The fastest growing school district in Idaho might be a surprise to Idahoans who expect Boise and Coeur d’Alene to be experiencing upticks in enrollment.

According to EdTrends, produced by Idaho Education News (March 2020), the tiny, remote district of Oneida, headquartered in Malad, is the fastest growing school district in the state. Malad has about 2,000 residents, and EdTrends reported 2,500 students have joined the Oneida district within the past four years.

“Oneida’s growth is fueled by its on-line programming … its increase in enrollment comes with millions in state funding,” EdTrends stated.

Overall, Idaho’s average annual enrollment growth in public schools during the past 15 years is 1.3 percent. Charter schools make up for about one-third of the state’s K-12 yearly growth and account for 8 percent of the student population.

EdTrends also reported:

·Lawmakers have increased state funding to K-12 public education by more than $100 million in each of the past five years.

·Teachers and administrators have been rewarded with five consecutive years of raises. Staring pay will be increased to $40,000.

·K-12 public education receives 49 percent of state tax collections. The amount jumps to 63 percent when higher ed is included.

·About 64 percent of the K-12 public schools’ budget is for salaries and benefits.

·Districts with the highest levy rates in order (per $100,000 taxable value) are Mullen; Moscow; Troy; Rockland; Kendrick; Wallace; Aberdeen; Lewiston; Potlatch; and Richfield.

·The top average teaching salary in the state is Blaine County School District at $74,981. The top administrator salary is also in Blaine County, $180,208. (By comparison, Gov. Brad Little’s salary is $138,302). The lowest paid administrator in the state is in Kuna, $72,983.

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