2020 was a year of significant world and local change. We had the coronavirus pandemic, devastating wildfires, record rainfall, disastrous floods, violent tornadoes, earthquakes in Idaho, locust swarms, Koby Bryant’s helicopter fatality, loss of music legends, the loss of our local family and friends, and election controversy. Many people lost their jobs and homes. The cost of groceries increased. Property values skyrocketed. Families relocated to find jobs.

We changed our lives. We shifted our goals. We altered our thoughts. Positive people struggled to stay positive. Lives were turned upside down. Children were instructed to wear masks. Adults were trained to wear masks. Institutions moved to online learning. Adult children moved home from dorms. We learned what we control. What affects us. What is important in our lives. We learned how we react to events around us, our community, and our family.

Now, I ask you to think about what you could have done differently? How you could have prepared better? As I reflect, I realize I need to take more time for the ones I love. I often go to work, work hard, come home and check out. I turn to social media, texting friends, or TV shows, to find an outlet to drain my brain! But, my kids and spouse need my attention when I get home. After work, I need to be checked in and give the ones I love my full time and attention. This year, I will do my best to devote more time and attention to my family at home. There will be less social media and more family interaction. The phones will be put away so more family conversations can occur. Our family will cut out worldly distractions. The new dart board will be put to good use and so will the family karaoke machine! Just Dance will make its reappearance!

Let us reflect on the past year as we embrace the New Year. Let us realize what is important to us. Let us grow from our experiences. Let us spend 2021 focusing on the positive changes we can make, whether personal, educational, or financial. Let us take what we have endured and build ourselves up. Let us welcome the new year with a positive attitude and outlook on life!

We can’t control the actions in the White House, but we can control the actions in our own house! We need to flood our families with messages of hope. Let’s raise each other up! Let’s show ourselves that despite the significant world and local changes we have going on around us, we can shift our goals, alter our thoughts, and remain strong in this world we live in.

Tawnya Poxleitner is a paralegal in Grangeville.

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2020 was an incredibly difficult year for me. It changed peoples lives forever. I lost my mom because of it. My faith is in God and he heals all wounds.

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