GRANGEVILLE — A variety of would-be travelers set up stations at Centennial Evangelical Free Church last week and shared about faraway places.

“I had my students complete a unit on Eastern Europe and we opened up the nations study to other homeschoolers,” explained Catherine Smith of Grangeville. Smith teaches a handful of students each week at her home. Students were all middle school age and younger.

“My aunt lived in Africa so I chose Nigeria to learn more about,” explained Clarissa Stevens. “I really want to travel there someday – I am so interested in the animals and other wildlife.”

Her sister, Rachel, chose France, where her grandparents lived for a time.

“I would love to go there someday – maybe I will get that chance when I’m 15 or 16,” she said.

Rachel’s display included home-baked baguettes and brie.

“I discovered you get the oven as hot as it will go and put a pan of cold water in there, which gives you a hard crust and soft inside,” she explained.

Baeli Kinsley chose the Ukraine to study because “my cousin lived there,” she said.

Kinsley made borcsht, a beet soup, and surprised herself by its taste.

“It’s really good,” she smiled.

Choosing a country next to his twin sister’s, Dayne Kinsley settled on Hungary.

“Roebuck and wild boar are the most popular animals to hunt,” he said.

Naomi Connolley studied Poland and made miniature clothing indicative to the country.

“They dress in layers because it’s quite cold there,” Connolley said.

Twins Mari and Jessie Schwartz reported on Ghana.

“This money is only worth about a fifth of a penny,” Jessie showed a Ghana coin.

“Not very much,” chuckled Mari.

The twins’ have a missionary friend who sent them pictures, money and other items.

Rose Sherrer chose Estonia because she found it interesting.

“It’s surrounded by a lot of coastline and there are some beautiful castles,” she explained.

Sisters Kate and Maggie Foster chose India as their country and borrowed clothing from local friends who have traveled to the country.

“Do you know India is a third the size of the United States but it has 1.19 billion people and the U.S has 311.1 million people?” Kate asked. “And 50 babies are born every minute in India!”

Smith’s students also created painted paper and pop-up books on volcanoes and other subjects.

“I think getting to show their hard work is a highlight,” Smith smiled as parents and friends flowed through.

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