Free Press staff at Halloween.

The Free Press staff in years past, dressing up for fun Halloween shenanigans.

While many Halloween celebrations across the country are changing due to COVID-19 concerns, area readers have made it clear it will be “Halloween as normal” for them.

Following is a list of responses regarding “What will you do for Halloween this year? Have your plans changed because of the coronavirus threat?”

• I will definitely be taking my son trick or treating this Halloween! First, to have normalcy in his life, second, to continue traditions, third, he has been talking about being Buzz Lightyear for months, And last but not least, for him to know that we are not going to live our lives in fear. I hope that people around town feel the same way. Our kids did not ask for this, so as a community we should try to make it as fun as possible for our kids. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween. — Madeline Gilmore, Grangeville

Trunk or treat 2019 photo

Sisters Callie and Chloe Weisz at the Grangeville Trunk or Treat in 2019.

• 2020. First year in beautiful downtown Kooskia, living right next to the funeral home (spooky), asked the mayor, the honorable Don Coffman, how many tricksters should we plan for? He said at his house last year, 60 to 80! So, Mike and Marie Smith will set a lighted table out front, 12 feet away from our front door, with our Jack-O-Lanterns and bowl of candy and watch from our front porch — Marie Smith, Kooskia

• I will continue the tradition with a bowl full of trick-or-treat candy for all the little monsters! — Anita Mae Johnson, Elk City

• My kids are older, but I have friends who don’t want to deal with the public and their kids so we are making a haunted trail and doing a “hunt your treat” game at my house in the woods. Gonna have a fire and do chili and apple cider and socially distance. — Tara Wolfinger, Orofino

• We are definitely trick-or-treating. — Jade O’Brien, Grangeville

• We never get trick-or-treaters. So, our dogs get hot dogs for a treat. Lol. — Cheryle Miller, Grangeville

• Absolutely the same as always. If you can accept your meals in a bag from delivery persons and fast food workers, you for sure trick-or-treat! ­ —Stephanie Guedel-Hohman, Grangeville

• We are carrying on as usual. Nothing different from any other Halloween other than different costumes! — Megan Turner, Grangeville

• Nothing has changed! — Heather Newson, Grangeville

• I have Frida [second baby] the day before. Gracie is staying with my parents during that time and they plan on taking her. If we were waiting until our due date, we would still take Gracie out, and I would hand out candy, too. — Maryann Sexton, Cottonwood

• We will be handing out candy, but not partaking more than that. Not because of COVID, but because of #saveourchildren. — Amber Rene Harrington, Kamiah/Grangeville

• I might go to a small soiree with some friends in my “bubble.” — Maddelynn Knapton, Moscow

• Yep I will be handing out candy. I bought 10 Costco bags of candy last year and I will be buying 20 this year. I ran out fast last year, so the money is so worth seeing all the sweet little kids. I really enjoy it! — Chandra Kelley, Grangeville

• Yes I will be doing the same thing — no reason to change. I love all the costumes that the kids come up for the porch light! — Toni Baker, Grangeville

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