GHS’s fairy tale full of sass, laughs

(L-R) Jordan Reuter, Shelby Wonnacott, Marissa Kennedy and Abby Gates discuss an evil plot during the Feb. 6 dress rehearsal of “Once Upon a Fairy Tale.” The play will be held this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 9, 10 and 11, 7 p.m. each evening in the Grangeville High School multipurpose room. The play is directed by GHS teacher Katina Dennis.

GRANGEVILLE — In a land far away, a long, long time ago, there lived a group of fairy tale characters full of … sass. Attitude. Insolence. Arrogance.

“Once Upon a Fairy Tale” by Christopher Burruto brings to life the fairy life of feuding sisters, trolls and a mirror on the wall to offer interaction and laughs with its audience.

Grangeville High School’s drama department, under the direction of teacher Katina Dennis, will put on the play this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Feb. 9, 10 and 11, 7 p.m., each night in the multipurpose room.

After popular Francine (Victoria Bearden) is crowned queen, the queen’s not-no-popular twin, evil Beullah (Marissa Kennedy), runs off to the woods to learn magic and recruit trolls as her servants. When Francine’s daughter is coming of age to take over the crown, Beullah plots her way into getting what she feels is rightfully hers.

Pop in a sweet – if not all-that-bright – assistant to the assistant sheepherder Johnathan (Morgan Pilant) who finds a way to charm the unbearable heir to the throne, Rose, (Anastasia Bearden), and a fairy tale is made.

The cast of characters (in order of appearance) includes the following:

•Kelsey Pilant as narrator 1/Kaiso; Victoria Bearden as Francine/courtier/tree; Marissa Kennedy as Beullah; Kaycee Hodges as the advisor; Hunter Pilant as the prince/mirror; Shelby Wonnacott as Norbert the Troll; Jordan Reuter as Lemmy the Troll; Abby Gates as Wally the Troll; Cat Musick as narrator 2; Anastasia Bearden as Rose; Sarah Calhoun as attendant/courtier/Verna; Adrian Ramirez as guard/suitor 1; Ethan Kerman as guard 2/suitor; Scottie Calhoun as Vernon/suitor/courtier; Morgan Pilant as Johnathan; and Matt Payne as Murray.

•Technical support is provided by Zach Stoner, Dareyn Taylor, Kevin Finnegan and Hunter Robinson.

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