Kimberly Seaver and Bella photo

Kimberly Seaver is seen here with her dog, Bella.

GRANGEVILLE — Last spring, the Free Press ran a story on now 12-year-old Kimberly Seaver.

Kimberly, now a seventh-grade-student at Grangeville Elementary Middle School, said in the 2020 story that she had a pet fish named Ramona, but her dream would be to have a dog one day.

“I have anxiety, and a dog would be really calming. But a pet deposit is $500,” she lamented.

A generous Free Press subscriber from Boise read the story and sent a letter and money to the reporter, asking that it be delivered to the Seaver family so Kimberly could get a dog.

And a dog she got.

“Her name is Bella,” Kimberly smiled.

The mini-Australian Shepherd mix is 9-months-old now, and, according to Mom, Kate, not exactly mini.

“She’s a pretty good-sized dog,” she said of the pet she and husband, Matt, welcomed into their home for their daughter.

They got the puppy at the Cloninger’s Market parking lot in Kamiah when someone had a box of puppies they were giving away.

“She was the last one,” Kate said.

The money donor wishes to remain anonymous, but wrote in their letter to the reporter:

“It’s OK to let people know this happened; just not ‘who.’

And that’s because in these testing times, I believe the importance of gesture is more compelling than ever. (My mantra: don’t say, ‘if there’s anything I can do…,’ – find something and do it). Perhaps it will inspire others to act on their better impulses … .”

Kimberly said when she is older, she hopes to become a social worker and assist families in the adoption process.

“I know how that feels and I understand the feelings,” she said. She was adopted when she was 3 months old.

Based on her own experiences and the way she has been raised, Kimberly said she knows “you should never judge someone by their race or gender.”

“And just know – if you tell me I can’t do something because my skin is brown or because I’m a girl, I’m going to prove you wrong,” she grinned.

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