GRANGEVILLE – After months and months of hard work and showing off their skills, Grangeville FFA is ready to auction their tractor project.

The 1948 Farmall H tractor is on the auction block on-line at Bidders can also call 208-983-7770 for bidding assistance. Bidding will close Oct. 31.

In 2019, Jack Kummet donated the tractor and students began working on it for a complete customized overhaul that fall.

“The plan was to have a tractor reveal event for National Agriculture Day in March and then auction it off at the annual Grangeville FFA Award banquet,” explained Grangeville High School agriculture science teacher and FFA advisor Katie Mosman. “However, like many things, these plans were changed due to COVID.”

Restoring tractors allows for them to be preserved, Mosman said, while giving students in the GHS advanced mechanics class a hand- on experience is mechanics.

“Students stripped the tractor down to bones, cleaned up the rust and old paint, flushed and replaced fluids, rebuilt or replaced broken and worn parts, dressed it up with a fresh coat of paint, and replaced the wiring,” she added.

Grangeville FFA is backed by The Grangeville FFA Alumni and Supporters, which is an organization of community members dedicated to the future of agriculture through the support and promotion of FFA.

“The group has played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the Grangeville FFA Chapter the last several years,” Mosman said. “A major part of their support has been the implementation and facilitation of the antique tractor restoration project. As an agricultural community, farm equipment is a major component of our heritage.”

Students weighed in on their involvement in the project:

“Taking it apart is the best part because you can learn about the machine and then you get to troubleshoot problems,” said Alex Gibson.

“We had a lot of grinding to do and that was difficult. But it was worth it all come together in the end,” added Quincey Daniels. ““We got to take it apart, clean, paint it, put it back together correctly, and make it run well. It was interesting to see.”

“It’s a good project to do because it’s a fun learning experience,” said Jackson Page.

“It was a year-long project and it felt really good to get it finished. I got be part of the entire process so it’s cool to see it complete,” commented Matt Blackmer.

“I was surprised we got to do this project because not many schools do, and I think that’s cool.” Tristin Staneart said.

As a whole, the class agreed they are “very grateful to the FFA Alumni and the community for making this project possible. It is our favorite class and we learned a lot,” the advanced mechanics class students said.

“This tractor project has been the best thing I have been involved with as an agriculture teacher. It has been a great recruiting tool, it teaches a variety of skills, the students are motivated, and nothing has been better for connecting the community with the agriculture program,” Mosman emphasized. “Agriculture education programs are designed to meet the needs of the local industry workforce and cannot function without the support and involvement of the community. We are so grateful for the many businesses and individuals who have dedicated time and resources to helping the students learn and earn money to support their involvement in FFA.”

Grangeville FFA members learn about mechanics, welding, woodworking, botany, agronomy, zoology, livestock production, veterinary medicine, natural resource management, fabrication, personal professional skills, business management, economics, and more.

“As an alumni of the FFA, I believe in the importance of the FFA program, so much that despite not having any high school age children, I am committed to its continued success,” stated Earl Musick, president of the Grangeville FFA Alumni and Supporters organization. “The tractor project has been a huge success. We have had many community members volunteer their knowledge to the kids and I believe the kids and the volunteers are getting something valuable from the experience.”

“As president, I would like to invite anyone who would like to participate in this great program to do so,” Musick continued. “I believe the FFA motto sums it up best: Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.”

The Grangeville FFA Alumni and Supporters meet the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m., in the GHS ag classroom. All are welcome to attend.

At the on-line bidding site, there will also be additional student projects available for auction, as well, including University of Idaho and Boise State decorative metal art. The 1948 Farmall will be auctioned off to raise money to support learning opportunities for Grangeville FFA members, including future tractor projects and a long-term goal of expanding the greenhouse.

“Experiential learning is the cornerstone of agriculture education, and the proceeds from the auction will help greatly in providing these opportunities to students,” stated Mosman.

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