 509-435-8732 (cell); 208-839-2220; pastor-randy1@hotmail.com.

The congregation meets Sundays at 9 a.m. for Sunday school, 10 a.m. for worship, and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. for prayer and Bible Study.

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